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What is the Best Time of Year to Replace an HVAC System?

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If you begin noticing issues with your HVAC system, and they seem to be gradually worsening, it may be time for your HVAC system to be replaced. Replacing an HVAC system can be chaotic during the season, with many contractors’ schedules being filled up and the hot or cold days getting worse. For this reason, the best time of year to replace an HVAC system would be out of season, in fall or spring, when you won’t use your HVAC as often.

If you are wondering when the ideal time is to upgrade and replace your old system, we will answer your question thoroughly below.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your HVAC System

  • Frequently breaking down
  • Your system is older than 15 or 20 years
  • Problems with heating or cooling
  • Dust accumulating
  • Poor air quality
  • High humidity, mold problems

Before we jump to the ideal time of year to replace an HVAC system, let’s talk about the signs your HVAC needs replacing. There are several obvious signs to look for, and the most critical clue will be frequent repairs. If your system keeps breaking down, with multiple repairs in the past, it may be worn out and needs replacement. Another thing to look out for is plenty of dust collecting in your home and trouble heating or cooling mid-season.

If your system is older than 15 or 20 years, you will probably begin noticing clear signs of wear and tear, and problems will start occurring more often. Other issues will arise with a bad HVAC system, such as poor air quality, high humidity, and even mold.

When Do HVACs Usually Break Down

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If your HVAC system experiences issues repeatedly, chances are it will break down entirely during winter or summer. This is because the HVAC system works hardest and more often during the coldest and warmest months. The real problem occurs when your old, worn-out system manages to last throughout fall or spring but then fails when you need it most. If your system is old and unreliable, it is best to replace it before it has the chance to break down unexpectedly.

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What is the Best Time of Year to Replace an HVAC System?

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While you will mostly need your HVAC system during the summer and winter seasons, spring or fall is the optimal time to fix it. While your system is being fixed, you will have to live for a few days without your HVAC system working, and the best time for that would be out of season. Replacing your system out of season is ideal if you need a quick fix that won’t affect your day. If you want to avoid having an improperly working HVAC during the coldest months of winter, replacing it before the season starts is a wise decision.

During these months, your HVAC contractor will have a less busy schedule, so they may even offer a discount. You will also be able to get your HVAC repaired as soon as possible without having to wait for your contractor to finish other jobs.

Benefits of Replacing an HVAC System on Time

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Replacing your HVAC system on time before it stops working can save you time and money. Ending up with a broken HVAC system during the heating or cooling season can be a genuine inconvenience, especially when you have to wait for your HVAC contractor for too long. In the middle of the season, your contractor will have a busy schedule, and getting to your home quickly won’t be possible.

That’s why it’s recommended to have your system replaced in the fall or spring. You will have much more time to prepare and search for the best possible contractor to finish this job for you. You will save energy and money because an improperly working HVAC will have a harder time heating or cooling your home.

Additional Factors to Consider

Another thing many homeowners don’t consider when replacing the HVAC system is the ductwork. Ducts are the entire circulatory system that carries the hot or cool air from your HVAC unit to the different parts of your house. The best time to replace your old ducts is when replacing your AC unit. Replacing your AC unit will make your heating and cooling much more efficient, but still not efficient enough if mismatched. Once you replace the ducts, you will also have a much more reliable system that will significantly improve your heating and cooling bills.

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Final Thoughts

After reading about the benefits of replacing your outdated HVAC system on time, you will hopefully understand why fall and winter are ideal for any HVAC repairs. It would be wise to think and plan ahead, to replace your HVAC in fall or spring, and go into winter or summer prepared with a new and perfectly-working HVAC system. You will feel a significant difference and improvement in how your new system works and the amount of energy and money you will save.

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