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How Much Does It Cost to Mount and Balance Tires in 2024?

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Once again, your car needs a new set of tires. With the constant increase in costs, you may be wondering what kind of dent this will put in your wallet. In addition to the price of the new tires, there are additional fees for the installation. Those costs include mounting and balancing the tires on the wheels.

Since these charges will add to the cost, let’s look at how much it will cost to mount and balance a new tire.

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The Importance of Mounting and Balancing Your Tires

Not only is it important to mount and balance your tires, but it is also imperative. For starters, an unmounted tire is a tire that is not on the rim of your car. If the tire is not mounted and put on the car, the car cannot move.

Balancing the tires on your vehicle is essential to preserving the life of the tire and providing the driver with a comfortable ride. It is not mandatory, however. The benefits of having your tire balanced far outweigh the cost. An uneven ride is not only uncomfortable, but it will lead to premature wear and tear on the tires. Tires are costly, so you want to get the most mileage possible. Skimping on the installation costs will lead to uneven wear and tear, and replacing the tire sooner than expected is more costly in the long run.

Since it is necessary to mount new tires, and balancing prolongs the life of the tire, let’s look at the additional cost of mounting and balancing a new set of tires for your vehicle.

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How Much Does It Cost to Mount and Balance Tires?

Like other services, the cost of mounting and balancing the tires on your vehicle will depend on the area where you live, the size of the vehicle or tire, and your choice of mechanic. Here is a rundown of the general costs to expect:

  • The cost per tire can range from $13–$45 for mounting one tire. For a set of four tires, the cost of mounting the tires will range from $52–$180.
  • The cost for balancing tires can range from $10–$15 per tire with a charge of $40–$60 for a full set of four tires.
  • If you have winter tires installed on your vehicle, expect the cost to be about $8–$10 more per tire.

The cost for balancing and mounting tires is a labor charge. The job should be done by an experienced mechanic with the proper equipment to mount the tires and ensure they are balanced correctly.

In some instances, the cost of balancing and mounting the tires is included in the price of the tires. It will depend on where you buy the tires. For example, if you buy the tires online or from an individual, the mechanic will need to charge a fee to cover the cost of labor to install the tires.

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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Since replacing your tire or tires is limited to the cost of the tire and the charges for mounting and balancing, the chances of incurring additional costs are minimal. There is always the possibility of a bent wheel that would need to be replaced, however. The cost of a new wheel will vary depending on factors like style, brand, and size.

Tire Disposal

Another charge you can anticipate is the cost of disposing of your old tires. This can add between $2–$10 per tire for the mechanic to dispose of them. You do have the option of taking them home for repurposing or getting rid of them on your own.

Wheel Alignment

If the wheels of your vehicle are out of alignment, the mechanic may suggest you have them properly aligned. Properly aligned wheels will ensure the life of your tires, provide you with a reliable ride, and prevent increased fuel consumption. You can expect to be hit with a bill of $75 to $200 for a wheel alignment.

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How Often Should I Mount and Balance Tires?

When you purchase a new tire or set of tires, they will only need to be mounted once. Balancing your tires should be a part of your regular maintenance, however. You should have them checked every two years or 5,000–7,500 miles.

It is also recommended that you have the balance checked if you are experiencing any type of vibrations. Unbalanced tires will wear faster and can affect the life of your suspension.

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It is important to stay up to date on the costs associated with keeping your vehicle properly maintained and safe. Unfortunately, the prices of goods and services are constantly increasing, so we need to stay informed. If it has been a while since you purchased and installed new tires on your vehicle, you may want to get prepared for the cost. Otherwise, you may feel shocked when you take our car to the mechanic.

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