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27 Different Types of Pineapples: An Overview (With Pictures)

Pineapple in a basket

Pineapples are some of the sweetest edible tropical fruits. Although some folks grow them in small patches at home, they are one of the most commercially grown fruits in the world. The fruit can be canned or juiced.

These fruits tend to grow as small shrubs and can be propagated from the offset to grow new edible fruit. But did you know of the different types of pineapples available in different parts of the world? These vary from small to medium-sized to large.

In this list are different types of pineapples. Some are edible raw, while others are better suited for juicing and making desserts. Read on!

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The 27 Types of Pineapple Varieties

1. Ripley Pineapple

Ripley Pineapple
Image Credit: goosyphoto, Pixabay

The Ripley variety is one of the sweetest pineapples in the world. It has reddish-green leaves with brown spots and an oval. When the pineapples are fully ripe, they have a pale copper color. The ripe sweet flesh is yellow, and more of it is found towards the bottom of the pineapple.

2. Mordilona Pineapple

Mordilona Pineapple
Image By: oakdog, Pixabay

The northeastern part of Colombia and Venezuela is home to the Mordilona pineapple. This variety starts off with a green rind that turns yellowish-orange when ripe. The fruit has an uneven cylindrical shape and ample flesh. One way to tell the Mordilona pineapple is ready to eat is to smell the sweet aroma.

3. Cabezona Pineapple

Cabezona Pineapple
Image Credit: nghia-pm, Pexels

Bite into the bitter-sweet Cabezona pineapple and enjoy a unique taste. This pineapple cultivar is native to Mexico and grows a strong large stem. The outer skin has small spikes and is yellowish-orange. Inside, you come across white flesh that turns yellow as the pineapple ripens.

4. Giant Kew Pineapple

Giant Kew Pineapple
Image Credit: Prithpal Bhatia, Pexels

The Giant Kew pineapple is as big as the name suggests. This large pineapple produces a huge fruit with a coppery-yellow to yellow outer rind when ripe. It has broad and flat eyes and sweet flesh when ripe. The flesh has a pale-yellow color. It’s a late maturing pineapple variety that’s grown commercially in India.

5. Panare Pineapple

Panare Pineapple
Image Credit: Azis Ardian, Shutterstock

The Panare people of Venezuela are known to grow this type of pineapple. It’s medium-sized and quite fleshy when ripe. This fruit’s shape is similar to a bottle and has a small core. The green leaves are spiny, and the rind changes from green to orange when ripe.

6. Brecheche Pineapple

Brecheche Pineapple
Image Credit: carlo-martin-alcordo, Pexels

Parts of southern Venezuela are known to grow the Brecheche pineapple. This is a tasty pineapple variety that works so well for tasty treats like desserts and pastries. The leaves of the Brecheche pineapple are olive-color, and the inside is a yellow middle section. One identifying factor for the Brecheche pineapple is its cylindrical shape and sweet aroma. The flesh is juicy and perfect for juices since it has little fiber.

7. Mauritius Pineapple

Mauritius Pineapple
Image Credit: asharkyu, Shutterstock

Mauritius grows some of the most delicious pineapples in the world. These small attractive pineapples have a conical shape and wide eyes that tend to bulge outward. The inner and outer layers are yellowish-orange when ripe. Apart from Mauritius, the pineapple is also grown in India and Malaya for making fresh juice.

8. Maipure Pineapple

Maipure Pineapple
Image Credit: Beesmurf, Pixabay

The Maipure pineapple originates from Venezuela. This is a unique one as it has both a sweet and sour taste even when ripe. When you get it, you can observe the yellow rind. The flesh is also yellow when ripe.

9. James Queen Pineapple

James Queen Pineapple
Image Credit: jackmac34, Pixabay

One pineapple that grows faster than the rest is the James Queen cultivar. The pineapple is a round shape with a reddish-orange exterior when ripe. This large fruit has dark green leaves with reddish spots and yellow, juicy flesh.

10. Montufar Pineapple

Montufar Pineapple
Image Credit: outsideclick, Pixabay

Montufar is a popular pineapple variety in Central America. It grows mostly in Guatemala. It has such a colorful green outer rind that hides the inner yellow flesh. This is a delicious pineapple to eat and make pineapple juice at home, thanks to the juicy flesh.

11. Cayena Lisa Pineapple

Cayena Lisa Pineapple
Image Credit: BeataKam, Pixabay

Some pineapples bear large fruits, while others produce small ones. But the Cayena Lisa only produces medium-sized pineapples. The cylindrical-shaped fruit has an orange-reddish tinge on the exterior and yellow flesh when cut. The leaves are long and wide and there are not too many spikes.

12. Monte Lirio Pineapple

Monte Lirio Pineapple
Image Credit: DigitalDDay, Pixabay

The Monte Lirio pineapple has a globe-like shape and a rough yellow rind. The leaves remain dark green even when the pineapple is ripe. The fruit has white flesh. This pineapple is unique with sparse leaves that don’t have any spines. The flesh balances between sour and sweet even when ripe.

13. Pernambuco Pineapple

Pernambuco Pineapple
Image Credit: Arnika Ganten, Shutterstock

Some pineapples have an elongated oval shape, and one such variety is the Pernambuco that grows long. It originated from South America. This fruit bears numerous eyes with tiny spines on the orange rind. The flesh inside is juicy with a yellow-whitish color. This tender flesh is perfect for making pineapple juice with a mild taste.

14. Singapore Red Pineapple

Singapore Red Pineapple
Image Credit: nik-cvetkovic, Pexels

One of the best pineapples quite popular with canning is the Singapore Red. It is preferred by farmers for its good resistance to pests and diseases. The Singapore Red has enchanting leaves with red stripes. When you cut this pineapple, you come across a reddish-golden middle section unique to it.

15. St. Michael Pineapple

St. Michael Pineapple
Image Credit: HOLIET, Pixabay

The St. Michael pineapple has its origins in the Azores region in Portugal. This healthy pineapple is a huge hit in this region and many other parts of Europe. It has a perfect acid-sugar- not too sugary and not too bitter.

16. Champaka Pineapple

Champaka Pineapple
Image Credit: OrnaW, Pixabay

Did you know that some pineapples serve as ornamental fruits? A good example is the Champaka pineapple; it’s not ideal to eat raw. Instead, this fruit makes a perfect centerpiece for a table or fruit bowl. It grows long with spiny dark-green leaves. The cylindrical shape makes it look amazing with its reddish spots on the leaves.

17. Pinkglow Pineapple

Pinkglow Pineapple
Image Credit: Nancy Kennedy, Shutterstock

Imagine a pineapple with pink flesh! That sounds quite interesting, right? The Pinkglow is a unique fruit that’s gorgeous to look at and still tastes just as good. Its unique pink flesh tastes like candy and is quite common in grocery stores today. Del Monte are the brains behind the Pinkglow Pineapple.

18. Rondon Pineapple

Rondon Pineapple
Image Credit: Lyons Lens Photography, Shutterstock

Rondon pineapples are a smaller variety with a dark green outer part and dark spots. This changes to an orange-red shade when the pineapple ripens. The Rondon Pineapple has white flesh. This differs from the yellow flesh common in most pineapple varieties.

19. Hilo Pineapple

Hilo Pineapple
Image Credit: Faina Gurevich, Shutterstock

Hilo pineapples are named after a big island town, but the name can be deceiving. This is because this is one of the smallest pineapples in the world. However, it’s still one of the most popular as it bears numerous pups. These pups appear on top of the primary pineapple and are good for replanting.

20. Valera Pineapple

Valera Pineapple
Image Credit: Pare Mahakanok, Shutterstock

Valera pineapples originate from Puerto Rico. They have an attractive exterior. The rind is yellowish-orange. At the top are green leaves with a purplish tint at the tips. Get ready to enjoy the amazing flavor when you bite into the white flesh. This old pineapple variety is popular in many places and quite common in grocery stores.

21. Antigua Black Pineapple

Antigua Black Pineapple
Image Credit: Gamal Goodwin, Shutterstock

One of the rarest pineapples in the world is the Antigua Black. This is an exotic pineapple from Antigua- it rarely grows anywhere else. In Antigua, it is a national treasure. The fruit isn’t black as the name suggests. In fact, it has a greenish-white exterior and red-striped leaves. The flesh is yellow and it is loved for its low acidity and high sugar levels.

22. White Kauai Pineapple

In Hawaii, it’s rare to come across a grocery store or a breakfast setting that doesn’t feature pineapples. A popular variety that grows in Hawaii is the White Kauai. This is a white pineapple with minimal acidity. As a result, the White Kauai is one of the sweetest varieties you can enjoy.

23. Sugarloaf Pineapple

Imagine a pineapple that remains green even when ripe! The Sugarloaf pineapple is one such fruit that doesn’t have a lighter rind color like yellow when ripe. Instead, the rind remains green, but the flesh tastes like a slice of heaven. On top of that, the Sugarloaf pineapple is well-known for its aromatic flesh and softer exterior. It is common in Central and South America.

24. Monte Oscuro Pineapple

Monte Oscuro Pineapple
Image Credit: Hans, Pixabay

Pineapples tend to have spines, especially on the exterior. The Monte Oscuro takes the lead with the most spines compared to other varieties. The leaves are saw-toothed, but this only hides the yellow juicy flesh with lots of fiber.

25. Natal Queen

Natal Queen pineapple
Image Credit: alexey-demidov, Pexels

The Natal Queen is arguably the sweetest pineapple that you can eat raw. It’s native to Australia and is also grown in Malaya and South Africa. The pineapple has a green exterior when raw, which turns yellowish-orange when ripe. When ripe, it releases a sweet aroma.

26. Red Spanish Pineapple

Red Spanish Pineapple
Image Credit: helenfer, Shutterstock

The Red Spanish Pineapple is quite common across the Caribbean. This unique and attractive fruit has green leaves with a deep reddish lining. However, the flesh isn’t red but rather yellowish like many other pineapples. It has an oval shape and a firm outer rind that makes it perfect for export to distant lands.

27. White Jade Pineapple

Have you ever come across a pineapple with white flesh? The White Jade is a good example of this tropical edible fruit. Though the flesh is white, it’s not sour but rather quite sweet. The White Jade pineapple has low acidity and high sugar levels when ripe.

divider 4 What Is The Sweetest Kind Of Pineapple?

The sweetest pineapple to eat is the Natal Queen. It is a large pineapple that grows well in the hot climate of Australia. It’s also grown in South Africa and Malaya as a commercial product. Natal Queen produces the sweetest aroma when the pineapple is ripe and ready to consume.

How Can You Tell if a Pineapple Is Sweet?

It’s important to identify a sweet pineapple; otherwise, you might end up with a sour or bitter taste in your mouth. Luckily, there are different ways that you can tell a pineapple is ripe and sweet. These include:

  • Color: Sweet pineapples ready for picking have a yellowish-orange color. It’s important to check this because those that are more greenish tend to be bitter. A deeper yellowish-orange hue shows that the pineapple is ripe and ready to eat.
  • Aroma: A sweet pineapple will have a sweet aroma. While not all pineapples have this sweet scent when ripe, you can check the varieties that are easy to tell. This means picking up the pineapple and placing it near your nose to check if you catch the sweet aroma.
  • Softer Exterior: Pineapples have a tough outer shell, and when ripe, the shell is firm yet soft. Those that are too soft might be rotten so also check to pick the right one.
Woman slicing a pineapple with knife
Image Credit: shvets-production, Pexels

Are All Pineapples Edible?

Not all pineapples are edible. There are smaller (dwarf) pineapples that are more ornamental rather than for eating. These tend to have a tough exterior and don’t grow too big. The dwarf pineapples also have a high acidity level, which makes them not ideal for juices or salads.

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There are numerous types of pineapples from all over the world. These range from small to medium-sized to large ones. Most pineapples start from a green color that turns yellowish-green when ripe. In terms of the flesh, it turns from white to yellow, but not all pineapples are the same.

Some are perfect for eating raw while others are good for juicing. Also, you can get pineapples that are ideal for canning, while dwarf ones are for ornamental purposes.

Featured Image Credit: engin-akyurt, Pexels


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