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Who Makes Craftsman Tools? What You Need to Know!



Just about everyone has heard of the Craftsman brand. Craftsman makes tools for just about everyone, ranging from home DIYers to industrial manufacturers. Traditionally considered an American manufacturer, Craftsman was the tool brand for Sears up until 2017. Today, Craftsman is owned by a different brand and their tools are licensed out to different manufacturers.

Read on to learn about who all makes Craftsman Tools, because there are quite a few parties involved in the process.

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What Is Craftsman Tools Known For?

Craftsman Tools is most known for their large variety of hand and power tools. These power tools tend to be powerful enough for many professionals and industrial manufacturers, but they are also easy enough to use and affordable for hobbyists.

In addition to hand and power tools, Craftsman Tools produces boots, electronics, lawn and garden equipment, tool storage units, and work clothing. This allows Craftsman to be an all-around producer for most tools and home improvement varieties.


Surprisingly, Craftsman tools tend to be relatively affordable. Especially in recent years, the company has strategically marketed their tools for home use and DIY improvement. As a result, most of their tools are affordable, though you do pay for the brand a bit. Nevertheless, Craftsman tools tends to cost less than other more substantial brands, such as DeWalt.

History of Craftsman Tools

Craftsman Tools dates back to 1927, when it was registered as Sears’ house brand. Its name came about because Arthur Burrows, the company’s Hardware Department head, liked the name. Under Burrows’ leadership, the tools were primarily manufactured for and sold to farmers.

As the United States transitioned to an automobile way of living and department heads changed, Craftsman tools were upgraded to include Chrome plating. They began to differentiate between tools quality and tiers by pricing. It wasn’t until the 80s that the “Sears” line was replaced with the “Companion” tool line.

By 2008, the “Companion” tool line was also discontinued. Now focusing on DIYers and homeowners, the tool line became “Evolv,” complete with easy-to-use parts and a warranty. Once Sears began closing in 2015, other brands became interested in the Craftsman Tools line, leading to it being bought out in 2017.

Who Owns Craftsman Tools Today?

In 2015, Sears closed 235 stores. As a result, Stanley Black & Decker bought Craftsman Tools two years later in 2017. This buyout was estimated to cost a whopping $900 million. In addition to Craftsman Tools, Stanley Black & Decker owns $7.5 billion in other tools and storage brands. Below is a complete list of other brands owned by Stanley Black & Decker:

  • Black + Decker
  • Bostitch
  • Craftsman
  • DeWalt
  • Emglo
  • Irwin
  • Lenox
  • Lista
  • Mac Tools
  • Porter-Cable
  • Powers Fasteners
  • Proto
  • Sidchrome
  • Stanley
  • USAG
  • Vidmar

Who Makes Craftsman Tools?

Even though Stanley Black & Decker owns Craftsman Tools, they are manufactured by different brands.

The manufacturer largely depends on the tool type. Below, you will find a list of Craftsman Tools manufacturers, as well as the tool types produced by each brand:

  • Apex Tool Group: Hand tools
  • DeVilbiss Air Power: Air compressors
  • DeWalt: Hand power tools
  • Emerson Electric Company: Bench and stationary tools
  • Techtronic Industries: Portable power tools
  • The Chamberlain Brand: Garage door openers
  • Waterloo Industries: Tool storage
  • Western Forge (USA-based): Adjustable wrenches, bigger mechanic tool sets, pliers, and screwdrivers

How Can You Find Out Where Your Craftsman Products Are Manufactured?

Craftsman does not openly broadcast where their tools are produced. That is because most of the tools are not produced within the United States. If your tool was made within the States, Craftsman clearly labels that online and on the packaging. Even on those products, the parts are likely not made in America, even though the tool itself was constructed in America.

To find out exactly where a particular tool was manufactured, you will likely need to call Craftsmen. This will take extra time, but it is the only way you can confirm where it was manufactured. Unless you are checking on adjustable wrenches, bigger mechanic tool sets, pliers, or screwdrivers, the tool was likely built outside of the United States.

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Today, Stanley Black & Decker owns Craftsman tools, and they license their manufacturing out to a variety of other brands. These brands are primarily outside of the United States, making Craftsman Tools not an exclusively USA brand. This can make it a bit confusing to know exactly who manufactured your specific tool. Nevertheless, our guide above offers guidance about who manufactures different Craftsman Tools products.

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