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9 Decorative Septic Tank Cover Ideas (With Pictures)

Big plastic septic tanks system

A septic tank can be an eyesore next to your flower beds and manicured lawn, but there are some ways that you can disguise it in your landscape. Luckily, we have some excellent septic tank cover ideas for you! They are all relatively easy, and you will have great fun creating them. They will add charm and interest to your garden while allowing you to get creative.

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The 9 Decorative Septic Tank Cover Ideas

1. Faux Decorative Rock

Materials: Recyclable materials, spray foam insulation, concrete or cement, paint
Tools: Wheelbarrow, trowel, cement mixer, rubber gloves, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

One of the simplest and most decorative ways to cover a septic tank is with a faux rock cover, and this tutorial shows you exactly how you can do it. Besides this project being a fun learning activity for working with cement, you can use recyclable materials such as plastic bottles to create the base for the insulating foam that forms the shape of the rock. It is durable and realistic and will complement your landscape while covering up your septic tank.

2. Raised Log Bed

Build a Circular Raised Garden Bed
Image Credit: extremehowto
Materials: Logs, PT boards, screws
Tools: Saw, hammer, plants
Difficulty Level: Easy

This raised log bed combines landscaping and carpentry to create an excellent decorative cover for your septic tank. You can easily adjust the plan to allow access to your septic tank’s lid when necessary. We suggest creating a movable centerpiece the size of your septic tank lid and focusing the garden on that. You can choose whichever plants you like that will work with your landscape design. However, succulents are always a great choice as they are low maintenance and don’t have invasive roots.

3. Round Raised Garden Bed

Image Credit: oleanderandpalm
Materials: Round galvanized fire rings, enamel paint, steel wool, white vinegar
Tools: Paintbrush, compost, garden soil
Difficulty Level: Easy

Covering your septic tank with raised garden beds is a practical way to disguise it. Round galvanized fire rings are inexpensive and have no bottom to them, making them a great container for this project. You can paint them with any color and create a raised flower bed or container for growing other ornamental varieties.

4. Gravel, Pebbles, and Stones

Disguising the septic system
Image Credit: hometalk
Materials: Rocks, gravel, pebbles, decorative garden items, plastic
Tools: Shovel, rake, garden gloves
Difficulty Level: Easy

Another great way to disguise your septic tank is to create a feature with gravel, pebbles, flowers, and even a bird bath. You can use large rocks to frame the tank’s opening so that it has easy access, and you can even make your own rocks using this tutorial! You can really get creative with this idea, using various types and sizes of stones.

5. Trellis

Image Credit: southernrevivals
Materials: Treated wood, screws, nails, concrete, wood glue, stain
Tools: Shovel, saw, nailer, measuring tape, level
Difficulty Level: Easy

A trellis is ideal for privacy and can double up as a cover for your septic tank. You can grow vines or creeping plants to add some greenery or color but be sure not to plant anything with invasive roots. Building a trellis is simple and is a perfect project for anyone looking for something easy to create.

6. Wishing Well

How to make a garden wishing well
Image Credit: buildeazy
Materials: Treated lumber, plywood, long screws, carriage bolts, flathead nails, rope, bucket
Tools: Saw, hammer, drill, sander, level, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy to difficult

A wishing well can hide your septic tank while adding some charm to your garden and is a great idea that kids will love. It is easy to construct, but because it is a cover for your septic tank, it won’t include water. You can stain the wood for an organic look or paint it in colors that suit your garden design. Also, you can plant some flowers around the well, as well as inside the bucket to help it blend into the rest of the garden.

7. Mosaic Lid

A How-to Guide to Mosaic
Image Credit: feltmagnet
Materials: Mosaic tiles, adhesive, grout, sealant
Tools: Tile nippers, wire cutters, kitchen sharpener, sponge
Difficulty Level: Easy

Hiding your septic tank can be an opportunity to get creative, and whether you haven’t mosaiced before or are familiar with the art, you can easily add some mosaic art to your garden. You can mosaic the lid of your septic tank lid in a decorative way, along with some stepping stones of the same size to blend it in. Make sure it’s not seen as a walk path as you don’t want anyone stubbing their toe on the lid handle. If you are new to mosaicking, this guide will help you get started.

8. Pallet Wood Wall

Image Credit: southernrevivals
Materials: Pallet wood, screws, sandpaper, stain or paint
Tools: Jigsaw, drill, sander, paintbrush, level, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

A decorative pallet wood wall is a great way to hide your septic tank, as well as protect it from foot traffic. You can get creative by painting the wall, adding hanging plants or plant holders, and installing lights and flowers. You can also opt for a rustic look if you like to keep things simple; either way, it will be a great addition to your garden.

9. Bird Bath

DIY Frugal Bird Bath
Image Credit: mymommataughtme
Materials: Plastic flowerpots and trays, Gorilla Glue
Tools: No tools required!
Difficulty Level: Easy

A bird bath is always a sweet addition to the garden, and this inexpensive bird bath project is a great way to cover your septic tank. All you need is a plastic flowerpot with a diameter that is slightly bigger than your septic tank lid, and the tray which will be used as the actual bath. You can add more than one to attract more birds and interest to your garden, and you can paint and decorate it to suit your garden design.

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Dos and Don’ts for covering Your Septic Tank

Now that you have a few ideas to cover your septic, you should keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

  • Don’t plant trees too close to your septic tank. It’s probably safer to avoid them.
  • Don’t use materials that are too heavy.
  • Don’t plant anything that has invasive roots.
  • Don’t use a material that will deteriorate quickly by the elements.
  • Avoid anything that may damage your tank or encourage pets to dig.
  • Don’t plant trees too close to your septic tank. It’s probably safer to avoid them.
  • Don’t use materials that are too heavy.
  • Don’t plant anything that has invasive roots.
  • Don’t use a material that will deteriorate quickly by the elements.
  • Avoid anything that may damage your tank or encourage pets to dig.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do, you can get to creating your septic tank cover! You can use a combination of the ideas we have found for you or use them to inspire your own ideas. Keep in mind that the goal is to choose a cover that won’t damage your septic tank and is easy to maintain. We hope these ideas help you create a septic tank cover that is both functional and decorative.

Featured Image Credit: Artem Bruk, Shutterstock


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