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Tesla Wall Charger Installation Cost (2024 Update)

Tesla charger

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and Tesla is leading the charge in many ways. As more people purchase these vehicles, there are more questions about the cost of installing a wall charger. Here, we take a close look at these devices to see what’s involved with a new installation, including the expense.

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The Importance of Tesla Wall Chargers

You can use an ordinary wall plug to charge your electric vehicle, but it can take several hours to get it ready for your next trip. For example, it can take up to 40 hours to recharge a depleted battery completely in many cases. A charging station like the Tesla Wall Connector is more efficient. While a standard outlet charges your car enough to travel 5 miles with 1 hour of charging, a Tesla wall charger enables you to get up to 44 miles per hour. This charger is important if you work far from home or tend to drive at night or in bad weather, where the electrical demands on your vehicle will be higher.

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Image Credit: Michael Förtsch, Unsplash

How Much Does a Tesla Wall Charger Cost?

Tesla Wall-Charging Unit

Unfortunately, the cost of your Tesla wall charger can vary based on several factors. For example, an older model will cost less than a newer one, and the price may be higher in certain parts of the country. However, most charging stations will cost between $300 and $900, with most models falling in the middle. Low-cost models may not provide much benefit over the standard outlet, and high-cost models may be more than you require.


Besides the unit itself, most models will require you to hire a professional to install it because it will need to connect to your home electrical system. The labor cost for installation is usually between $400 and $1,700, depending on the job’s difficulty. An installation requiring modifications to your garage due to construction will cost more than simply connecting it to the electrical system. But most charging stations shouldn’t take too long to install, so your costs will likely fall in the mid to low range unless you get something complex.

Item Low Cost High Cost Average Cost
Tesla Wall Connector $300 $900 $600
Labor $400 $1,700 <$1,000
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Image Credit: John Cameron, Unsplash

Additional Costs to Anticipate

New Circuit

In many cases, your electrician will need to install a special circuit for the Tesla Wall Connector. This gives the unit its own switch on the circuit breaker so you can turn it off if there is a problem with the electrical system. The downside is that installing this extra circuit will cost money and increase your labor costs. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid getting this additional circuit unless you installed one earlier for a device you no longer use. Installation usually costs about $30, plus an additional $2 per foot distance between the charging station and the electrical box.


You may need to acquire a permit to install the wall charger. Many cities and boroughs will require you to obtain this permit as part of the building code, which your electrician should be able to help you sort out, and it will likely be part of their overall fee.

NEMA Adapters

NEMA adapters are needed if you intend to plug your car into a non-Tesla charging station, like an ordinary home outlet. These adapters cost $35–$45 each.

Cable Organizer

An accessory that you might consider purchasing when installing a Tesla Wall Connector is a cable organizer, which will help you keep your charging cable in one place. Keeping your cables together not only makes them easier to grab and more attractive to look at, but it also helps increase their lifespan by eliminating kinks and other wire damage.


Many people like to run underground trenches to hide their wires from view, and while it is extremely attractive, the extra labor and cost of materials required can be quite expensive and is beyond the scope of this article.

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Image Credit: Ernest Ojeh, Unsplash

How Long Should I Recharge My Vehicle?

The length of time that you need to charge your vehicle will depend on how far you drive each day and the type of Tesla Wall Connector you have. Most wall chargers will give you between 26 and 44 miles per charged hour. The average American only drives about 25 miles per day, which has been slowly decreasing since 2001, when Americans drove 32 miles per day. This low daily driving average means most people won’t need too much charging to keep their car ready for the next trip. In many cases, your car only needs 2 to 3 hours of charging. The Tesla wall charger has a built-in monitoring device to monitor charging and power down at the right time to help ensure maximum battery life.

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The cost of installing your Tesla Wall Connector will usually be between $700 and $2,600, with many people getting one for under $1,500. These chargers work quite well and can turn an overnight charge into one that takes only a few hours. While most people don’t drive that far each day, you don’t want to wait around when it’s time to go or worry that you won’t have enough power to get back, so these chargers can give you peace of mind.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla charger | Image Credit: Bellunello, Wikimedia Commons CC-BY SA 4.0


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