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25 DIY Wood Log Projects You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

pressure treated log

pressure treated log

Wood is a highly versatile material and one of the oldest materials used for making tools, furniture, and even buildings. While materials like concrete and plastic might be preferred when making a lot of products, but if you want natural beauty, strength, and all from a material that you can work with yourself at home, you still cannot beat wood.

If you’re looking for a new project to start today, we have included many wood log DIY projects below. These use logs, do not require that the logs be turned into timber or planks first, and they retain the natural beauty of the log shape and structure when the item is finished.divider 4

The 25 DIY Wood Log Projects

1. DIY Coasters by Garden Therapy

DIY branch coasters
Image Credit: gardentherapy

It isn’t just huge logs that can be used for these projects. With these plans, you’ll learn how to make wood log coasters of any size! Coasters are just large enough to comfortably sit a mug on. They protect the table underneath and can prevent your drink from slipping and falling over. Log coasters are easy to make, really only necessitating the cutting of a slither of wood that is then sanded and treated. They look good, are effective, and they enable you to use branches or the logs of some smaller trees.

2. DIY Candle Holders by Finding Silver Pennies

Birch candle holder
Image Credit: findingsilverpennies

If you have a Forstner bit, then making a candle holder is really easy. Cut a branch in half lengthways, use the Forstner bit to bore out the holes for your tealight, and then treat the wood. You can use wax if you want the wood to retain its natural beauty, or paint or varnish to give a different look. Alternatively, you don’t even have to cut the branch lengthways, just leave it whole.

3. DIY Hollow Log Vase by Ashbee Design

Log Slice vase
Image Credit: ashbeedesign

Using a hollow log to hold a plant or flower makes sense, although you will obviously need to incorporate a small vase of some sort to prevent the water from escaping. Choose an attractive log that still has plenty of bark on it to achieve a natural look.

4. DIY Wood Owls by Crafty Morning

wood owl fall decorations
Image Credit: craftymorning

It’s amazing what you can make with one thick log, five slices of a log, and some imagination (or the plans). In this case, you can create cute looking owl ornaments that will look great in a garden but would also work well in a porch or hallway that connects the outdoors to the inside of your house.

5. DIY Wood Slice Clock by The Summery Umbrella

diy wood slice clock
Image Credit: thesummeryumbrella

DIY clocks are impactful, functional, and surprisingly easy to make. What’s more, the near-circular shape of a cross-section of a log makes it the perfect choice as a clock face. Stamp, burn, or paint the numbers on; add a clock mechanism; and choose hands to create the best-looking homemade log clock.

6. DIY Cutting Board by eHow

cutting board from tree
Image Credit: ehow

Learn how to make a rustic cutting board and authentic wooden cutting slabs here rather than buying, which can cost you a fortune when all they really are are slices of a log. If you have a chainsaw or access to somebody that has one, and a tree, you can make your own, although it does require some treatment to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart or leech into whatever you’re cutting.

7. DIY Bookends by Homehardware

Tree hugger bookends
Image Credit: homehardware

Bookends prevent books from sliding and ensure that they stay stood vertically. Rather than spend cash buying bookends, you can create your own by using a slice of a log and cutting it in half. You will want to sand it roughly, to prevent cuts and splinters, and treating it will help ensure it lasts longer.

8. DIY Lazy Susan by Instructables

Live edge lazy susan
Image Credit: Instructables

Not only is this an operational Lazy Susan, giving you a convenient way to move food around the center of the table while serving and sharing food, but it even incorporates LED lighting to improve the mood around the table. The use of a bearing ensures that this Lazy Susan moves smoothly and sweetly.

9. DIY Coffee Table by Flippin Rustic

DIY wood slice table
Image Credit: Flippin Rustic

All you need to make this table is the legs and a large slice of wood. You will also want to wax and treat the wood, but tables like these can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas making one yourself costs just a fraction of that and gives you a much greater sense of satisfaction.

10. DIY Wood Log Planters by Family Handyman

Log planter for succulents
Image Credit: Family Handyman

It can be heart-breaking when an otherwise healthy tree is felled by the winds, or by any other natural or manmade disaster. However, with these planters, you can turn disaster into an attractive opportunity to regrow.

11. DIY Log Lounger by Instructables

Log lounge chair
Image Credit: Instructables

This is definitely going to need cushions to avoid giving yourself a bad back, but the wood log design would look great in any garden or outdoor area. You can give it the amount of curve and the size that best suits your needs and your lounging position.

12. DIY Floor Lamp by Idlights

How to make a spectacular lamp with logs
Image Credit: idlights

This impactful floor lamp design is surprisingly simple to make. It takes a few slices of a tree, ideally from the same log to ensure reasonably uniform size, but it will work well as an indoor or outdoor floor light, once finished.

13. DIY Wood Slice Wall Art by makeit-loveit

Make Your Own Wood Slice Backdrop
Image Credit: makeit-loveit

Wood not only has natural beauty, but even the etched lines from the power saw can add to that beauty and give wood slices some additional texture. Create a piece of naturally beautiful and striking wall art using wood slices from your garden.

14. Rustic DIY Wood Log Plant Stand by The Gardening Cook

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: The Gardening Cook

A rustic wood log plant stand is not just a charming addition to your garden but can also be a perfect way to showcase your creativity and love for nature. This project involves splitting a log and drilling multiple holes of different sizes to accommodate different sizes of pots.

Sand the edges and surfaces to give it a smooth finish. Then, you can paint or stain it according to your preference. The rustic wood log plant stand can add a unique natural element to your garden and be a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space.

15. DIY Wood Log Birdhouse by Home Fixated

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Home Fixated

Creating a wood log birdhouse is a great way to attract birds to your yard. Plus, this rewarding DIY project allows you to customize it to your desires while providing a safe and cozy home for your neighborhood birds.

Birds play an essential role in our ecosystem, and providing them with a home is a great way to support them and contribute to their well-being. In addition, a wood log birdhouse can add a charming and rustic touch to your garden, blending seamlessly into nature.

16. DIY Wood Log Picture Frame by Scrapwood City

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Scrapwood City

There’s something special about incorporating natural elements into your home decor, and a wood log picture frame is a perfect example of that. It adds a unique and rustic touch to your photos and can also help bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Creating your own wood log picture frame is a simple and satisfying DIY project you can customize to fit your preferences. You can even add additional elements, such as twine or small decorative items, to enhance the natural look of the frame.

17. DIY Wood Log Shelf by Fix This Build That

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Fix This Build That

A wood log shelf can be an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of natural beauty to your home decor. The natural beauty of the wood adds warmth and texture to your decor that other materials can’t replicate.

Whether it’s books, plants, or decorative objects, the shelf can be a canvas to showcase your unique style. You can even experiment with different finishes or treatments to add a personalized touch. For example, you might leave the wood natural for a raw and organic look or paint or stain it for a more refined finish.

18. DIY Wood Log Cheese Board by The Art of Doing Stuff

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: The Art of Doing Stuff

Indulge in a luxurious cheese-tasting experience with a wood log cheese board. The natural, raw appeal of the wood adds a touch of rustic elegance to your serving platter, making it perfect for intimate dinner parties or hosting guests.

The unique, irregular shape of the wood log adds character and individuality to your cheese board, elevating it from a mere platter to a statement piece. Aside from enhancing your charcuterie presentation, it serves as a conversation starter, sparking interest in your guests.

19. DIY Wood Log Centerpiece by Lake Bride Magazine

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Lake Bride Magazine

Bring a touch of nature to your dining table with a wood log centerpiece. The rustic and natural appeal of the wood log adds character to your dining decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The wood log centerpiece provides a perfect base for your creativity, allowing you to customize it with your favorite decorations. Whether you choose to decorate it with fresh flowers, pine cones, or seasonal ornaments, your wood log centerpiece will surely be the focal point of your dining table.

20. DIY Wood Log Bench by Front Porch Ideas

Creating a wood log bench is a challenging DIY project. If you’ve got the tools and know-how and can follow a simple video guide, then there is no reason you can’t make one yourself. You might need to put a bit of time and work in. However, you’re left with a beautiful wooden bench that you can place in front of your home, in your entryway, or out in the garden.

21. DIY Wood Log Stool by Collective Gen

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Collective Gen

The beauty of a wood log stool lies in its simplicity and versatility. You can customize the stool size to fit your needs and preferences. It can be a small and portable piece to move around your living room or a larger and sturdier one to serve as a statement piece in your bedroom.

You can also experiment with different finishes and textures to create a personalized and one-of-a-kind look. You can leave the wood in its natural state for a more rustic and raw feel or apply paint or varnish to match your existing decor.

22. DIY Wood Log Side Table by Justine Celina

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Justine Celina

Not only does a wood log side table bring a glimpse of nature into your home, but it’s also a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Instead of purchasing a mass-produced table made from synthetic materials, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece using a fallen branch or reclaimed wood.

In addition to being functional, a wood log side table can serve as a decorative element in your living room. You can display your favorite decor items, such as plants, candles, or photo frames, on the table, adding a personal touch to your space.

23. DIY Wood Log Serving Tray by Man Made DIY

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Man Made DIY

To make a wood log serving tray, start by selecting a log that is the desired size and shape for your project. Use a saw to cut the log to the desired size and create a flat surface by removing uneven areas.

Sand the edges of the log until smooth to the touch and add handles for easy carrying. Handles can be made from materials like rope, leather, or metal. You can also keep the handles natural by using branches or twigs from the same tree as the log.

24. DIY Log Bench by Cabin Life

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Cabin Life

This wood bench is a bit easier to build than the last one on our list. If you’ve got a pile of old logs or wood around, then you can easily fashion them together to make the perfect outdoor seating area. The base uses stumps, giving it a rustic feel without requiring too much labor on your end.

25. DIY Log Fireplace Screen by Refresh Living

DIY Wood Log Projects
Image Credit: Refresh Living

If you don’t have any big logs in your area, cutting up a smaller one into little circles can force you to get a bit creative. This fireplace screen is the perfect way to insulate the opening of your fireplace while giving your home a decorative and natural look. Simply cut the logs into small circles, attach them to a board, and put it in place. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

divider 1 Final Words

Logs are beautiful and natural, and you can work them to create almost any shape and style. The projects above can inspire or give you the plans you need to start on a wood log project today.

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