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10 Best Cordless Vacuums in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner_Anete Lusina_Pexels

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner_Anete Lusina_Pexels

Sometimes, you simply need a heavy-duty vacuum, and these vacuums often require a direct plug into the wall. After all, they require quite a bit of power to run. However, sometimes you need a smaller, lightweight vacuum instead. Many homes today feature mostly hardwood floors and these homeowners may only need a small vacuum for the few rugs they do have.

In this case, a cordless vacuum is a great option. You don’t have to worry about having access to an outlet when using one of these vacuums. Plus, they are incredibly lightweight. Therefore, we highly recommend them to those who can’t lift a lot or need to use a vacuum somewhere without electricity.

However, cordless vacuums often have a problem with power so you’ll need to purchase only the best vacuum out there. We’ll review ten of the best cordless vacuums on the market so that you can decide on the best one for you.

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A Glance at Our Top Picks (2024 Update)

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Black + Decker Power Series Multi-Surface Black + Decker Power Series Multi-Surface
  • 40 minutes of run time
  • Cyclonic filtration
  • Brush bar
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Lerizom Vacuum Cleaner Lerizom Vacuum Cleaner
  • 40-minute run time
  • Lightweight
  • Advanced filtration
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Shark SV1106 Navigator Shark SV1106 Navigator
  • High capacity dust cup
  • 7.5 pounds
  • Charger doubles as a storage unit
  • Black + Decker Power Series BSV2020P Black + Decker Power Series BSV2020P
  • Long run time
  • Converts to a hand vacuum
  • Three speed controls
  • Shark Pet Plus Shark Pet Plus
  • Specifically designed for pets
  • Converts into a handheld
  • XL dust cup
  • The 10 Best Cordless Vacuums

    1. Black + Decker Power Series Multi-Surface – Best Overall

    Black + Decker Power Series Multi-Surface

    Run Time: About 40 minutes

    The Black + Decker Power Series is easily the best overall cordless vacuum on the market. It is extremely powerful and has up to 40 minutes of run time. It achieves this largely thanks to auto-sense technology, which can change the suction and power output based on the mess and flooring type. Therefore, this vacuum does not waste energy when it doesn’t need to.

    We love that this vacuum includes cyclonic filtration. This allows the vacuum to filter more efficiently and prevents clogs. Plus, it limits the debris thrown back into the air, keeping your home’s air clean. An anti-tangle brush bar allows you to pick up hair and fur without causing clogs, and to remove the fur, all you have to do is remove the bar and clean it.

    This vacuum also includes an LED light. In darker areas, this is helpful. It may also help illuminate spots on the floor. However, most homeowners won’t make heavy use of this feature.

    When you’re done with the vacuum, it stands upright all by itself for easy storage. Plus, it isn’t huge, so it can fit easily into most closets.

    • 40 minutes of run time
    • Cyclonic filtration
    • Brush bar
    • LED light
    • Stands up straight for storage
    • Messy to empty

    2. Lerizom Vacuum Cleaner – Best Value

    Lerizom Vacuum Cleaner

    Run Time: 40 min

    With a high-powered motor, we highly recommend the Lerizom vacuum cleaner as the best cordless vacuum cleaner for the money. Despite being low-priced, this vacuum is extremely powerful, especially if you put it on max mode. It’s also quite lightweight, so you can carry it throughout the house without a huge problem. With three suction modes, you can break the vacuum down into even smaller pieces, allowing you to vacuum very small areas with ease.

    While many lightweight vacuums can turn into a hand vacuum, this one breaks down even smaller to allow for vacuuming under and behind furniture. You’ll be able to get even the smallest spaces clean with this vacuum cleaner.

    The battery can handle normal suction for 40 minutes. However, on MAX mode, it can only do about 20. Luckily, you probably aren’t going to be cleaning heavy messes for longer than 20 minutes. The battery also features an airflow system to avoid overheating. Therefore, this vacuum also prevents burns that are common with batteries.

    The filtration system features five stages, allowing it to capture very small pieces of dirt without clogging. Inside, there is a HEPA filter that removes microscopic dust particles and will improve your home’s air quality. However, you will need to change this filter regularly.

    • 40-minute run time
    • Lightweight
    • Advanced filtration
    • Can be broken down into smaller vacuums
    • MAX mode drains the battery quickly

    3. Shark SV1106 Navigator – Premium Choice

    Shark SV1106 Navigator

    Run Time: 20 minutes

    The Shark SV1106 Navigator functions like a corded vacuum, despite being cordless. It is extremely powerful and one of the better options out there. However, it is also quite expensive. Keep this in mind when choosing a vacuum. At only 7.5 pounds, this vacuum is much lighter than others out there and you should have no problem carrying it around the house.

    With two brush speeds, this vacuum can be utilized on the carpet and hard floors. It doesn’t waste energy when it doesn’t need to, which does help improve the run time. However, this vacuum’s power does come at a cost. It runs through its battery faster than other models, largely because it is running through its battery faster.

    The dust cup has a relatively high capacity. It is quite easy to empty, and we have no complaints about the mess level while emptying. It reminded us of a higher-end, corded vacuum. Despite being lightweight, this vacuum also didn’t feel as flimsy as other options.

    We like that the charger is the same as the storage unit. Therefore, when you put the vacuum up, it starts charging. This setup makes it fairly difficult to forget to charge this vacuum.

    • High capacity dust cup
    • 7.5 pounds
    • Charger doubles as a storage unit
    • High-powered
    • Two brush modes
    • Expensive
    • Runs through battery quickly

    4. Black + Decker Power Series BSV2020P

    Black + Decker Power Series BSV2020P

    Run Time: 55 minutes

    The Black + Decker Power Series BSV2020P is expensive compared to other options out there, but this is for a good reason. It features far more accessories than others and has a longer run time. Therefore, you’re paying extra for a more capable machine.

    However, most people rarely vacuum for 55 minutes, so while this vacuum is better overall, the average person won’t benefit from these extra features.

    Still, it does come with many great features, so it may be worth the extra price to some. It comes with a brush bar to remove pet fur and dirt from the carpet. This brush bar can easily be removed for cleaning. It also prevents the fur and hair from clogging the vacuum, preventing this all-too-common frustration.

    There are three-speed controls in all, allowing you to adapt to different surfaces. This model also converts into a hand vacuum for smaller messes and tighter spaces. This hand vacuum works well on furniture and comes with an extra-long crevice tool.

    • Long run time
    • Converts to a hand vacuum
    • Three speed controls
    • Extra-long crevice tool
    • Many accessories included
    • Expensive
    • Waste container is easy to knock off

    5. Shark Pet Plus

    Shark Pet Plus

    Run Time: 40 minutes

    The Shark Pet Plus remains one of the most popular options for pet owners. It is specifically designed to handle large amounts of fur, making it a great choice for breeds that shed heavily. If you’re mostly vacuuming up dog or cat fur, you may want to consider this vacuum. It is also one of the few cordless vacuums that is designed specifically for pets.

    This vacuum advertises a run time of 40 minutes, but many customers reported that it was much lower than that. Therefore, you may not want to get this vacuum for larger areas. However, it does great for homes with few rugs and spot cleaning. You can convert it into a handheld for messes, and the XL dust cup can hold quite a bit.

    The brush roll is especially powerful, which is vital when you’re dealing with a lot of excess fur. We found this roll easy to clean and effective at stopping clogs.

    • Specifically designed for pets
    • Converts into a handheld
    • XL dust cup
    • Powerful brush roll
    • Low battery runtime
    • Discontinued, so most options are refurbished

    6. Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Run Time: 30 minutes

    To be honest, it doesn’t get much more expensive than the Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum has an incredibly high price, which makes it out of reach for most buyers. Plus, its run time is not as long as some other options, likely because of its high-power engine. It produces a lot more suction, but it cannot do it for as long as other vacuums.

    Overall, this vacuum is lightweight and versatile. It comes with tons of attachments and accessories, allowing you to clean just about anything. It requires only about 3.5 hours of charge, so you can use it multiple times a day if necessary. However, the short runtime means that you probably don’t want to tackle your whole house with it at once.

    The bristles are made from stiff nylon, which helps capture dirt and fur that’s tangled far into the carpet. It works on both hardwood and carpets, making it a suitable option for homes with both.

    • Short charging time
    • Many accessories and attachments included
    • Stiff nylon bristles
    • Works on most floor surfaces
    • Extremely expensive
    • Short run time

    7. EIOEIR Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    EIOEIR Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Run Time: 45 minutes

    We love that the EIOEIR Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a long run time of 45 minutes. This means that you can tackle your whole house in one go, even if you have lots of carpets. Therefore, this lightweight vacuum works well for homes that need to use a vacuum often.

    You can convert this vacuum into multiple sizes with many different attachments. It works for just about every mess and is extremely versatile. For instance, it comes with a crevice tool that allows you to get deep under and behind furniture, as well as a brush tool to clean the furniture itself.

    Advanced filtration allows it to clean your air efficiently, especially when paired with the HEPA filter. Plus, cyclonic filtration prevents clogs and similar problems from occurring.

    Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have the best customer service. If you have a question or need to order a replacement accessory, then you’re going to have a hard time getting ahold of them. For this reason, we can’t rate this vacuum as highly as others.

    • Long run time
    • Many different attachments included
    • Great filtration system
    • Poor customer service
    • Lower suction power

    8. VacLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    VacLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Run Time: 25 minutes

    Like most vacuums on this list, the VacLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with many different attachments. You can convert it to a handheld vacuum for smaller messes, and it comes with a crevice tool for tight spaces. It should be able to clean up just about any mess.

    However, the battery life is lower than other vacuums on this list. After 4.5 hours of charge, this vacuum only runs for 15–30 minutes. Therefore, it isn’t best for those tackling larger spaces.

    This vacuum is very maneuverable. It can turn up to 90 degrees in both directions and has a horizontal range of 160 degrees, allowing you to clean on slopes and uneven surfaces. Plus, it can stand up by itself, when necessary, as well as lay down flat.

    The built-in LED light allows you to use it in darker spaces. However, we doubt that many homeowners will make good use of this feature, as most homes have plenty of light in them already.

    With all that said, this vacuum doesn’t seem as durable as other options. There are a few reports of latches breaking, making the vacuum unusable. Therefore, if you’re looking for a long-term vacuum, this option probably isn’t it.

    • Lots of attachments
    • Very maneuverable
    • LED light included
    • Short battery life
    • Not very durable

    9. Dyson v10 Allergy Vacuum

    Dyson v10 Allergy Vacuum

    Run Time: 20 minutes

    The Dyson v10 Allergy Vacuum is specifically designed for those with allergies. It features a very good air filter, which can remove dander and allergens from the air. However, this improved filter also makes this vacuum incredibly expensive. In fact, it is considerably more expensive than other options out there. For this reason, we only recommend this vacuum for those with serious allergies.

    This vacuum would work particularly well for those with dog or cat allergies. Since it removes the dander that causes the allergy symptoms, this vacuum can make it a bit easier for you to live with your best friend.

    It has great suction and is pretty easy to clean. Of course, we recommend someone without allergies does the cleaning, as the dust inside the machine can cause symptoms. It works on all surfaces, including hardwood and carpets.

    However, the run time is considerably short at only 20 minutes. You likely cannot get a large home done in this amount of time. Therefore, you’ll have to use this vacuum in spurts or purchase multiple batteries.

    • Designed to remove allergens
    • Works on all surfaces
    • Powerful suction
    • Expensive
    • Short battery life

    10. JREAWD Vacuum Cleaner

    JREAWD Vacuum Cleaner

    Run Time: 35 minutes

    While the JREAWD Vacuum Cleaner isn’t the cheapest option out there, it is far cheaper than most on the market. Therefore, this vacuum cleaner is a suitable option for those on a budget. It even has a longer run time of 35 minutes, so you can tackle multiple rooms at a time.

    Like most, you can detach it into a handheld vacuum as necessary. It comes with a few different attachments, like a crevice tool for tighter spaces, as well as a furniture brush.

    The filtration system is pretty high-quality. With five different stages, it prevents dust from reentering the air while also preventing clogs. The cyclone technology helps ensure that everything continues moving, even when you tackle dirtier areas and pet hair.

    When on MAX suction, the machine works much harder—and runs through more battery life. It only lasts about 15 minutes on MAX, so it doesn’t work well for tons of deep cleaning. Many complained about the lack of suction unless the machine is on MAX, especially when cleaning carpets and rugs. Therefore, you may want to choose a different vacuum if you have lots of carpets in your home.

    • Turns into a handheld vacuum
    • Quality filtration system
    • Many attachments included
    • Poor suction
    • Runs through battery quickly on MAX setting
    • Doesn’t do great on carpets

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Cordless Vacuums

    On the shelf, many vacuums look exactly the same. It can be challenging to figure out the major differences between them and what features actually matter—never mind what vacuum would actually do well for your home.

    In this section, we’ll have a look at several features you should keep in mind when choosing a vacuum. While you won’t need all these features, knowing about them can help you figure out what vacuum would work best for you, and where you can save a bit of money.

    Run Time

    Modern vacuum cleaner_cottonbro_Pexels
    Image Credit: Cottonbro, Pexels

    All of these cordless vacuums run on battery power—that’s how cordless vacuums work. Therefore, they all need to be charged, and the batteries can run out of charge at varying rates. Usually, the more powerful the vacuum, the faster it will run out of charge. It’s a trade-off between power and battery life.

    However, this isn’t always the case. There are several vacuum companies that use cheaper, lower-quality batteries. Of course, these vacuums may be cheaper, but their battery life will be shorter.

    When determining what length of battery life you need, consider how much of your home is carpet, as well as how much you vacuum at once. If you vacuum your whole house once a week, you’ll need a longer battery life than those who just spot clean.

    If you don’t need a long run time, you can choose vacuums with more power or a lower price tag.


    Many cordless vacuums are less powerful than corded options. That’s simply the nature of cordless vacuums. However, some are more powerful than others. Some cordless vacuums are obviously designed only for hard surfaces, where their suction goes further. For cleaning carpets and rugs, you’ll need a more powerful vacuum.

    Heavy messes also require more suction. If you have pets or children, you’ll likely want a more powerful vacuum to keep up. However, for those that live by themselves, you probably can get away with less suction.

    We recommend choosing an option that has just enough suction for your needs. More suction is not always better in this case, as it usually affects the price and run time.


    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner_YanKurov_Pexels
    Image Credit: Yan Kurov, Pexels

    Next to battery life and power, you’ll need to consider the price of the vacuum. You can get vacuums that are powerful with extremely long battery lives. However, these are going to be exceedingly expensive (and you’ll probably need two batteries). Often, you can save a lot of money by choosing a vacuum with a lower-quality battery or less suction.

    Therefore, if you don’t need long battery life you can get away with a cheaper model.

    Of course, some models are cheap and not very high-quality in the least. For this reason, you don’t just want to choose any cheaper vacuum. You want one that can still hold its own.


    While filtration is often overlooked, it is perhaps the most important part of a vacuum. When vacuums suck up dirt and dust from the ground, they run it through a filter before running the air through the exhaust. Therefore, what the vacuum doesn’t filter will be sent into the air. However, because this dust is no longer on the ground, it will directly affect your home’s air quality.

    Typically, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality, largely because fresh air is not cycled in regularly. Poor air quality is more likely to lead to asthma and allergies, especially in children. Allergy sufferers should choose a vacuum with very good filtration so that the allergens are removed from the air when they vacuum.

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    There are tons of cordless vacuums on the market, but our favorite option is the Black + Decker Power Series Multi-Surface. It isn’t terribly expensive, features a great suction, and has a long run time. In other words, it meets all the requirements most people need in a vacuum. It also features a solid filtration system and cyclonic technology, which helps prevent clogs.

    If you’re on a budget, the Lerizom Vacuum Cleaner is one of the cheaper options that is still high quality. It features a wonderful filtration system and a longer running time. Plus, it is lightweight and can be turned into a handheld vacuum for smaller messes.

    Out of all the vacuums on this list, we hope that you found an option to fit your needs!

    Featured Image Credit: Anete Lusina, Pexels


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