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Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In North Carolina? Legalities, Pros & Cons

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Shipping container homes are gaining more and more popularity, and many people worldwide live in shipping container homes. Living in a shipping container is a great way to save money on building and build a home relatively quickly and easily.

These homes have less impact on the environment than traditional homes—the reason why many people choose this type of housing. Shipping container homes are legal throughout the US, but some states frequently make it hard to get the needed permits and build a shipping container home. In North Carolina, shipping container homes are legal but a permit is needed.

Keep reading to learn more about shipping container homes, the requirements for a shipping container home when living in North Carolina, and what you need to do to own a shipping container home in NC.

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Do You Need a Permit To Build a Home out of Shipping Containers In North Carolina?

Building a shipping container in North Carolina is legal, but you must follow specific regulations, which means you need a permit to build it. You’ll need to go through all the legal regulations, building rules, zoning codes, and laws.

Getting a permit is necessary because a shipping container home without a permit could potentially be dangerous for anyone living inside. For precise details, you can visit the NC government site, which explains more about the permits and things you need to do to safely build a shipping container home.

Typically, you need to make a plan for your future shipping container home and present it to the authorities. Once the authorities approve your plan and you get the green light, you can proceed with the plan and reach out to constructors to help you with the building process.

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Taxes for Shipping Container Homes In North Carolina

When it comes to taxes, shipping container homes in North Carolina are obliged to pay them the same way people living in regular houses do. However, the tax rates for shipping container homes are typically lower due to the nature of these homes.

For precise details about the possible taxes you’ll need to pay if you build a shipping container home, it’s best to speak to a local tax advisor. They will be able to assess your home and give you an estimate of your future tax obligations.

Home Insurance for Shipping Container Homes In North Carolina

Finding suitable home insurance for a shipping container home in North Carolina can be challenging. However, it’s necessary to get it, especially if you live in a high-risk area prone to bad weather.

It’s best to reach out to multiple home insurance agencies or even get a personal insurance agent to help you find suitable coverage for your shipping container home.

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How To Find a Suitable Shipping Container Home Builder In North Carolina

Choosing the proper builder for your shipping container home in NC is essential for your home to be sturdy, durable, and high-quality. It’s best to investigate multiple builders that offer such services and compare their reputation and pricing. That way, you can ensure that your shipping container home will be both legally and structurally well, providing you with an excellent living experience.

Shipping Container Home 101

Shipping container homes are homes built from multiple shipping containers connected that make the home’s structure. These containers are typically steel, which makes them highly durable, and due to their rectangular shape, you can easily arrange them to make your perfect home.

Such living has various benefits, although it also has some downsides. Read more about them below.

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Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

Here are some of the most significant benefits of shipping container homes:

  • Durable: Shipping containers are typically steel which makes them highly durable. They can withstand harsh weather, and they have a long life expectancy.
  • Affordable: Shipping container homes are much more affordable than regular housing. These homes require fewer building materials and less labor.
  • Quick and straightforward to install: Shipping container homes are easy to build, which makes the installation quick. These homes can be built in less than a month, making them perfect for people looking for a quick housing solution.
  • Flexibility and creativity in the design: With shipping container homes, you have the ability to choose the design and be creative about the home’s structure. People that love DIY can also use their skills to make a shipping container home better looking and more functional.
  • Eco-friendly: If you use an old shipping container for your home, your home will be far more eco-friendly than a traditional home due to using fewer materials.
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Disadvantages of Shipping Container Homes

While shipping container homes have various benefits, they also have some downsides, which is why this type of housing is not suitable for everyone.

  • You need a permit: Getting a permit for your shipping container home can be tricky, especially because each state and city has different regulations you need to follow.
  • These homes need insulation: While the costs of building a shipping container home are quite low, you’ll still need to invest in other things, including insulation. Shipping container homes don’t have insulating properties, so insulating them is essential for maintaining your home’s temperature.

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Final Thoughts

Shipping container homes are legal in North Carolina, and you can build one as long as you get a permit and follow the given building codes, laws, and requirements. This type of housing is more affordable than traditional housing, and it carries a lot of benefits, which is why it’s ideal for people who need a home but can’t spend tons of money.

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