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15 Beautiful DIY Aquarium Stand Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Aquarium Stand Plans

Aquarium Stand Plans

If you have not owned an aquarium for very long, you will soon learn that it can be an expensive hobby. A traditional aquarium stand can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase. The other problem with a premanufactured stand is that it may not precisely fit your tank, space, and storage needs.

Building your stand also allows you to stay within your budget. We put together a list of free aquarium stand plans that you can use for inspiration and to accomplish your building goals. We found plans for the beginner, intermediate, and expert DIYer, so there should be an option that perfectly matches your skills.

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The 15 Beautiful DIY Aquarium Stand Plans

1. Aquarium Cabinet Stand from Woodshop Diaries

Aquarium cabinet
Photo Credit By: woodshopdiaries

First on our list is the Aquarium Cabinet Stand from The Woodshop Diaries. The best thing about this cabinet is that it can used for purposes other than supporting an aquarium. One of the most important recurring themes you will come across when building an aquarium stand is that the cabinet must be sturdy enough to support the tank’s weight.

This unit is solid, and having storage underneath is always handy when it comes to storing fish food and supplies. There is no doubt that this is a functional and nice-looking piece that will be an excellent stand for your first tank.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Tape Measure

Supplies: Wood, Molding, Hinges, Handles, Screws, Nails

2. DIY Aquarium Stand by Alberta Aquatica

DIY Aquarium stand
Photo Credit By: albertaaquatica

The DIY Aquarium Stand by Alberta Aquatica is a simple but effective unit with a false front. Although it may look like the cabinet portion is completely enclosed, the front is removable to access the filter and other aquarium supplies. This plan has amazingly clear directions and supply lists. Even if you are new to building, the plan is easy to follow and complete.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Tape Measure, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Screws, Wood, Nails, Molding, Stain

3. Corner Tank by Reef Central

Corner tank stand
Photo Credit By: Reef Central

The Corner Tank by Reef Central is a perfect option if you have one of those corner-shaped tanks that you have been trying to store on a square table. You can customize this table to fit precisely what you need. Getting the wood to bend to the correct angle that you need will be a little tricky, but if you follow the directions carefully, it is possible. You will need a few extra supplies to complete this project, but it requires much less wood than other designs.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Clamps, Saw, Drill

Supplies: Wood, Glue, Screws, Brackets, Nuts, and Bolts

4. Steel Frame by Reef Addicts

Wooden tank stand
Photo Credit By: Reef Addicts

If you think a steel frame tank is a better option, you can get inspiration from this Steel Frame Tank Stand from Reef Addicts. You will need welding experience, which can be a bit more complicated and involved than screwing together a wooden frame stand.

However, steel may be your best option if you have a hefty tank. The plan for the steel frame is not necessarily a step-by-step model, but you can get the information you need on how to build the unit from the article.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Tape Measure, Welding Equipment

Supplies: Metal, Metal File, Sandpaper, Paint

5. The Aquarium Stand by BrouHaha

The Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: brouhaha

The Aquarium Stand by BrouHaha is a quick and simple build that is easy to customize for your needs. This plan gives clear directions and measurements every step of the way. A false front-side door allows you to access the filter and other aquarium supplies.

The builder of this tank used kiln-dried wood as he didn’t want the cabinet’s shape to change over time. You can paint or stain it to match your décor.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Biscuit Joiner, Sander, Saw, Drill, Router

Supplies: Screws, Wood, Molding

6. Cinder Block Aquarium Stand by Pinkaspen

DIY Cinder block aquarium stand
Image Credit: Pink Aspen Projects

If your woodworking or metalworking skills are not quite where they need to be, this cinder block stand may be ideal. The Cinder Block Aquarium by Pinkaspen can be put together in minutes.

We love that the shelves were created by placing plywood between some of the cinder blocks. You can add a quick coat of paint, and nobody will notice they are cinder blocks. The best part is that the stand costs less than $50.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Paintbrush, Measuring Tape

Supplies: Plywood, Cinder Blocks, Paint

7. DIY Aquarium Stand by AquaNerd

Frog Tank and Stand
Image Credit: Aquanerd

Next on our list is the DIY Aquarium Stand by AquaNerd. What we love about this design is that the author gives clear and thorough advice about how to build just the base portion of this aquarium stand.

You can then take that information and craft the rest of the stand. It fits an 80-gallon tank, but you can modify the upper part to meet your requirements.

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Nails, Screws, Wood, Paint

8. Bowfront Aquarium Stand by Mr. Saltolo Blog

Bowfront aquarium stand
Image Credit: mrsaltolo

The Bowfront Aquarium Stand is an excellent choice if you have a nontraditional tank. Bowfront stands retail for quite a bit of money, so making your own is an excellent choice. Get ready for clamping and gluing when you take on this design. The pictures included in the guide will help you get through the process quickly.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Saw, Clamps, Drill

Supplies: Wood, Glue, Nails, Hammer, Drill, Saw

9. Cube Stand by Reef 2 Reef

Cube aquarium stand
Image Credit: reef2reef

The Cube Stand, posted on Reef 2 Reef, is a smaller-scale yet functional stand for a cube-style aquarium. We love that this plan includes step-by-step pictures of the process and explains some issues that might arise along the way.

As clear as the instructions are, a few parts of this project require intricate work, so it is best suited for an intermediate to expert-level woodworker.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Saw, Sander, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Wood, Brackets, Hinges, Nails, Screws

10. DIY Small Aquarium Stand posted on Reef 2 Reef

DIY Wooden Aquarium stand
Image Credit: reef2reef

The Small Aquarium Stand was also posted on Reef 2 Reef. This DIYer goes through the step-by-step process with pictures. You can easily follow what needs to be done to build this great-looking aquarium stand that can fit several types of aquariums. If you have time to read through the entire thread, you will see frequently asked questions and problems that may come up.

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Level, Tape Measure

Supplies: Wood, Screws, Hinges, Stain

11. Better Than New Aquarium Stand from Instructables Living

Better than new aquarium
Image Credit: Instructables

The Better Than New Aquarium Stand from Instructables Living is not only a functional aquarium stand, but it is also a great-looking piece of furniture. The author does a great job of explaining each step of the process with detailed explanations and pictures.

There is much more to this tank stand than meets the eye; it will take more time and money to complete than the other plans. We think having this lovely piece to display your aquarium proudly will be well worth the investment.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Biscuit Joiner, Clamps, Drill

Supplies: Hinges, Molding, Wood, Nails, Glue

12. Inexpensive Aquarium Stand by VirtuallyAmy

Tank stand
Image Credit: virtuallyamy

The Small Inexpensive Aquarium Stand is a perfect option if you need to get your tank off the ground but don’t have the budget or the skills to build an aquarium stand. You only need a few cinder blocks with a piece of wood on top. The only issue with this aquarium stand is that the back can expose the wires.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Paintbrush, Glue

Supplies: Pre-Cut Plywood, Paint, Cinder Blocks

13. DIY Tank Stand for 40-Gallon Breeder Tank on Aquaria Central

DIY Tank stand
Image Credit: Aquaria Central

The 40-Gallon Breeder Tank Stand on Aquaria Central is a robust and stable tank. You can see how many brackets are used to reinforce the wood on the stand. The builder of this model also chose to put the stand on wheels. However, that is a personal choice, as most people will not move their large aquariums around once they are in place.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Sander

Supplies: Brackets, Wood, Paint or Stain, Screws

14. Aquarium Stand With Secret Door For Sump by Instructables Living

Aquarium stand with secret door
Image Credit: Instructables

The Aquarium Stand with Secret Door for Sump is a four-door aquarium tank stand. We love the storage it provides and the simple way you can access everything you need to maintain the aquarium properly. It is a large and sturdy unit capable of holding a massive tank. You should be a skilled woodworker to take on this project.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Biscuit Joiner, Clamps, Router, Saw

Supplies: Wood, Handles, Hinges, Paint, Primer

15. Aquarium Stand by Reef Aquarium

DIY Aquarium cabinet stand
Image Credit: reefaquarium

The Aquarium Stand Plan from Reef Aquarium has a plan packed full of information. You can build several models, depending on the size of the tank you own. All models have beautiful doors in the front that allow easy access to the filter and the ability to store other aquarium-related gear. This is an intermediate-level project, and the basic structure of the unit is just a box.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Hinges, Handles, Stain, Molding

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Building an aquarium stand can be as big of a project as you want it to be! As you can see from these free aquarium plans we gathered, many options are available. The aquarium stand you build will primarily be based on the size of your tank, but you also have some freedom to get creative with the doors, features, and storage. Good luck and happy building!

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Featured Image Credit: Irina_kukuts, Pixabay


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