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10 Most Expensive Homes in Canada (With Pictures)

Luxury house with pool

The average person will likely never own a home like the ones on this list, but it sure is fun to dream sometimes!

One thing about these homes is that they often feature some of the most beautiful architecture. Even if you have no interest in living in a house that takes up an acre of land, they are neat to look at.

Whether it’s amenities, location, or just sheer size, all sorts of things make these the most expensive homes in Canada. And, in no particular order, here they are.

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The 10 Most Expensive Homes in Canada

1. James Island (Gulf Islands)

James Island in Canada
Image Credit: Russ Heinl, Shutterstock
Value $54.7 million
Size 4,500 square feet (sq. ft)
Land 790 acres
Owner Craig McCaw

You read it right; this is a list of the most expensive homes. This home just happens to be on its own island, with a $54.7 million price tag. And if a 4,500-square foot home wasn’t enough, the private island also includes its own golf course, airstrip, and six guest homes.

This island paradise may not be private for much longer because the owner Craig McCaw is in talks with a big developer from Arizona. They are discussing building more homes on the island to sell to the general (wealthy) public.

2. Chelster Hall (Oakville)

Value $58 million
Size 43,850 sq. ft
Land 10 acres
Owner Hugo Powell

A 4,500-square-foot home on an island is sweet, but can you imagine a single home with a footprint slightly bigger than one acre? Well, Chelster Hall in Oakville, Ontario, is just about 43,850 square feet.

This massive home has six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 30 parking spaces. So it’s safe to say that the owner has no problems entertaining guests. It has almost anything you can imagine a home having: indoor and outdoor pools, a Tuscan wine cellar, underground parking, a two-story library, and the list goes on.

William Hicks, an Oakville local architect, designed the mansion. He was inspired by Blickling Hall and the Jacobean architecture that the 400-year-old home featured.

3. 4707 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

Value $65.46 million
Size 28,794 sq. ft
Land 1.7 acres
Owner Not public record

We don’t know who owns this mansion on Belmont Avenue because the only clue is the British Virgin Islands holding company, Pisonii. And there is no website or other indication of who owns the home or company.

Russell Hollingsworth designed and built this massive 10-bedroom and 17-bathroom mansion in 2007, a year before he built another mansion at 3085 Point Grey Road, which we’ll look at later on this list.

4. 4719 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

Value $41.2 million
Size 18,400 sq. ft
Land 1.3 acres
Owner Hassan Khosrowshahi

There’s a reason that Belmont Avenue is often called “Billionaire’s Row”. You’ll notice that several of the most expensive homes on this list are all on this avenue. The mansion at 4719 is owned by billionaire Hassan Khosrowshahi. He is the founder of Future Shop and owner of Best Buy.

This home was built in 1997 and featured six bedrooms and a whopping ten bathrooms. Another of its standout features is the incredible seven-foot wide skylight and the chandelier owned by Mussolini.

5. 2815 Point Grey Road (Vancouver)

Value $39.96 million
Size 9,300 sq. ft
Land 0.7 acres
Owner Jacqui Cohen

One shocking thing about these Vancouver mansions is the size of the lots. Take this mansion at 2815 Point Grey Road, for example. Somehow they fit over 9 thousand square feet of house onto less than an acre of land, and it’s still valued at almost $40 million.

This house is certainly not as big as some others on this list, with only five bedrooms and six bathrooms. However, it was built in 1962, so it’s much older and has a stunning view of the English Bay from a private outdoor pool.

6. 71 The Bridle Path (Toronto)

Value $39.6 million
Size 35,000 sq. ft
Land 2 acres
Owner Not public record

The Bridal Path is a well-known neighborhood in Toronto that has housed some big names like Prince, Drake, and Celine Dion. In 2018, 71 The Bridal Path was listed for sale for almost $40 million. It was finally sold in 2021 to an unlisted buyer.

This mansion has nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and 36 parking spaces. So, suppose it’s ever listed again, and you have a cool $40 million in the piggy bank, you could hold some pretty incredible parties here. And with a private indoor swimming pool, tennis court, and a cathedral ballroom, among other amenities, you’ll have no problem entertaining your guests.

7. 1243 Chartwell Place (West Vancouver)

Value $39.9 million
Size 20,000 sq. ft
Land 2.8 acres
Owner Not public record

In 2018 the unknown owners of 1243 Chartwell Place in Vancouver listed their beautiful mansion. As of writing this article, the home is no longer on the market and doesn’t appear to have sold.

This is another house on this list that is a little bit older; it was built in 1985. However, it recently underwent a massive update and renovation in 2017 before it was listed in 2018. At 20,000 square feet, you might think it would have more beds and baths, but it “only” has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

However, it’s got some incredible extras. The mansion has an indoor pool and sauna, a media room, and a private tennis court on the grounds. It also has private creek access for a little bit of nature.

8. 4743 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

Value $58 million
Size 22,000 sq. ft
Land 1.28 acres
Owner No public record

In 2021, 4743 Belmont Avenue—dubbed the Belmont Estate—was listed for $58 million, including the house, land, and surrounding structures. The final selling price was not disclosed, but this home is a contender for the highest-selling house in Metro Vancouver.

This incredible mansion has views that overlook Spanish Banks Beach and includes five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. Where it really shines is in its entertaining capacity. The home has two halls that have the capacity for entertaining 100 guests. And of course, there is an incredible indoor pool as well.

9. 4773 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

Value $35.8 8 million
Size 13,600 sq. ft
Land 1.11 acres
Owner Not public record

A small (by comparison) mansion tucked in a normal-sized lot just down the street from the Belmont Estate. The house is still a generous size with five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. However, unlike many of the other properties on this list, there are no known celebrities that have owned the property. So, very little is actually known about it.

10. 3085 Point Gray Road (Vancouver)

Value $73.12 million
Size 15,694 sq. ft
Land 0.7 acres
Owner Chip Wilson

Finally, we have the most expensive home in Canada. Located on the famous Golden Mile, this ocean-front mansion was built by the famous architect Russell Hollingsworth in 2008. It’s currently owned by the founder of LuluLemon, Chip Wilson.

The mansion has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. We don’t know a lot about everything this massive home offers other than a huge outdoor pool, tennis court, and of course, stellar ocean views from the backyard.

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Closing Thoughts

It’s hard to say what will happen to these properties’ value. Most of the homes listed here fluctuated dramatically over the last several years. Around 2017, there seemed to be some all-time highs. Looking at them now, the prices of most of them have dropped by millions of dollars. However, even with the price drop, the average guy or gal can only dream of what it’s like to live in mansions like these.

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Featured Image Credit: alexandre zveiger, Shutterstock


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