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47 Basement Kitchenette Ideas & Design Tips (with Pictures)

Basement Kitchenette

If you have a finished basement and want to spend more time in it, a kitchenette will help. You can design these small kitchens to have everything you need. Many incorporate stoves, refrigerators, sinks, and cabinets into the design, providing you with everything you need for drinks and dinner.

We’ve scoured the internet to find as many designs as possible to give you some ideas of what you can accomplish. We’ve also included a short section with some design tips to get you started. Keep reading while we look over 47 different ways to add a kitchenette to your basement to make it more functional.divider 9

47 Basement Kitchenette Design Ideas

1. Edgecliff Pull

This design piles on the storage space with plenty of drawers to keep your things. It’s luxurious and modern, but also simple and elegant.

2. The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining adds counter space and a sink to your laundry room to make it more versatile. It also makes it easier to fold and iron clothes.

3. The Beach Cottage

The Beach Cottage keeps things simple and doesn’t require ventilation or plumbing, yet it provides you with plenty of storage space and a long counter.

4. Mollie

The Mollie is another simple design that gives you drawers for storage, a wide countertop, and high shelves for dishes, pictures, or plants.

5. White and Wood

The White and Wood is a fancier design that incorporates an outlet, plenty of under the counter storage, and an upper cabinet with glass windows for additional storage.

6. Diwali

The Diwali is an extremely attractive design that features upper and lower cabinets. It also has wooden shelves that accent the white surfaces and are perfect for plants or books, and there is plenty of counter space.

7. Decorpad

The Decorpad features a simple and old fashioned design that’s attractive and functional. It has two upper cabinets with glass doors and two high wooden shelves, perfect for storing your knick-knacks. The lower part of the

kitchenette features a mini-fridge, cabinets, and plenty of counter space.

8. Kitchen with Gold Accents

The Kitchen with Gold Accents kitchenette is quite attractive and equally as functional. There is room for a microwave, plenty of cabinets and drawers, and three large wooden shelves for storing everything from books to plants.

9. Plank and Pillo

The Plank and Pillow is another simple design that keeps the white theme going. This idea includes space for a stove, as well as an island countertop. It also has wooden shelves and matching window shades.

10. Daly Digs

The Daly Digs is perfect for a small space in your basement. Instead of turning it into a closet, you can turn it into a kitchenette, complete with a place to store your wine and plenty of counter space. Large wooden shelves give it a more natural look.

11. Shelfology

The Shelfology kitchenette provides you with plenty of counter space and, as the name suggests, shelves. However, the shelves in this design float, so they look attractive and make a great conversational piece.

12. Butler’s Pantry

The Butler’s Pantry utilizes floor-to-ceiling black cabinets with gold hardware. It also has long floating shelves, a space for a cooler or refrigerator, and plenty of counter space.

13. Real Simple

The Real Simple is one of the easier designs to create, and it features a tiled wall for easy clean-up. There is plenty of cabinet space below a large countertop, and it has two sinks with elegant faucets.

14. Semihandmade

The Semihandmade strives for a natural look and uses tile for easy clean-up. Matching long shelves and countertop gives you plenty of storage and working space, and easy to build cabinets are functional and attractive.

15. Mimi Ericson

The Mimi Ericson uses plenty of tiles to keep things easy to clean and resistant to scuffs and scratches. It also provides space for a cooler and an oven so you can spend entire days in your basement. Hanging lights complete the look.

16. Anita Yokota

The Anita Yokota kitchenette design supplies you with an attractive space for a matching front-loading washer and dryer. It also gives you a small sink and plenty of shelf space for plants and nick-knacks.

17. Covenant Kitchen

The Covenant Kitchen is a fancy space to store your wine. You also get a sink, refrigerator, and plenty of decorative cabinets.

18. Housetweaking

The Housetweaking kitchenette is a simple design that uses an old desk and replaces the countertop with marble or granite and tiles the wall for easy cleaning. You can even add a sink and hanging lights to complete the look.

19. Houzz

The Houzz kitchenette is another design that makes use of a small cubbyhole type area that’s too small for most ideas. You can add a sink, refrigerator, and even an overhead microwave in just a few feet of space.

20. Helmstown

The Helmstown kitchenette is extremely elegant, with black cabinets both below the counter and overhead. The overhead cabinets have glass panels, and there is also a stone countertop with a built-in sink.

21. Flodeau

The Flodeau features a unique all-wood design that will look amazing in any basement. The small tile back wall is easy to clean, and It has a sink, range, and oven to take care of all your cooking needs. There is also plenty of storage space below the counter and overhead.

22. Nidhi Verma

The Nidhi Verma kitchenette is of the fanciest designs on this list, yet it still fits in a small space. It has a sink, refrigerator, wine storage, and overhead cabinets with glass panels.

23. SimplySwankyDigs

SimplySwankyDigs lives up to its name and has room for a full-size refrigerator and stove. There is even a sink and dishwasher, so this kitchenette can fill in for your regular kitchen anytime.

24. Roomzaar

The Roomzaar is another design that provides space for a full-size refrigerator. It also has overhead cabinets with glass panels, a sink, and plenty of counter space.

25. Style at Home

The Style at Home features everything you need for spending more time in the basement, including floor to ceiling cabinets, some with glass panels, a sink, a wine cellar, and plenty of counter space.

26. Hometalk

Hometalk is a very simple design that looks nice and is functional. Its split level design allows for space to fit a stove, refrigerator, or washer and dryer, while still providing you with plenty of counter space. There are no overhead cabinets to install but plenty of room for storage below the counter.

27. Retro Renovation

The Retro Renovation provides you with everything you need for camping in the basement. It has a small range top, sink, and overhead microwave, so you can cook small meals and clean up. There’s plenty of cabinet space below the counter and also overhead cabinets for your dishes.

28. Custom Made

The Custom Made kitchenette provides you with a full drinking bar and a perfect getaway. It has a sink, plenty of counter space and cabinets, but most importantly, a wine cellar and even a place to hang your glasses.

29. Jayman

The Jayman is a small and versatile kitchenette with a sink, cooler, and plenty of cabinets. There’s even a place to store your glasses, and a tiled wall is easy to wipe down.

30. Kitchen Subway

The Kitchen Subway is an attractive design that has two large cabinets with glass panels. Inside these cabinets are glass shelves and lights that help this design stand out with a slightly blue hue. It also has a sink, a dishwasher, and plenty of counter space.

31. Livin A Dream

The Livin A Dream kitchenette is another design that can compete with any full-size kitchen with space for a sink, full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, and overhead microwave. A stone back wall accents the design, and there is plenty of counter space.

32. DIY Chatroom

The DIY Chatroom kitchenette is a simple design that provides what you need most. Plenty of counter space, lots of cabinets, a sink, a dishwasher, and an overhead microwave.

33. Dixie Delights

The Dixie Delights kitchenette has an attractive old-fashioned look with braced shelving and wooden countertops. It’s fully functional with a cooler, sink, and dishwasher. It also has a hanging light and no cabinets.

34. Segreto Finishes

The Segreto Finishes kitchenette is another old-fashioned style design that is very attractive. It features plenty of overhead cabinets with glass panels and glass shelving and more cabinets on the bottom. The center cabinet features glass panels and intricate woodwork.

35. HGTV

The HGTV is simple, easy to build, and looks amazing. It features long overhead glass shelves and plenty of counter space that can be functional or decorative. Two pull out cooler doors will keep your food and drinks cold.

36. Décor Eat

The Décor Eat kitchenette is perfect for basements that get a lot of sunlight. The bright colors rejuvenate the area, and it provides you with a small fridge and an overhead microwave. It also has overhead cabinets with glass panels and a sink.

37. Uncle Julio

Uncle Julio is another design that fits perfectly into a small cubby hole of the basement. It provides you with a sink, microwave, a full-size refrigerator, and just enough counter space to prepare your food and wash the dishes.

38. Thrifty Décor Chick

The Thrifty Décor Chick design is easy to recreate and provides you with a small island table to share a drink with a friend or loved one. It also has plenty of cabinet space and large shelves for your nick-nacks. There is also space for a small cooler.

39. Kitchen Designs

The Kitchen Designs kitchenette is installed on a flat wall and creates a handy divider that separates the kitchen and the basement. It also has three large cabinets with attractive and artistic glass panels.

40. Atchison Heller

The Atchison Heller is another simple design that can substitute for a full-size kitchen. It has plenty of cabinet space overhead and under the counter and provides you with room for a microwave and a full-sized fridge. There is also a matching island for eating and conversing.

41. Steve Kuhl

The Steve Kuhl is one of the more extravagant kitchenettes on this list. It has attractive, all wood cabinets with glass panels and a place for your wine bottles. It also has plenty of counter space and a sink.

42. RCQC

The RCQC is perfect for a small cubby hole and provides several outlets and overhead lighting. The stainless-steel fridge and granite countertop are easy to clean and will last for many years. There is also a microwave and plenty of cabinets.

43. ML Interior Designs

The ML Interior Designs kitchenette is an elegant design with darker greys and black color shading. An attractive brick tile wall is easy to clean, and the fridge will keep you hydrated.

44. Home My Design

The Home My Design is perfect for having several people over for drinking. It has a long bar that can seat at least three, and the kitchen area has plenty of cabinets. Two of the upper cabinets have glass panels, and there is room below the counter for a small fridge.

45. Life In Yellow

The Life In Yellow design is perfect for dimly lit basements because it features plenty of accent lighting. It also has a cabinet that holds up to 16 wine bottles and provides you with a place to hang your glasses as well. There is also a fridge, microwave, and sink with plenty of counter space.

46. Talk of the House

The Talk of the House design is small but cozy and provides everything you need for a good time. It has a sink, dishwasher, designated coffee area, and an island table to sit and converse.

47. Remodelista

The Remodelista is an amazing kitchenette with an attractive frosted glass panel. There’s plenty of long wooden overhead shelves and cabinet space below. The built-in fridge and sink provide you with what you need for a relaxing day.divider 4

Design Tips

Let’s look at a few design tips that can help get a better idea of which kind of design is right for you.

Safety Laws

Before you place a stove, oven, or any cooking device in your basement, you will need to check the local laws and building codes to see what additional provisions you need to make. Most places will require a ventilation system, and some may require sprinklers as well. You will also need to install a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, purchase a fire extinguisher, and plan an escape route.


Even if there were no laws, you would still want to add proper ventilation. Not only is it essential to your health, but the escaping oils and greases can also travel through the air clinging to walls and furniture. These oils smell bad and are hard to clean.


Ensure you take accurate measurements of the space you have available to install your kitchenette before you start to plan. If you have more space, you can add a full-size refrigerator or more cabinets. If you don’t have enough space, you will need to find small appliances or leave them out. Knowing your available space upfront will help the process move along quickly with no surprises.

Storage Space

You can install cabinets overhead or below the counter. If you intend to display plants and knick-knacks, you will need shelving. However, if you don’t plan on requiring a lot of storage, you can use the space to install more appliances or lighting, so it’s important to consider your storage needs before you begin planning.


As we just mentioned, you will also want to consider what appliances you want your kitchenette to have. Some people just want to make the laundry room a little more fun, while others would like to create a full bar or cook a meal. Each of these will require different appliances and space to put them.

Wet or Dry

If you want running water in your kitchenette, you will need to plan for it. Not only will you need space to fit a sink, you will also need to run water pipes to its location. Sometimes the pipes you need are close by, and it’s easy to manage. Other times it can be very challenging. To get water where you need it.


Far too often, people forget to include lighting in their plans, and basements are usually dimly lit. Without proper lighting, it can be challenging to cook or get the most enjoyment from your kitchenette. With so many lighting options available, choosing one can be as fun as it is essential.


When you are designing your kitchenette, it’s important to remember that you are likely the one that will need to clean it. Look for surfaces that wipe down easily. Wood is attractive, but it can harbor bacteria, especially on the countertop. Don’t create spaces that are hard to reach.

Keep it Simple

When designing your kitchenette, it’s easy to include many things you don’t need, but these items will increase the cost, add clutter, and use up space that you could use for something useful.

divider 5Summary

There are many ideas on this list, and the best one will fit and have the accessories and appliances that you will use. Since your kitchenette is most likely a permanent installation, we highly recommend spending extra time in the planning phase to ensure everything is right.

We hope you have enjoyed looking over these ideas and reading over the guide. If we have helped answer your questions and gave you some ideas, please share these 47 basement kitchenette ideas on Facebook and Twitter.

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Featured image credit: sferrario1968, Pixabay

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