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16 Brilliant Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls in Your Home & Garden (With Pictures)



Everyone has toilet paper rolls. Or, at least, most people have toilet paper rolls. They’re an everyday household staple. Most of the time, they end up in the trash. However, they can be used for many different craft ideas in both your home and garden.

Below, we’ll go over some of our favorite ideas. Many of these can be done with children as well, so they make great family crafts.divider 4

The 16 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls in Your Home & Garden

1. Birdhouse Ornaments

Image Credit: vickiodell

With a bit of know-how, you can craft toilet paper rolls into easy birdhouse ornaments. All you need is a bit of cotton or fake snow, paint, and some glue. You can even add spiders and paint them black for Halloween decorations or make them into rabbit houses for Easter. These are suitable for older children as well.

2. Wall Art

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Mandala Wall Art
Image Credit: colorfulcraftcorner

When you look at a toilet paper roll, the last thing you’re probably imagining is wall art. However, if you cut them up into small rings, you can make all sorts of designs that look quite good. This is a perfect craft for children, especially if you get them some large piece of paper or poster to glue them on.

3. Mirror

Paper Roll Mirror
Image Credit: kikistyles

Like the wall art project, you can turn a tiny mirror into a large and glittery one with some small toilet paper roll rings. Add some paint and some decorations for a professional-style mirror for a fraction of the price. This is best for adults or older teens.

4. Card Organizer

Toilet Paper Roll Tags for a Junk Journal
Image Credit: whatsonmyporch.blogspot

Wrap up your cords and stick them in toilet paper rolls. Label each roll, and you suddenly have a very cheap and effective cord organizer. You can decorate the rolls as you see fit or leave them alone, depending on whether they are going to be in full view or not. An easy way to decorate it with washi tape.

5. Yarn Organizer

Stop Throwing Away Empty Paper Towel Rolls, Here’s 11 Ways to Reuse Them Around the House
Image Credit: theheartysoul

If you do any crafts with yarn, you know that it can get a bit out of hand. Luckily, you can easily create a yarn organization system with toilet paper rolls. This is extremely easy and doesn’t require much explanation. Just wrap the yarn around the rolls!

6. Crowns

Toilet Paper Roll Crowns
Image Credit: wonderfulcreationsblog

If you have a preschooler, this project is a great way to kill some time. All you need to do is cut a toilet paper roll to look like a crown and add some string. Then, your child can decorate the crown as they deem best. Get plenty of paint and stickers ready. If you paint the crown, it will hold up a bit better.

7. Owls

Create a decorative pal with big personality out of an old toilet paper tube
Image Credit: diyeverywhere

Fold in one top of the rolls to make little owls. You can draw on faces, feathers, and wings. You can also easily make these rolls into other animals, like foxes.

8.  Tiny Buildings

ways to fine-tune a toddler’s fine motor skills
Image Credit: mumsgrapevine

Transform rolls into tiny buildings with some simple paint and markers. This is an excellent option for children’s toys, though you can get creative with home décor as well. Make a DIY Christmas village or another tiny themed house.

9. Kaleidoscope

The Best Paper Roll DIY Ideas for Kids
Image Credit: best10diy

You can easily make a kaleidoscope out of a toilet paper roll by taping some translucent, colorful paper over one end. Use different pieces of paper for different types of kaleidoscopes.

10. Wreaths

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath
Image Credit: craftproverbs31life

While toilet paper rolls are not very durable, you can use them for indoor wreaths. Just arrange them in a flower-like pattern, and you’re done! Of course, you can also paint or add other decorations as necessary.

11. Flowers

Toilet Paper Roll Daisy Wall Art
Image Credit: mybrightideasblog

You can cut toilet paper rolls into flower petals and easily make paper flowers. You can paint them, let your child decorate them, or add them to a wreath. This is a much cheaper option than buying fake flowers.

12. Caterpillar

Toilet Paper Roll Caterpillar Pencil Holder Read more at- https-__tratatuha.com_toilet-paper-roll-caterpillar-pencil-holder
Image Credit: tratatuha

Color a few toilet paper rolls, and then make a fun caterpillar. This is a very project for preschoolers. Children who are a little older will help with cutting the rolls and adding the paint.

13. Stamps

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids and Adults
Image Credit: fabulesslyfrugal

Fold toilet paper rolls into shape, and suddenly you’ll have stamps. You can put paint along the edge of the toilet paper roll to stamp with or use traditional ink. Either way, children will create their shapes, which is a great art experiment that can branch into many different decorations.

14. Art Organizer

Ways to Reuse Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls
Image Credit: tiphero

Glue some toilet paper rolls onto a piece of cardboard, paint them, and shove them full of all sorts of art supplies. This inexpensive art caddy can be as small or large as you want. Plus, your kids can help you make it, making them more likely to use them.

15. Seed Starters

Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters
Image Credit: hometalk

If you want to seed your garden plants before you can plant the seeds, you can add some soil to paper rolls and plant your seeds in them. Toilet paper rolls are biodegradable, so you can plant them directly into your garden when you’re ready.

16. Tea Cups

KROKOTAK’S morning coffee with cups of empty toilet paper rolls
Image Credit: krokotak

Make fake rea cups by merely cutting and folding toilet paper rolls. Cut a small strip to be the handle and add a cardboard plate for a complete set.

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