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What Is the State Tree of Wisconsin? History, Facts, & FAQ

Sugar maple tree in autumn

It can be a great deal of fun to learn about the different types of trees in America. One way to do that is by learning the state tree for every state. Wisconsin’s state tree is the Sugar Maple, which is also the state tree of Vermont, New York, and West Virginia. If you would like to learn more about when and why the people chose this tree variety, keep reading while we take a deep dive into this topic.

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What Is a Sugar Maple?

The Sugar Maple is a common species that is easy to find in Canada and the eastern United States. People might call it other names, like Rock Maple, Birdseye Maple, Sugar Tree, and Curly Maple. It can grow to more than 100 feet tall and has easy-to-recognize leaves that look similar to the one printed on the Canadian flag. Sugar Maples color unevenly in the fall, and you can see a broad spectrum of colors even on the same tree. This tree is a major source of maple syrup, making it a cash crop for the states where it grows. Woodworkers also like to use the wood for bowling alleys and basketball courts, musical instruments, skateboards, pool cues, and more.

sugar maple tree
Image Credit: Mircea Costina, Shutterstock

When Did Sugar Maple Become the State Tree of Wisconsin?

The Sugar Maple became the state tree of Wisconsin on June 4, 1949. School children across the state voted for it in 1893, but nothing happened for almost 50 years until another large group of school children voted for it again in 1948. In the second vote, the children defeated strong opposition that wanted the White Birch to be the state tree. Other trees in the running included Pine, Birch, Oak, and Elm.

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Why Is the Sugar Maple Wisconsin’s State Tree?

The Sugar Maple is a favorite among the people of Wisconsin because it is a symbol of love, longevity, success, money, and abundance, giving the people something to rally behind. It was also selected by schoolchildren twice, showing how popular it is.

Sugar Maple Trees
Image Credit: Paula Cobleigh, Shutterstock

Other Interesting Facts About Wisconsin

  • The motto of Wisconsin is “Forward.” It’s a slogan that hopes to motivate people to tackle their problems and keep moving ahead instead of dwelling on the past.
  • The state bird of Wisconsin is the American Robin, which is easy to find anywhere in the United States.
  • The Wisconsin state domestic animal is the Dairy Cow.
  • Wisconsin grows all the ginseng that comes from the United States.
  • Lawmakers prohibited the sale of margarine in Wisconsin from 1895 to 1967. Though you can purchase it there today, most restaurants still cannot use it unless you ask for it.
  • Wisconsin is home to the largest wooly mammoth
  • Wisconsin is the number-one exporter of cranberries and sweet corn.
  • Wisconsin is the largest cheese producer in the United States and the second largest milk producer.
  • Wisconsin has more than 15,000 lakes.

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The state tree of Wisconsin is the Sugar Maple. It’s a large tree that is quite common in the eastern United States and Canada. It’s an important component in the production of maple syrup, and woodworkers can use the trees to create any number of products, from instruments to sporting equipment like baseball bats and pool cues, as well as the floors of bowling alleys.

Featured Image Credit: Mircea Costina, Shutterstock


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