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10 Free Wardrobe Plans You Can DIY Today

Wardrobe Plans

Wardrobe Plans

It happens to everyone at some point; you start to run out of space. Maybe you just purchased a new home, and your closets are not as large. Perhaps you live in a studio-style apartment and need room for some extra clothes. Regardless of why you need a wardrobe, we have put together a list of some great free wardrobe plans that you can build yourself. Purchasing a wardrobe can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars, so the DIY method is the way to go.

The plans will vary in difficulty, and we tried to give you a little information about what each project entails. Good luck with your building!

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1. Two-Piece Armoire by Designs By Studio C

This Two-Piece Armoire by Designs By Studio C is a very functional design. The top part of the armoire can be filled with storage bins, or you can place a rod and hang clothes. The three bottom drawers slide open and shut and are easy to fill with a variety of garments. This design allows you to choose the hardware you would like to add to make it your own.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Sand Paper, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Nails, Screws, Drawer Slides, Hinges

2. A Wardrobe by Gutenberg

This wardrobe by Gutenberg is one of our favorites when it comes to interior design. Although there is not a large amount of room to hang clothes, look at all the compartments and the different sizes as well. This is not an easy build because of all the detail included. Honestly, the directions for this wardrobe are a bit difficult to follow, but if you are an expert builder, you should have no trouble at all.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Level

Supplies: Hinges, Wood, Glue, Screws

3. DIY Wardrobe Armoire by Wood Shop Diaries

This DIY Wardrobe Armoire Cabinet by Wood Shop Diaries is not just one of our favorite designs, it’s also one of the best plans we could find. The author takes you through step-by-step directions with pictures and even includes a video to answer any additional questions. This armoire would look good in a bathroom for towel storage or used in a bedroom for traditional clothing storage, as well.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Sander, Level, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Hinges, Wood, Decorative Feed, Moldings

4. Cedar Armoire by Wayne Of the Woods

If you are looking for something quite traditional, this Armoire by Wayne of the Woods is a great option. The fact that this cabinet is made of cedar will make it a long-lasting piece that will help to preserve your clothing. This is a rather simple design, so even if you only have medium-level building skills, you should be fine to attempt this DIY project. If you don’t want to use cedar to build this, you can simply change out the type of wood.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Hinges, Hangar Rod, Molding, Screws, Glue

5. Shaker Style Wardrobe By Fine Woodworking

The Shaker Style Wardrobe by Fine Woodworking is one of the more extensive wardrobe plans we found. The problem with this particular model is that it is hard to get the exact dimensions you need. The plan itself is comprehensive as far as the explanations are concerned, but it will take a bit of investigative work to replicate this model exactly. We love the three draws on the bottom and think that this wardrobe could even be used in a family room as a beautiful storage piece.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Sander, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Wood, Handles, Hinges, Screws, Glue

6. 19th Century American Wardrobe by Designs By Studio C

The 19th Century American Wardrobe by Designs By Studio C will give you an ample amount of clothing space. If you are low on closet space and need a place to hang clothes, this is one of the better designs that we found. If you wanted to put some shelves on the inside of this unit, that is certainly a possibility. This wardrobe is designed to hang clothes on the top and store shoes on the bottom.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Door Pulls, Hinges

7. Open Clothes Wardrobe by Designs By Studio C

If you are looking for a much simpler woodworking project, this Open Clothes Wardrobe by Designs By Studio C could be a great option. The fact that there are no doors or drawers to deal with and just a simple shelf and hanging rod will make this an easy weekend project for a novice. Another excellent use for this piece is a coat hanger near the entry of a home or a business.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Wood, Handing Rod, Screws

8. Starling Armoire by Studio C

Not everyone looking for a wardrobe plan is expecting to put in a large unit. This Starling Armoire by Studio C is a perfect option for those with space limitations. We love the drawer on the bottom of this unit and the fact that although it is not that large, it has plenty of great storage. This plan is split up into two parts, and it is straightforward to follow. This is a piece you will have in your home for many years.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Router

Supplies: Wood, Hinges, Door Pulls, Screws, Nails, Glue

9. Simple Wardrobe By The Design Confidential

We have another free plan here for those of you who are new to the woodworking game. This Simple Wardrobe by The Design Confidential is the first option that we have found that is also on wheels. This particular unit uses plywood, and the step-by-step plan is straightforward and easy to follow. You can make this wardrobe more complex if you want, or just keep it simple like this particular model.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Saw, Nail Gun, Sander, Level

Supplies: Wood, Hinges, Wheels, Glue, Clamps, Finishing Supplies

10. Built-In Wardrobe With Side Cubby by the Sawdust Girl

This Built In Wardrobe with Side Cubby by Sawdust Girl is an exciting and unique concept. While all of the other wardrobe plans have been free-standing, this is actually a design for a built-in unit. Yes, this will take a bit more knowledge and skill, but it’s a piece that could potentially add value to your home. The plan is very well done with great pictures and dimensions. We love the fact that it is a combination storage unit and includes drawers.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Square, Saw, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Screws, Glue, Wood

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Finding a wardrobe plan is not difficult. Choosing the one that helps you balance your skills, budget, and time frame is a much more challenging task. This list should give you a variety of styles and skill levels to get your project started right away. Good luck and happy building!

Featured image credit: lrainero, Pixabay

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