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Why Are There So Many Spiders in My House? 11 Possible Reasons

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Are you like me that you tend to jump or feel your skin crawl when you see or even think about a spider? Well, you can imagine how it would feel to find several of them living in your home. But, it’s not uncommon to find spiders in different parts of the house.

Spiders love warm and safe areas where they can spin their webs. Any dark and isolated corners in your home are the perfect spots for these creatures. The more such areas are in your home, the more spiders will move in.

Well, in this article, we get to explore reasons why spiders prefer moving into the house. All these reasons are a first step towards fixing the issue and taking back charge of your home.

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The 11 Reasons Why There Are Spiders in Your House

1. Extra Hiding Spots

Spiders love cluttered parts of the house where they can hide. When a house has extra hiding spots, this becomes a favorite for these creatures. You might have not noticed the spider in a corner before but they’ve always been there.

You have an area in the house where you always store old magazines and newspapers. Or there is a bookshelf you hardly ever move or dust. Those kinds of places are ideal hideouts for spiders. One day you walk by and find several spider webs that seem like they’ve been there for quite some time.

Spiders love undisturbed and cluttered spots in a house where they can spin their webs. Such areas are excellent hiding spots for them.

Image Credit: JamesDeMers, Pixabay

2. Gaps in Your Home

Many spiders find their way into your home using gaps in the structure of the property.

It’s not common for these 8-legged creatures to waltz into your home through the front or back doors. These areas have way too much foot traffic. Instead, they look for cracks or spaces in odd parts of the house where they can go in undetected.

You might be wondering why you have never seen a spider walk into your home. This is the reason. Spiders find it safer to come inside using gaps in the structure of your premise.

3. Lack of Cleaning or Upkeep

Spaces that get regular cleaning or upkeep tend to have no spider webs. These areas aren’t a favorite for spiders and other bugs.

But, those spots in your home that you never clean or clean once in a while are a favorite for spiders. It becomes worse when you hardly ever clean the space. Soon, you have an infestation on your hands as the spider mate and reproduce.

4. Poor Pest Control

When is the last time you invited a pest control expert into your home? As long as you live in the space, pests will always find a way to inhabit your space. The best way to get rid of them or prevent this is by asking an expert for their professional opinion.

If you don’t consult a pest control expert, it becomes hard to notice all areas that spiders might inhabit. These vulnerable spots need regular inspection and cleaning to keep spiders away.

Image Credit: jamesodouglas, Pixabay

5. Yard Debris and Mulch

When you clean your yard and front lawn, it’s better to collect the debris in one spot. This can become excellent mulch to use on a home garden or to add to the flower bed. However, that heap of leaves and trigs is the perfect home for spiders.

While this isn’t a bad thing, it becomes an issue when the pile is too close to the house. As the spiders multiply, they start seeking other areas to spin their webs and lay eggs. Suddenly, you start to notice spiders all over the house. The more the pile remains on the same spot, the worse the infestation in your home.

6. Insects in the House

Do you have many house flies and other insects in your home? If you do then be ready for a full-blown spider infestation. Spiders feast on other insects and are always looking for easy food sources. When they spin their webs in areas with many insects, they can always eat.

When a house has many house flies and other insects, it becomes the perfect setting for spiders. You start to notice spider webs in corners and other parts of your home. This will keep happening until you find a way to get rid of the insects attracting the spiders to your home.

7. Aquatic Areas

Apart from insects living in your home, those living around it can also attract spiders. If you live near a body of water, it’s normal to have loads of insects around.

Spiders love such areas and can come build webs in safe corners in your home. Parts of your windows that you don’t open or clean often become the best areas to spin webs. If you don’t act, one day you walk by and have a full-on spider infestation on your hands.

Image Credit: Michael Benard, Shutterstock

8. Bright Lights

Bugs or insects love bright lights. These lights tend to attract all sorts of flying insects. If you tend to leave lights on and don’t have regular pest control, you might experience lots of flying insects. And where there are flying insects, spiders aren’t too far away.

Spiders will spin their webs close to these bright lights and wait patiently. At some point, one or two insects will get caught in the web. With such easy sources of food, soon one web turns into multiple.

9. Cramped Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can do wonders for your décor. These green plants bring in a touch of nature to your space. However, this is also the perfect breeding ground for insects. Spiders love to hide in these indoor plants and hunt these insects.

If you don’t regularly check on your indoor plants to clean and water them, you can end up with an infestation. The plants are big enough to hide webs allowing the spiders to multiply undisturbed. The more you add and not tend to the plants, the more hiding spots you create for spiders.

10. You Brought Them Inside Unknowingly

At times you bring in the spiders unknowingly and give them a chance to find another hiding spot in your house. Imagine cutting down some logs for the fireplace and taking a day or two to bring them inside. A spider or two crawls in and you carry it inside.

It’s not only logs that you need to be worried about. Even your lovely pet that likes adventures outside can bring a spider or two into your home.

Image Credit: RealityImages, Shutterstock

11. Controlled Climate

Every creature values a space with a controlled climate. Let’s face it, living outside isn’t all that fun, especially when it starts getting cold. Many creatures including spiders start looking for warm spaces to live out the long winter months.

Since your home has a controlled climate, it’s the perfect place for spiders to stay safe and warm. Basically, when you control the temperature to remain comfortable, even the spiders enjoy the cozy space.

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Spiders, like other insects, aren’t welcome in the house. Spider infestation makes the house a living nightmare.  There are many reasons why they still manage to find their way inside to spin their webs. After you note the reasons why you see many spiders in your home, you will already have ways to get rid of them.

Featured Image Credit: siala, Pixabay


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