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What Is Jeep Ducking? Trends & History

Rubicon Jeep

Jeep owners have a unique ownership culture that’s fun and exciting. Over the years, there have been various ways that Jeep drivers would greet one another using the so-called “Jeep wave.” Nowadays, there’s a new Jeep trend—Jeep Ducking.

Although it might sound unusual, it’s a fun and cute salutation expression for all Jeep owners, and there’s a true story behind this phenomenon. It began in Canada by a woman named Allison Parliament and is widespread throughout the US and worldwide.

Keep reading to learn more about this entertaining phenomenon that’s taking over the world.

divider 7 Previous Jeep Salutation

Before Jeep Ducking became a thing, the most popular greeting between Jeep owners was the Jeep wave. It is a worldwide accepted tradition; when a Jeep driver encounters another Jeep driver on the road, the drivers are supposed to wave at each other. Although it might sound unusual, it’s something that Jeep owners take pretty seriously.

Not waving to another Jeep driver or not returning a wave meant for you is unforgivable in the Jeep community, especially among the traditional Jeep crowd. As this wave was so popular, the Jeep company named its loyalty program “The Jeep Wave Program.”

The Jeep wave was even more than a salutation; it was a way to say hello while simultaneously letting the other driver know you like their Jeep! There were numerous forms of the wave, so some people were waving energetically in a side-to-side motion with one or both hands, while others were simply raising two or four fingers behind the steering wheel.

Also, there was a rule that the driver with a lower rank on the Jeep hierarchy should initiate the wave.

It was based on multiple things such as:
  • Model
  • Appearance/condition
  • Equipment/modification

Nowadays, many people still use the Jeep wave, but it seems as if Jeep ducking is taking over and that it might become even more popular than the signature wave.

The Story Behind Jeep Ducking

The story began with Allison Parliament, a citizen of both the US and Canada. One day, she was traveling in her Jeep Wrangler from Alabama to visit her family in Ontario, Canada. The whole story was occurring in 2020 when COVID was just beginning, and some Canadians weren’t excited to see US plates in their country.

When Alison arrived in Canada, she had an unpleasant encounter with a Canadian man at a gas station in Woodstock. The person thought she was a threat to the Canadian people due to the COVID situation, and he confronted her about bringing the virus into Canada. The situation was stressful as the man yelled at her and even physically assaulted her.

jeep vehicle parked on the side of the road
Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay

The First Jeep Duck

After the awful confrontation, Allison had trauma and was even afraid to leave her home, but after a couple of months, she decided it was time to let go of her fears. She wanted to surprise her friend and do something fun, so she bought a bag of rubber ducks she intended to hide in his house.

However, when she was done shopping, she noticed a beautiful Jeep outside the store. She immediately grabbed one rubber duck and wrote a simple note — “Nice Rig,” leaving it by the driver’s side mirror.

Little did she know that the Jeep owner was observing the whole situation, and he came out smiling, letting her know that the little act of kindness she showed was outstanding. Allison photographed the Jeep with a rubber duck and posted a photo later that day using the hashtag #DuckDuckJeep.

The hashtag quickly became extremely popular, and people and media all over the world were reaching out to her regarding the new trend.

The Jeep Ducking Trend Today

Since 2020, the trend hasn’t lost any popularity, and it’s bigger than ever. Little rubber ducks started to appear on all Jeeps throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. The whole act of Jeep Ducking is quite simple, and all you need to do is put a little rubber duck with a note on a Jeep that catches your eye.

There are no precise rules as the whole point of the trend is to show an act of kindness and make someone’s day. Although it all began with a Jeep Wrangler, this trend is open to all Jeep models and brings Jeep drivers closer together.

Some people even do the so-called “chuck-a-duck” that represents tossing a duck to another Jeep while stopped in traffic, while others do the “pass-a-duck” which represents handing a duck to a Jeeper when stopped at a gas station.

Jeepers worldwide are using creative ways to promote this trend on social media. Although it might seem silly to some, Jeep Ducking is an easy way to make connections, spread positivity, and show dedication to the Jeep community. It’s really a simple but fun way to be kind and bring joy to a fellow Jeeper.

The trend even spread to other vehicle manufacturers such as Subarus and classic cars. It’s just a reminder that everyone needs kindness, regardless of the vehicle they drive.

jeep parked at the seashore
Image Credit: NickCollins, Pixabay

Jeep Ducking Supports Education

Besides starting the trend, Allison found a helpful way to contribute to and support education with the Duck Duck Jeep movement.  She began a non-profit organization, “Ducky Grants,” where teachers can apply for supply funds for their classrooms.

She also sells t-shirts with the Duck Duck Jeep logo and all funds go to the organization. The Jeep Ducking trend has truly helped the community, and Allison intends to raise even more money for schools and funds to support the downtown community in her city that was damaged by a tornado a couple of years ago.

divider 7 Conclusion

If you see a rubber duck on your Jeep, it’s likely you’re becoming a part of this fun, unique trend. You can also help spread the word about it by ducking Jeeps and sharing photos on social media. As this trend is not only an act of kindness but also contributes to education, it’s important that more people hear about it.

Featured Image Credit: Rubicon Jeep by Scozzy, Pixabay


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