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Can You Paint a Tile Roof? Benefits, Lifespan, & FAQ

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One of your home’s most overlooked features is its roof. Yet, it contributes significantly to the aesthetics of your home and can bring the structure together beautifully.

However, it is constantly battered by the weather, whether it is torrential downpours or intense sunlight. This leads to worn-out tiles, which can look rather unpleasant.

You may be thinking of painting the tile roof, but is it possible, and is it a good idea? Yes, you can paint a tile roof. Before you start painting, though, you should make sure that all of the roof’s cracks, gaps, leaks, and other issues have been resolved.

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Can You Paint a Tile Roof?

Once you’ve decided to paint your concrete roof tiles, be sure to choose premium 100% acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are inexpensive, simple to apply (by spray or roller), and very UV-resistant. It’s crucial to prepare the surface before painting your roof.

Is It a Good Idea to Paint a Tile Roof?

To put it simply, yes. Roofs typically require repainting every 10 to 15 years. However, when the protective membrane has degraded as a result of external factors like poor materials or service, extreme weather conditions, etc., restoration is needed sooner.

Concrete roofing tiles’ color and appearance will gradually alter as a result of lichen growth, erosion, and weathering.

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Photo Credit: gafisher, Pixabay

What Type of Paint Is Good for Tile Roof?

The best option for painting roofing tiles is paving or concrete acrylic paint that is made specifically for rooftops.

Acrylic paint comes in a wide range of solid and opaque colors, although the most common ones are red, green, and black. However, you must prepare the surface before painting. A thorough cleaning and complete drying of the surface are recommended for extending the paint’s lifespan.

The temperature of the surrounding air and concrete should also be taken into consideration. When the temperature ranges from 10 to 32 degrees Celsius, painting is best. To keep track of the concrete’s temperature, use a precise thermometer.

How Long Does a Painted Tile Roof Last?

If you haven’t painted your roof in the past 10 years, that is another sign that its time. Even while you might be able to go 15 years between coats of paint depending on the type of paint, roof paint doesn’t last much longer than this.

Is It Possible to Paint Your Roof Yourself?

Yes, you can save some money by painting on your own. However, the higher expenses of renting materials and equipment could offset these savings. Equipment that you would need to paint your roof can cost more to hire than a professional. Some roofs need a hoist because they can’t be walked on.

As a result, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to do the job.

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Why Paint Your Roof?

Let’s look into some benefits of painting a tile roof.

1. It Enhances the Appearance of Your Home

Simply put, it can transform the appearance of your house. For example, an additional coat of paint can significantly alter the appearance of a roof that before may have been made up of drab tiles.

Whether you want a statement color or would rather keep the original color of your roof tiles, adding another coat of paint can give your roof a beautiful new finish that will make your house look attractive and new.

2. Helps Protect Your Roof from Extreme Weather

Your current roof tiles are likely enduring harsh weather conditions without any assistance. This implies that the tiles may eventually break loose, resulting in increased damage to both the inside and outside of your property.

Your roof’s tiles are given an additional layer of protection by painting it. The painting will resurface roof tiles and extend the life of both your roof and home. In addition, mold risk dramatically decreases, making your house a happier and safer place to live.

Roof-Tile-3149 (Photo Credit: Loadmaster, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)

3. Market Value

If you’re seeking to resell, the combination of a better-looking home and one that is more resistant to weather damage will be much more alluring to potential buyers, and you’ll have people lining up to look at your property.

Painting the roof before placing it on the market could be a wise and well-thought-out investment.

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What Causes Cracks in Concrete Roof Tiles?

Any tiles that shatter after curing are the result of poor handling, poor installation, poor use, foot traffic, or significant force or impact. For example, roof tiles can crack or break under strong impacts or forces, such as a tree branch or a large item dumped upon a roof.

Do Terracotta Roof Tiles Age?

Clay tiles are baked at high temperatures, which help to bond the color so that it will never peel or deteriorate. As a result, they have a long lifespan and provide excellent insulation.

They come in different colors, but the most widely used one is the shade of clay tile.

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Image Credit: contact357, Pixabay

Do Concrete Tiles Absorb Water Like the Clay Ones?

Compared to clay, which absorbs water at almost half the rate—roughly 6%—concrete tiles have a higher water absorption rate of about 13%. Clay tiles are already lighter than concrete tiles, and the weight of the water on the roof adds additional strain.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Your Tile Roof?

You should anticipate paying somewhere between $4 and $10 per square foot to paint roof tiles. Professional roof painters charge between $35 and $50 per hour for labor.

However, the size, composition, and slope of your roof can affect the costs. Therefore, compare prices before choosing a qualified roof painter.

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Painting your tile roof is certainly possible, and a great idea. It will increase the weather resistance of your roof and make it look better overall. However, it can be a dangerous job, so we recommend using a professional to do the job.

Featured Image Credit: Kapa65, Pixabay


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