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Is Snapware Microwave Safe? (Microwave Safety Tips)

Snapware is a popular item found in kitchens around the United States. Snapware makes it easy to store leftovers, pack a bagged lunch, and separate ingredients for cooking. But is Snapware microwave safe, and can you microwave it on a regular basis without worrying? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Snapware is specifically designed to be microwaved without any special instructions or care. However, there are some tips and things to be aware of if you plan on using Snapware regularly, especially in the microwave.

Here is everything you need to know about Snapware’s microwave effectiveness and some helpful microwave safety tips for the kitchen.

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What Is Snapware?

Snapware is a company that makes innovative food storage systems. It is popularly sold online on Amazon as well as in stores such as Costco. They sell their items in large packs that are designed to fill your entire food storage needs in one purchase. Snapware is a name brand that is sometimes applied to food storage in general, but only the Snapware brand makes actual Snapware. Snapware also uses Pyrex components, such as glass, in its products.

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Can You Microwave Snapware?

Yes. Snapware can safely be microwaved. Both glass Snapware and plastic Snapware are certified microwave safe by Snapware itself. That means you can pop any Snapware products in the microwave at any time. Snapware is completely safe to microwave. It does not get too hot, and it does not leech dangerous chemicals into your food.

Like any microwavable product, you should keep an eye on the integrity of your Snapware before microwaving it. Do not microwave cracked glass, broken pieces, or melted plastic. If your Snapware has received any damage from usage over time, you should avoid microwaving it.

Snapware is also dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe, and freezer safe. It can be effectively used throughout your kitchen with very little to worry about.

Can You Microwave Snapware Lids?

Yes. Snapware lids are designed to be microwavable. Snapware recommends detaching the lid and cocking it to the side when it is in the microwave. It is not advised to microwave Snapware that is completely locked and closed up. Detaching the lid allows the air inside your storage container to vent. Hot air expands and rises. If you do not pop the lid before microwaving, the expanding air could damage your product, especially plastic containers.

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Official Tips for Microwaving Snapware

If you are curious about the microwave characteristics of Snapware, they provide a robust list of official tips for using their products. Snapware has put together a comprehensive care guide that lays out exactly how to use its products for the best results.

  • Do not add liquid to hot glassware. That includes glassware that has recently come out of the microwave.
  • Do not use glass Snapware to microwave popcorn.
  • Do not heat Snapware ice packs in the microwave.
  • Do not use glass Snapware to heat food covered in heat-concentrating materials.
  • Do not use Snapware to overheat oil or butter in the microwave.
  • Do not repair any broken or cracked Snapware. Do not microwave any broken or cracked Snapware.
  • Glass Snapware can officially be used for cooking, baking, warming, and reheating food in a microwave.

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Snapware is microwave-safe. Both the plastic and glass containers are able to be microwaved without any issues. Even the lids are microwave-safe, so you can put the entire container into the microwave at any given time. The only thing that we found that cannot be microwaved from Snapware is the ice pack. You should also avoid microwaving any broken or damaged Snapware containers. Snapware is specifically designed to be microwave-safe.

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