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10 DIY Brick Step Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Appealing and long-lasting, a set of brick steps can be a practical addition to anyone’s backyard landscaping. The warm clay tones contrast beautifully with foliage and flowers to highlight your garden centerpieces, and the variety of brick colors and styles provides plenty of room to explore your artistic side.

If you’re mulling over a new entry to a landing or garden, you could be surprised by how easy it can be to get incredible results with a brick aesthetic. Take a look at these clever and creative brick step tutorials and find the inspiration for your next patio project.

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The 10 DIY Brick Step Plans:

1. Brick Step Tutorial

diy brick step
Image By: Provident Home Design

Tools and Materials: Plywood, Trowel, Tape Measure, Mortar Mix, Level, Brick Jointer, Brush, Bricks
Difficulty: Easy

When you need a basic brick step for a landing, these plans give you the foundation to build off. After setting your risers, you have an array of optional tread designs, each simple to lay out and adjust to your tastes.

2. Brick and Paver Patio Steps

diy patio steps using bricks and pavers
Image By: Diy Doctor
Tools and Materials: Concrete mix, Bricks, Square pavers, Level, Trowel
Difficulty: Intermediate

Whether you already have an old brick set of steps or you’re starting from scratch with a slope, these brick and paver step plans walk you through every step of creating a clean and sturdy arrangement. By showing you how to compact the soil underneath and layer concrete and steps on top, you can use these plans to create a series of stairs any length you please.

3. Curved Brick Step

Tools and Materials: Mortar mix, Mortar plasticizer, Bricks, Trowel, String, Level
Difficulty: Easy

An attractive curved brick stair adds sincere style to hardscaping, and learning how to set up this simple form can help you make everything from backyard planters to fountains. When you upgrade from the typical rectangle step shape, a DIY project like this will be extra satisfying every time you set foot on it.

4. Timber-Framed Brick Steps

diy timber and brick paver steps
Image Credit: Better Homes Gardens
Tools and Materials: Round-nose shovel, Stakes, Mason’s line, Circular saw, Handsaw, Level, Drill bits and extension, Small sledgehammer, 2×4 for tamping, Rubber mallet, Straightedge, Screed, Broom, Pressure-treated timbers, ½” rebar, 12” spikes, Gravel, Landscape Fabric, Sand, Pavers
Difficulty: Advanced

Juxtapose the soft, organic look of wood with the warm weight of brick for a uniquely eye-catching construction with these timber and brick steps. The elongated steps require more skill, materials, and time to complete, but the results are reinforced and precise, giving you long-lasting, professional results.

5. Brick-Free Painted Brick Steps

diy hand painted brick steps
Image Credit: Blooming Diyer
Tools and Materials: Brick stencil, Concrete paint, Outdoor paint, Outdoor craft paints or chalk paints in 2-3 shades, 1 ½-2″ angled paintbrush, 4″ nap rollers, Paint tray, Small dish sponge, Flat-tipped paintbrush, Painters tape, Sealer
Difficulty: Easy

Sometimes, you don’t need bricks for a brick look. These easy-painted steps turn a slab into a work of brick art with a stencil and some deft paintwork. With so many different ways to express your creativity in the paint combos you choose, this can turn into one of the more fun projects to fill out an afternoon.

6. Basic Brick Steps

diy brick patio steps
Image Credit: Patio Ideas Guide
Tools and Materials: Mortar mix, Bricks, Screed, Trowel, Sponge
Difficulty: Intermediate

There isn’t much to these brick patio steps plans, but the trip back to basics gives some perspective on the general process of working with brick. Depending on the simplicity of your brick step goals, you may have enough here to complete the project from start to finish.

7. Brick Step Covers

diy mortared brick on front steps
Image Credit: Better Homes Gardens
Tools and Materials: Hammer, Mixing tub, Trowel, Screed, Level, Rubber mallet, Small sledgehammer, Brick set, Mortar bag, Paintbrush, Jointer, Screws, Plywood, Mortar, Bricks, Stones, Portland cement
Difficulty: Intermediate

There is no better way to refresh old concrete steps than with a mortared brick overlay! The plans for adding perfectly spaced bricks incorporate convenient tools to make it easy to create impeccable seams.

8. Hillside Brick Steps

diy brick steps into a hillside
Image Credit: Garden Guides
Tools and Materials: Stakes, Tape measure, Bricks, Mason’s twine, Gravel, Tamper, Polymeric sand
Difficulty: Intermediate

When you’re constantly contending with a slope in the backyard, building brick steps into the hillside can solve a ton of problems. Using these plans, you’ll learn to calculate an equal rise and run before filling in your bricks to get a pristine and even finish. There’s also enough versatility for stones and other materials instead of brick to stretch your design even further.

9. Painted Brick Steps

diy painted brick steps and porch
Image Credit: This Lewood Farms
Tools and Materials: Enamel porch primer, Enamel oil paint, Paintbrush
Difficulty: Easy

When the color is all worn on your patio, knowing how to paint brick steps can save you a ton of time, money, and effort in revitalizing the look. Rather than replace your brick, some prep work, a coat of porch prime, and a final layer of your preferred enamel finish will brighten and protect your brick.

10. DIY Brick Pavers

diy brick pavers
Image Credit: Cass Makes Home
Tools and Materials: Brick pavers, Tile adhesive, Bucket, Trowel, Piping bag, Grout, Sponges, Hammer drill, Mixer, Tile saw
Difficulty: Intermediate

If you have a background in tiling, these plans uproot your expertise and use them for a beautiful outdoor brick installation. A collection of brick veneer creates these charming brick paver steps. As a perfect overlay for drab concrete, you can set these up in all kinds of patterns to suit your style.

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Final Thoughts

Landscaping and hardscaping can feel like a daunting prospect when you start bringing concrete and mortar into the fold. With some simple insights, though, creating durable installations is surprisingly straightforward. Once you have a plan in place, carrying it out often only requires a few basic tools and patience. If you’re ready to tackle a gorgeous new brick creation, use these DIY brick step plans as motivation and inspiration for this fun backyard and patio project.

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Featured Image Credit: Bluesnap, Pixabay


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