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New Carpet Smell: 6 Ways to Get Rid of It

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New carpet smells may be an annoying part of getting a fresh new carpet, but they are usually an unavoidable experience. If you’re constantly bothered by this irritating chemical smell then resorting to natural methods for eliminating the smell is an expected reaction.

If you are looking for effective methods to help with reducing the “new” smell, read the article below. You can find some of the easiest and best techniques for helping with the odors while at the same time keeping your home fresh and clean.

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Why Does New Carpet Smell?

When creating carpets in large production facilities, many manufacturers add certain chemical ingredients containing volatile organic compounds (VOC). These chemicals can also be found in the production of refrigerators, building materials, paints, and the pharmaceutical industry.

You can find three types of VOCs in everyday household products:
  • Formaldehyde
  • Organochloride
  • Carbolic acid

These hydrocarbon compounds evaporate at room temperature through a process called off-gassing. This usually happens when the new product is used for the first time, and it can be noticed especially indoors.

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Is New Carpet Smell Safe?

While newly installed carpets tend to have that distinctive smell that all homeowners dislike, they are household objects with the lowest emission of volatile organic compounds. While there are no links between VOC emission and health risks, some people, especially those with health conditions, may exhibit certain irritations. People with conditions such as asthma may feel nausea, dizziness, or headaches. Nevertheless, most people will simply be annoyed by the unpleasant fragrance, so ventilating the area is recommended in any case. The manufacturers usually recommend thoroughly ventilating the room for up to 3 days when using these carpets and not using the space in the meantime.

The 6 Ways to Get Rid of the New Carpet Smell

1. Baking Soda

The first and practical step to eliminate the new carpet smell is to sprinkle baking soda on top of the carpet’s surface. Baking soda has excellent absorbent properties, so most people use it frequently in the home for this purpose. This method is harmless and easy to clean afterward, leaving you with an odor-free carpet.

Instructions: Pour baking soda on the carpet and leave it to absorb smells for 1 or 2 days. After letting it sit, vacuum your carpet. You may repeat the process if necessary.

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Photo Credit By: NatureFriend, Pixabay

2. Professional Carpet Cleaner

If the smell problem is persistent and is causing you a lot of trouble, you can always resort to calling a professional for help. These people have all the best equipment for thoroughly cleaning your carpets. This method is a sure and perfect way to eliminate any odor from your new carpet.

Instructions: Call a professional to clean your new carpet and simply enjoy the fresh scent afterward.

3. Vinegar

Another entirely natural and harmless method to clean your carpet out of unpleasant smells is to use vinegar. Vinegar is excellent at absorbing all odors around your house, so just leaving vinegar close to the rug will do the trick. Be careful not to spill anything on your new carpet because vinegar itself has a very strong odor that is hard to eliminate from carpet fibers.

Instructions: Pour a certain amount of vinegar into a bowl and leave the bowl near the carpet. It should sit there through the entire night, absorbing the unpleasant smells from the carpet.

Photo Credit By: evita-ochel, Pixabay

4. Vacuuming

Frequent vacuuming is a necessary task that should be done regularly, and while it helps maintain a clean environment, it can also help draw out odors from the carpet. Vacuuming your new carpet can significantly help with controlling any type of odors. Vacuuming also removes any dirt, dust, or debris that may be an addition to the new carpet smell you are trying to eliminate.

Instructions: Try vacuuming your new carpet as often as possible. Vacuuming draws out any smells from the carpet, so it should also work effectively on the new carpet smell.

5. Apple Slices

Apple slices are another entirely natural and safe way to eliminate odors from your carpet. Apples are excellent absorbents and have deodorizing properties. If you are struggling with the new carpet smell or any other odor in your carpet, you can put up slices of apples around your house and wait for them to do their magic. Once they absorb the odors, they will leave your home smelling like apples!

Instructions: Slice pieces of apple, and place them directly on the carpet or in a bowl next to the rug. Let the apples sit there for the entire night; all smells should be gone in the morning.

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Image Credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya, Unsplash

6. Air Purifier

Air purifiers are the best way to keep your room smelling fresh without worrying about the harmful effects on nature. Since air purifiers do an excellent job at removing dust and chemical particles from the air, they should do an adequate job at eliminating odors from your new carpets. Ionizers are excellent at eliminating the smell of chemicals found in new carpets and still keep the air in the room well-ventilated.

Instructions: Simply turn on your air purifier, and let it do all the work for you. You will quickly find your new carpet smell gone and the air fresh and clean again.


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The new carpet smell, while usually harmless, tends to be quite annoying among most homeowners. When you are supposed to enjoy the appealing aesthetics that your carpet brought to your home, you are worried about the unpleasant smell and wondering when it will disappear. If you get tired of waiting around, make sure to try out any of the methods mentioned above, and enjoy your fresh air once again.

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