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What Makes a Good Yard Sale Sign? 10 Tips to Attract More People!

Yard sale sign stuck to a mail box

Everybody loves a good yard sale. It can be a great way to get rid of all that old junk that you don’t need, and it’s also where you can find that thing that you’ve been looking for forever. Most of us won’t have any trouble finding things to sell. The hard part is letting everyone know about your yard sale so you can make money. Keep reading for several tips that will help you create great yard sale signs to attract attention to your big day.

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The 10 Tips for Attracting People to Your Yard Sale

1. Use Big Signs

One of the easiest mistakes when creating a yard sign is making it too small. It can be hard to gauge size while creating the sign in your living room, but a passerby in a car will only have a second to see the sign, and it needs to be easy to read so they can focus on the road. We recommend making a sign that is at least 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall.

yard or garage sale
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2. Use Large Text

Ensure that the sign’s text is large and easy to read, especially the words, “Yard Sale.” Try to limit the extra text to little more than the address, day, and time of the sale, so a passerby can read it quickly. Avoid the temptation to make the text fancy, which can make it harder to read.

3. Keep the Text Neat

Another thing that we recommend concerning the text is keeping it neat. A yard sign with sloppy or childish handwriting and misspelled words is not likely to attract as many customers as a carefully printed sign.

4. Use Bright Colors

Use bright contrasting colors on your sign to help it attract attention. For example, a black sign with yellow letters or a yellow sign with black letters can be extremely effective, and it can make it possible for a passerby to read the sign from farther away. Avoid colors that can make the words harder to read, like red and blue.

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5. Place It by the Road

Many people like to place their yard sale sign in the middle of the yard or even attach it to their house if they don’t have a post. However, your sign will likely attract the most attention if you place it near the road, where it will be easy to read and other structures won’t block it.

6. Place Several Signs

Placing several signs around town in appropriate locations can help spread the word, resulting in a larger turnout. Placing several signs in the same yard can also attract more attention because it helps create the illusion that something big is going on.

7. Embellish It

With the sign in place, you can help attract more attention by adding embellishments. Balloons are fantastic, as are streamers and Christmas-style lights.

man going through clothes hanging from a rack at a yard sale
Image Credit: Pressmaster, Shutterstock

8. Play Music

Another feature that can attract attention is music. Any type of festive, upbeat music playing from your home or a speaker attached to the sign in the yard will help attract more customers and make current shoppers feel more at ease.

9. Expand

A great way to get more attention for your yard sale is to add small arrows to telephone poles nearby. These arrows will generate curiosity and point the way to your event.

10. Be Courteous

There is no better way to attract negative attention to your yard sale than by placing your sign somewhere that will block the view of passing drivers, creating a hazardous situation. Removing any arrows or other items that aren’t on your property after the sale is over is also important. Otherwise, you might attract the wrong kind of attention as someone who vandalizes or litters.

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Attracting attention to your yard sale is usually not that difficult, as everyone loves to find a bargain. However, you can create a sign that attracts more attention and helps spread the news about your upcoming event by following the suggestions on this list. Having a large, easy-to-read sign with only the most important details is vital. A bright yellow sign with dark text is easy to read from a distance, and adding more signs, balloons, streamers, and music can help create the illusion of a big sale. Be careful not to block the view of passing vehicles and take the items down when the sale is over, however, especially if you posted directions or other signs on nearby telephone poles.

Featured Image Credit: Suzanne Tucker, Shutterstock


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