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13 Companion Plants for Squash (with Pictures)

squash in vegetable garden

Squash is a good source of several vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iron, and calcium. It is also high in fiber, so many people like to grow it in their gardens. However, they are not sure what plants to grow around it for the best results. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading while we list several plants that pair well with squash and discuss their benefits so you can receive a better harvest!

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The 13 Great Companion Plants for Squash

1. Corn

Watering a corn seedling_Yuri Skvortsov_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Yuri Skortsov, Shutterstock
  • Benefit: Source of shade

Corn is a great choice to pair with squash because it grows tall enough to cast valuable shade over your squash that will help it grow better. The squash helps the corn in return by preventing weed growth.

2. Watercress

watercress plant
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures
  • Benefit: Attracts pests

Watercress is related to the mustard plant, and it helps your squash grow better by attracting insects. If the insects that it brings are pollinating, the squash will produce a larger harvest, while dangerous insects usually feed on the watercress, leaving the squash healthy.

3. Radishes

picking radishes in the garden
Image Credit: originalpunkt, Shutterstock
  • Benefit: Repels insects

Radishes help repel squash bugs and the flea beetle, both of which can slow the growth of your squash. Plant it a few feet away, and harvest it when the squash begins to produce fruit, so they are not fighting over nutrients. Radishes have several health benefits and store well, making them ideal for pairing with squash.

4. Borage

borage flowers
Image Credit: ioanna_alexa, Shutterstock
  • Benefit: Repels insects

Borage is an herb that produces attractive blue flowers, so many people like to pair it with squash and other vegetables to create a more ornamental garden. It also works well to repel insects so your squash can grow healthier. You can even eat it, and there are several health benefits to adding it to various recipes.

5. Beans

green beans growing on trellis
Image Credit: Rosamund Parkinson, Shutterstock
  • Benefits: Nitrogen

Beans help add nitrogen to the soil, which your squash plants require to grow well and produce a large harvest. The squash returns the favor by helping the soil retain moisture, so the beans grow better. In addition, you can receive a larger harvest of both vegetables.

6. Marigold

french marigold plants
Image Credit: Syahdannugraha, Pixabay
  • Benefit: Repels pests

The marigold is extremely easy to grow and is perfect for someone looking to add an ornamental aspect to the garden. Marigolds help the squash by releasing limonene into the air, which many insects hate, so they will avoid the area instead of feeding on your squash. Gardeners like it because it works well in reducing the mosquito population.

7. Peas

snap peas
Image Credit: Trygve Finkelsen, Shutterstock
  • Benefits: Nitrogen

The benefit of adding peas to your garden is similar to beans in that it helps the soil maintain the nitrogen that your squash needs to grow and produce a large harvest. Beans also help the gardener by providing a second crop to harvest and eat. It is a good choice for people who live in the cooler areas of the United States.

8. Tomatoes

Planting tomatoes
Image Credit: Katya_Ershova, Pixabay
  • Benefits: Similar growing conditions

Tomatoes are great plants to pair with squash because it has the same growing requirements, so if one grows well, the other will too. Tomatoes also produce a large harvest, so it’s a good choice when if you are trying to get a large crop or are living “off the grid.”

9. Catnip

catnip plants
Image Credit: snd_nrdc, Pixabay
  • Benefits: Attracts cats

If you have problems with squirrels, rabbits, deer, or other animals eating your squash, it can help to have catnip in your garden. It’s incredibly easy to grow and produces highly aromatic flowers. It will also help attract cats that will chase away most other pests, including many insects.

10. Mint

mint plant in pot
Image Credit: Paul Maguire, Shutterstock
  • Benefits: Attracts pollinators

There are several varieties of mint, and they will all pair well with squash. It helps attract pollinators, like butterflies and bees, that will make your entire garden, including the squash, grow better and produce a larger harvest.

11. Tansy

Tansy yellow flowers
Image Credit: Pxhere
  • Benefits: Pest deterrent

Tansy is a great ornamental plant that works well to repel various pests that might slow the growth of your squash plants. It produces many small yellow flowers that many people enjoy looking at, and it’s so good at repelling insects that some cultures added it to coffins before burial.

12. Oregano

Image Credit: leoleobobeo, Pixabay
  • Benefits: Attracts pollinators

Oregano is a fragrant herb that works well to attract several different pollinators, like butterflies and bees. They help ensure that you receive a large harvest from your squash and other vegetables.

13. Rosemary

common rosemary
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock
  • Benefits: Pest deterrent

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that you can grow in the garden to repel several pests that might feed on or destroy your squash plants. It’s also easy to grow, especially around the squash, because they have the same growing requirements. It produces white, pink, purple, or blue flowers that can help make a vegetable garden more attractive.

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What Is a Good Companion Plant for Summer Squash?

Any of the options on this list would make a good option for summer squash, as most work to repel insects and small animals from eating the plant as it grows. The only option that might not be good to pair with summer squash is radishes, as they can fight for nutrients as the squash begins to produce fruit. Since winter squash arrives a little later, there is more time to harvest the radishes before they become a problem.

What Plants Do Not Pair Well With Squash?

You want to avoid planting plants that require excessive nutrients as they grow. Common nutrient-demanding plants in the garden include cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and potatoes. Potatoes can also disrupt the root system of your squash, setting back its growth cycle.

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When choosing a plant to pair with your squash, we recommend something that produces a harvest of its own, so you get a larger crop and are more self-sufficient. Beans, peas, tomatoes, and radishes are all great options. If you are already growing enough food in your garden, we recommend one of the flowering or herb varieties that help attract pollinators, like oregano and mint.

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