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7 Bedroom Trends in 2024 – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

neutral color bedroom

Bedrooms are an intimate reflection of who we are, so it’s no shocker that we want to update them often as interesting new trends crop up. This year has some definite trends rearing their heads, and we’re here to detail some of them so you can get some new ideas for your upcoming bedroom renovation.

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Top 7 Bedroom Trends in 2024

1. Ultimate Comfort

cozy bedroom
Image Credit: emelieewestman, Pixabay

If you’ve had the same few years we have, you’ve been spending a lot of time in your bedroom. When you’re in your room that much, you begin to place a lot of stock in ergonomic coziness. Some of the best additions to your bedroom are microfiber sheets, cushiony down duvets, and cloudy pillows. Hey, might as well be comfortable while you binge your next Netflix show.

The best part about comfort is that it comes in every conceivable color without sacrificing any of the tactile benefits. You can keep it simple with a clean white theme or get as colorful as you want and brighten up the room.

Other crucial elements for a comfortable room are things like our treasured photos, artwork, and favorite scents. Wax burners, air fresheners, and incense all heighten the unique feel you build for your bedroom.

2. Bedroom Seating Areas

bedroom with seating area
Image Credit: manbob86, Pixabay

If you have the space in your master bedroom to spare, creating a seating area is gaining steam in the decor world. This can be as compact or large as you wish, whether a stool or chair all the way to a full couch and coffee table.

As we spend a lot more time in our rooms these days, adding a seating room can help enhance the versatility of your average bedroom. Spending all day in bed is a good way to recharge once in a while, but sometimes you just want somewhere to sit while you curl up with a book or browse social media.

The seating area trend can be a wonderful way to complement our existing bedroom furniture, especially if you’ve already set up a corner of your room as a makeshift home office. A sofa could be just the thing to add some much-needed luxury back into your room.

3. Eco-Friendly

Living green has been a huge trend in the past decade, especially as advances in technology make sustainable living a more realistic and affordable option for the environmentally-minded.

Products made from recycled material, organic fibers, and other sustainable materials are becoming all the rage. Fair-trade certified products are also becoming hot, helping to preserve our planet and protect worker rights around the globe.

Hemp and bamboo are some of the most popular sustainable fibers, and even cotton IKEA products contain 100% recycled material. Even solid wood furniture can be eco-friendly if you make sure to check if the products were sourced from sustainable forests and not environmentally valuable old-growth forests.

4. Bold & Bright Colors

bold blue bedroom
Image Credit: Mitchell Luo, Unsplash

Muted colors will always be in favor due to their calming properties, but bold bedroom designs are flourishing as we move into the new year. Bright colors can help improve mood, but you have to be mindful of how you arrange the colors.

You have to break up rooms with prominent bold colors or else they can lose their excitement fairly quickly. Adding carefully placed accent colors in your design is key to keeping your space diverse and full of visual appeal.

You don’t even have to make the whole room a bold, bright color. A quick and easy way to freshen up your room is to just paint the window and door a bright color, for example. Even small splashes can have a big impact.

5. Cluttercore

If you’re obsessed with minimalism, you can probably skip this entry. Cluttercore is a fascinating new trend that capitalizes on maximalism. That is, adding a load of wildly contrasting stuff to your room. The goal of cluttercore is not to be messy, but to harness the power of organized chaos.

Adding lots of meaningful items that clash in color, texture, and shape makes the space more of a mirror to who you are as a person. Although the very nature of the craze eschews the existence of a template, you can tell when cluttercore is done well when you see it.

The only issue with this trend is that there is an extremely fine line between what would be called cluttercore and, well, a plain old mess. This is a design choice best used by those with mild hoarding tendencies.

6. Biophilia

biophilic bedroom
Image Credit: Cole Keister, Unsplash

Biophilic bedroom design is one of the hottest new trends progressing this year, opting to load the bedroom with tons of beautiful live plants. It’s a known fact that indoor plants improve mental well-being, so maybe they’re onto something.

Unless you have tons of natural light, the best choices for populating a biophilic room would be ones that require little light. Some popular choices are devil’s ivy, rubber plants, and flamingo lilies. As a handy side benefit, indoor plants help to purify the air and remove excess carbon dioxide. You might notice you breathe a bit easier in a biophilic space.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you too can achieve this look for yourself. Most plants chosen for this bedroom design are extremely low maintenance and require minimal active caretaking.

7. Quality Over Quantity

luxurious looking bedroom
Image Credit: 刘 强, Unsplash

Even people who used to skimp on their bedrooms now realize how important quality furniture and materials are. Spending so much time indoors these past couple of years has drawn a clear line in the sand between luxury, high-quality items, and cheap junk.

Quality material, especially, can help improve your sleep quality and overall mood. You can quite literally feel the difference between high-quality sheets and cheap, motel-grade crap, plus they stay in great shape for much longer, saving you money in the long run. Cheap sheets wear out and need to be replaced more frequently.

Things that come between us are often the best investments, like shoes, cars, and beds. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it only makes sense not to cheap out on your bed.

divider 4 What Colors Are Becoming Popular in 2024?

Some color schemes go out of style and then get inexplicably popular every so often, but tons of others are immortal and never go out of fashion. Let’s go over some of the returning color trends this year, and some of the timeless favorites.

Popular Bedroom Colors For 2023:

  • Blue bedrooms will never die because the color is scientifically proven to calm, not to mention it’s versatile, from cheery robin’s egg blue to the more neutral navy.
  • Baroque gold accents on wood furniture are becoming trendy again, perhaps due to a rise in historical dramas making people realize how beautiful the look can be.
  • Green is becoming a new favorite as people enjoy its tranquil feel combined with an instinctual connection to nature.
  • Soft, reflective neutrals are a whimsical way to change it up. Think lilac, silver, and pale green. These could be just the thing if you want a more contemplative space.

Featured Image Credit: peterweideman, Pixabay


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