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How to Store a Ladder in the Garage: 6 Expert Storage Tips

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If you’re planning to declutter your home, you might have a ladder to store somewhere. Storing a ladder in the garage might seem like an excellent option, but it is easier said than done, especially with a giant extension ladder.

You must consider a few factors to store the ladder in your garage safely. These include your ladder’s type, length and weight, space in your garage, and the right placement in the garage. Apart from that, you should also know how to properly use hooks, brackets, and other tools.

This guide includes everything you should know about storing a ladder in the garage. Follow these six easy steps to execute your ladder-storing plan like a pro!

divider 4 The 6 Tips on Storing a Ladder in the Garage

1. Determine the Type of Ladder You Have

Ladders come in many forms, so you must know the type of ladder you have. It may seem small, but it makes a huge difference. There are different ways to correctly store each type of ladder in the garage. Here is a quick breakdown of the various types of ladders you’ll find on the market:

Self-Supporting Ladder

Self-supporting or rigid ladders are primarily used to reach heights against vertical surfaces. They are self-dependent, meaning they don’t need anything to lean on to stay upright.

Some commonly available self-supporting ladders include the following:
  • Step Ladder – These are small ladders used in typical households or large industries. Most step ladders come with usable rungs on one side only, while others are fine to climb on both sides. These ladders are ideal for accessing areas that don’t let you lean a ladder.
  • Extension Ladder – These ladders are long and can’t be folded. Most extension ladders have two bars connected by rungs from the middle. They are adjustable, meaning they are actually longer than their actual size. These ladders also have two pieces: the fly that extends outward and the base that stays on the ground. Extension ladders need a surface to lean on and remain upright.
  • Multipurpose Ladder – These ladders are capable of doing the job of two or more different types of ladders. As evident from their name, multipurpose ladders come with movable parts that you can lock into any area and create any configuration you want.

Flexible or Rollable Ladder

Flexible or rollable ladders can be folded up when not in use. Also known as platform ladders, they are ideal for making a quick indoor fix. A flexible ladder is usually made of aluminum or rope, making it easy to hang in elevated places in the garage. Besides the garage, you can also store flexible ladders under your bed or in the attic.

Evaluate your ladder and see what type of ladder matches yours. That’s the type of ladder you have. Now, let’s choose the right accessories and tools required to store the ladder in your garage.

2. Choose the Right Accessories and Tools

set of hand tools
Image By: AlexeiLogvinovich, Shutterstock

You can try many things when storing a ladder in the garage. After determining the type of your ladder, you can move on to picking the right tools and accessories to store the ladder quickly. Here are some essential things you’d need:

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can make your ladder storage more manageable and convenient. However, you must choose hooks according to your ladder’s weight and type.

For instance, if you have a heavy ladder, pick heavy-duty hooks that can bear its weight easily. Gravity and short hooks also make the job smooth as butter. You can also opt for vertical hooks to hang the ladder vertically. But remember, that would be risky, as the ladder can fall off anytime. The safe way to hang the ladder is horizontally.


A Slatwall panel will help you organize your storage solution as per your choice. It allows you to add as many shelves, bins, hooks, and magnets to achieve a unique setup depending on your needs.

If you have a heavy or long ladder to store, opt for a 4-square-foot panel. Similarly, opt for a 24-square-foot panel if you’re restricted to a smaller storage space.


Bins are the most helpful accessories for ladders. They let you keep small objects close by, such as towels, nails, and tools. If you’re working on a small DIY project, such as making improvements in your home, you should opt for bins for ease. If you have a panel, you can hang bins on it and move them as you like.


Cabinets are the best way to store smaller or foldable ladders in your garage. Not only that, but they also keep the ladder out of sight. This makes your garage look cleaner and more organized. Cabinets also eliminate the risks of the ladders falling over.

3. Store the Ladder in a Fixed Ceiling

Now it’s time to choose the right placement for ladder storage. The first way is to keep it in a fixed ceiling. Simply make a false ceiling on the garage’s roof with wooden boards. You can also opt for other materials as long as they are durable enough to hold the ladder’s weight.

Ceiling storage is excellent for heavy and long ladders, such as extension ladders. For some people, this is an old-school method of ladder storage, but believe us, it’s the easiest and safest way. It also makes your garage look organized and decluttered, freeing up space to store other things.

4. Hang the Ladder Using a Ceiling Mount Pulley

People use ceiling mount pulleys in their garages to hang different things like surfboards. Of course, you can use them to hang the ladder too. But unfortunately, it’s not always the safest option, as you’d have to pull the mount down or up to be able to use the ladder.

The two major types of ceiling mount pulleys are:
  • Manual Ceiling Mount Pulley. With this pulley, you’ll have to pull the pulley rope to mount the ladder up or down. Also, you must manually lock the pulley after putting the ladder back on the ceiling.
  • Automated Ceiling Mount Pulley. This pulley may work with a remote controller. However, users give bad reviews about this ceiling mount pulley, calling it less safe.

It’s better to stay on the safe side and choose a manual ceiling mount pulley to store the ladder in the garage. After all, prevention is better than cure.

5. Build In-Ceiling Brackets to Store the Ladder

While mount pulleys and fixed ceilings are effective, you can also build ceiling brackets to store the ladder in the garage. All you have to do is build two brackets and drill the ceiling. Then, screw the brackets into the ceiling and attach them to the ceiling. Finally, adjust the brackets and slide your ladder into the brackets.

Be sure to use metal ceiling brackets, as they’re strong enough to hold the heaviest ladders. In-ceiling brackets are the traditional way of storing ladders in the garage.

6. Hang the Ladder on the Wall Hooks

You can also store the ladder in your garage by hanging it on the wall. For that, you’d need to install hanging hooks into the wall’s studs. But before that, measure your ladder’s width and length correctly and ensure that the hooks go into the right places on the wall.

If you opt for this ladder storage method, you must be careful about the ladder’s placement. For example, hanging the ladder too close to the garage gate may result in accidental bumps.

divider 1 Things to Consider When Storing Ladders in the Garage

Storing a ladder isn’t complicated but doing it incorrectly can lead to injuries.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when storing ladders in the garage:
  • Don’t leave the ladder leaning against the wall of your garage. When not using the ladder, you must hang it on the wall or store it in the ceiling. This will prevent injuries and accidents.
  • Store the ladder in an accessible spot to prevent the hassle of finding it every time you need it.
  • Store small ladders, like step ladders, in the wall cabinet to make your garage look organized.
  • Consider the ladder’s type, weight, and length when choosing the placement spot in your garage.

divider 4 Conclusion

A garage is an excellent place to store ladders. When choosing the right spot in the garage, always consider the ladder’s type, weight, and length and the available space in your garage. This way, you can avoid accidents.

You can use multiple ways to keep the ladder in the garage and free up space in your home. For example, you can store the ladder in the fixed ceiling or build in-ceiling brackets for the same purpose. Both are the safest ladder storage options.

Alternatively, you can use wall hooks to hang the ladder on the garage wall. Another way is to use a ceiling mount pulley, but it is not entirely safe.

Featured Image Credit: Zephyr_p, Shutterstock


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