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What Is the State Flower of Vermont? Benefits, Symbols, & FAQ

Red Clover

Learning about the different state flowers can be great fun and highly educational. Each state chose a specific flower to represent them, and Vermont picked the attractive red clover. If you want to learn more about this lovely flower and why the people of Vermont chose it, keep reading!

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What Is the Red Clover?

The red clover is a flowering plant that belongs to the same family as beans and peas. It was popular in traditional medicine, but modern research doesn’t support its purported health benefits. It’s a small plant that’s usually less than 3 feet tall, with broad green leaves and small dark-pink flowers that are popular with bumblebees. It grows wild across the state and helps enhance the appearance of hillsides.

When Did the Red Clover Become Vermont State Flower?

The settlers in Vermont chose the red clover as the state flower during the annual World Columbian Exposition in 1893 and signed it into law a few years later.

Why Did the People of Vermont Choose the Red Clover as the State Flower?

The people of Vermont chose the red clover because it’s a hardy plant that can grow in the harsh elements of Vermont. It grows wild and looks attractive, so many people see it as a symbol of Vermont’s scenic landscapes. It’s also high in nitrogen, which helps improve the soil to make it more fertile and makes great food for farm animals and the local wildlife.

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Photo Credit: JamesDeMers, Pixabay

Why Does the Red Clover Grow So Well in Vermont?

The flower of the red clover can have more than 100 petals. However, the stem is hollow to minimize the loss of water. It also has an extensive root system that enables it to get water from deep underground, helping it to withstand drought conditions. At the end of the year, it produces many seeds that help new red clover plants grow, as the original plant will usually live only 1 to 3 years.

Does the Red Clover Have Health Benefits?

While people have been using the red clover in traditional medicine for a long time, modern medicine has yet to validate any claims that it can help treat the symptoms of various problems, including menopause and coughing. Therefore, it’s best to use it with extreme caution.

Do Any Other States Claim the Red Clover as Their State Flower?

No. Only Vermont claims the red clover as its state flower.

Red Clovers
Photo Credit: Hans Verburg, Shutterstock

What Other State Symbols Does Vermont Have?

Other State Symbols:
  • The state beverage of Vermont is milk.
  • The state tree of Vermont is the sugar maple.
  • The state reptile of Vermont is the painted turtle.
  • The state fruit of Vermont is the apple.
  • The state animal of Vermont is the Morgan horse.
  • The state insect of Vermont is the honeybee.
  • The winter sports of Vermont are skiing and snowboarding.
  • Vermont goes by the nickname, “Green Mountain State.”

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The state flower of Vermont is the red clover, an ornamental plant that attracts bees, improves the soil, and provides food for wildlife. The people of Vermont chose it in 1893 because it’s a hardy plant that can withstand the harsh environment, and it grows wild throughout the state without any maintenance. It has a short lifespan but new plants pop up each year.

Featured Image Credit: 5892437, Pixabay


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