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Are Pringles Cans Recyclable? How Do You Properly Dispose of Them?

As we move into a world where we’re recycling more and more, it’s important to recognize what we can and can’t recycle. You don’t want to throw usable materials in the trash, but you also don’t want to gum up the recycling process by throwing a bunch of stuff in there that they can’t process.

For instance, while the metal and cardboard Pringles cans might look like something that’s perfect for recycling, you can’t recycle them. But why is that the case? How can you get rid of them, and what other options do you have? We’ll answer all that for you below.

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Can You Recycle Pringles Cans?

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In one word, no. Pringles cans use a mix of different materials, and recycling facilities don’t have the capability to separate all these different materials to recycle them.

This means if you’re trying to dispose of a Pringles can, you’re really stuck with throwing it in the trash. It’s not the best solution, but Kellogg is in the process of creating a new Pringles can you’ll be able to recycle.

What Are Pringles Cans Made Out Of?

While you can’t recycle Pringles cans, Kellogg does use 50% recycled materials when making the cans. This helps reduce their overall environmental impact, but they’re still far away from eliminating it entirely.

That’s because the other 50% of materials don’t come from recycled products, and these materials make it so you can’t recycle any of the containers.

How to Dispose of Pringles Cans

You can’t recycle Pringles cans, so how can you get rid of them? Unfortunately, you only have two choices, and we’ll highlight both for you here:


Unfortunately, if you’re trying to dispose of a Pringles can, the only way to do it is in the trash. While there are very few recycling facilities that possess the capabilities to break down and separate the different types of materials in Pringles cans, they’re not widely available.

There’s not likely to be a facility in your area, which means to get rid of the can you need to throw them in the trash. This does mean they’re heading to a landfill, so you might want to consider reducing consumption to help with the total amount of waste you’re producing.


pringles chips scattered
Image Credit: goiwara, Pixabay

While you can’t recycle Pringles cans, they do have a unique shape and are pretty durable. Because of this, if you’re creative you can upcycle them into something new. Whether it’s a pet toy, a decoration, or something else entirely, finding a way to reuse a Pringles container is the best solution out there.

However, even if you upcycle them, there are only so many crafts and activities you need a Pringles can for. If you’re eating a lot of them, though, it’s only a matter of time until you start throwing some away in the trash.

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While many companies are doing more to lower their environmental impact, when it comes to Pringles cans, there’s still more work to do. You simply can’t recycle Pringles cans, so the more you purchase and eat the more waste you’re sending to the landfill.

Hopefully, Kellogg will release a new fully recyclable can soon. That way, everyone can enjoy a guilt-free snack knowing they’re not producing a ton of waste in the process.

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