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7 Different Types of Carpet (With Pictures)

a pattern red carpet

Just about everyone knows what carpets are, however, many people don’t know that there are actually many different types of carpets. While all of these have the same basic features, they are actually rather different from each other.

Therefore, when you’re building a house or redoing the flooring, it is vital that you choose the correct carpet. Otherwise, you may not get the carpet you’re looking for at all! Different carpets are for different things, and they are not all designed for the same functions.

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The 7 Different Types of Carpet

1. Berber

Swatches of berber carpet
Image Credit: Swatches of berber carpet (Quadell, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)

Berber is a type of loop carpet, with fibers that are bent into small loops. This sort of carpet is extremely durable since all the different fibers help support each other. This carpet also resists stains, as the liquids can’t get into the fibers.

Because the dense fibers offer a surprisingly smooth texture, this carpet is often utilized in kitchens. This is also one of the most durable rugs because of how dense it is. It doesn’t wear down nearly as fast, so it can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

2. Level Loop

This carpet is quite similar to the Berber. However, the loops are all the same length. Therefore, it has a very different texture. This carpet is a little stiffer than other options, which makes it great for high-traffic areas.

If you’re mostly concerned about durability, then you probably want to consider this type of carpet.

3. Multi-Level Loop

This sort of loop carpet is a bit more decorative than other options. The loops are varied in height and color, which gives it a sort of designed look. These carpets come in many different designs and styles, which makes them great for those who want something a bit more stylish.

Because the design is based on the textures of the carpet, they can change over time—your carpet will begin to look different as you use it.

The details on this carpet are not as pronounced as they are on other carpets, so these usually don’t make great statement pieces.

4. Saxony

With Saxony carpets, the fibers are packed together, which creates a smooth and even appearance. The fibers are also quite long, creating a plushy feel. This sort of carpet is known for being extremely soft and luxurious. With that said, this carpet does tear up quickly, especially when moving furniture.

Therefore, the even, plushy appearance doesn’t stick around for very long.

5. Textured

In this carpet, all of the fibers are cut to the same length. However, they are twisted to give it a bit more texture. The twists provide some stain resistance and help the carpet look newer for longer since small wear and tear won’t show very much. Furthermore, this carpet is far more durable and easier to clean than other options.

The individual fibers also bend faster than other options, which allows this carpet to provide some extra texture when well used.

6. Frieze

The Frieze carpet is much rarer than other carpet options. The short fibers curl in many different directions, which provides extra character to the carpet. This carpet is quite sturdy and can hide wear and tear. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the carpet can handle heavy traffic, as it can bald easily.

This sort of carpet is often difficult to clean and stains easily.

7. Pattern

pattern carpet
Image Credit: sharonang, Pixabay

You can also purchase longer carpets that are patterned. Often, these have shorter fibers, as that’s the only way that the pattern stays. However, longer patterns are also possible. In some cases, patterns are made by mixing cut fibers with looped fibers, which can form a simple picture. In this way, the carpet will get the pattern from the construction—not from dyes.

Different colored yarns can also be used to create more complex patterns.


There are several different types of carpet that are determined by how the carpet is constructed. Based on how the fibers are cut and handled, carpets can have different traits that make them more appropriate for certain situations.

The most common type of carpet is the textured carpet, as it is fairly easy to care for. It also hides wear easily, which means that you can safely use it in your home for years to come without it looking damaged and old.

However, other options may be more appropriate for certain situations. We recommend looking at your options carefully so that you can choose the best type of carpet for your needs.

Featured Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay


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