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5 DIY Brick Patio Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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Patios are a great place to set up relaxing hangout zones and get outside. For families, patios are the perfect place to host family dinners and have friends and/or family over. Brick is an excellent patio material because it gains a unique patina over time and can last over 100 years. Most notably, brick patios are perfectly doable by yourself or with a helper.

Let’s check out some DIY brick patio plans you can build yourself today.flooring divider

The 5 DIY Brick Patio Plans:

1. Budget DIY Brick Patio

Difficulty: Intermediate
Materials: Brick, sand, grit,
Tools: Wheelbarrow, shovel, level, tamper, tile saw, push broom, rake, rubber mallet

This budget-friendly brick patio is buildable for even DIY newbies, as long as you’re not afraid of some hard labor. The plan’s creator used reclaimed brick to save money, but you can use new brick if you’d prefer. With help, you can complete this patio design in just a weekend, or maybe a little longer if you have little DIY experience. Regardless, it comes out as a simple yet functional space perfect for your next backyard barbecue.

2. Brick Paver Patio

Difficulty: Basic
Materials: Spray paint, string, spade, rake, level, tamper,
Tools: Brick pavers, gravel/sand

This simple DIY patio uses brick pavers instead of real bricks, but you can use brick if you’d like. The plan was devised by a couple with minimal DIY experience, so it’s definitely one of the easier plans you can build yourself without lots of power tools or construction experience. The plan is relatively open-ended, and you can expand it to encompass any area you wish. If you build it to spec, though, you’ll have a super easy brick fire pit patio to hang out and host friends or family.

3. Level Brick Patio

Difficulty: Expert
Materials: Wheelbarrow, tamper, hammer, tile saw, miter saw with a diamond blade, mason level, line level, spade, garden hose
Tools: Brick pavers, sand, rock, polymer sand, lumber, wood stakes, PVC piping

For folks with extensive DIY experience and some power tools lying around, this beautiful brick paver patio is perfect for your next outdoor project. Once complete, you have a unique patio that will age better than your house will. Brick is perfect for high foot traffic areas like patios, and you might even get some compliments on your DIY prowess!

4. DIY Brick Paver Patio

Difficulty: Basic to intermediate
Materials: Caulk gun, speed square, paver’s saw, broom, string, stakes, tape measure, pencil, gloves, knee pads
Tools: Brick pavers, construction adhesive, permasand, tape

This brick patio project requires no power tools or complex labor and is doable in a single weekend. This project is for a sizable brick patio that you can turn into a nice spot to sit and chat with your loved ones, and you can add a roof or awning for shade. The edges and crosshatched brick design lend a classy look to any home, but this project goes especially well with a matching brick house.

5. Brick Patio Path

Difficulty: Intermediate to expert
Materials: Mallet, circular saw, shovel, broom, speed square, level, string, polyurethane plastic, wood stakes
Tools: Cut brick, pressure-treated lumber, sand

This DIY brick patio acts as a path leading into the house but can serve numerous functions. Excavation is by far the hardest part of this plan, and the creator notes it may take several weekends, even with strong helpers. Once that’s complete, you can finish the job in a weekend. This brick path will last countless decades and using sand as the mortar means that frost can’t ruin the bricks during cold snaps.

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Brick is one of the most durable and vintage building materials available, and it makes a perfect patio. Over time, brick patios gain a charming patina that only makes them prettier. The labor involved might be a bit strenuous, but the end result is well worth it.

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Featured Image Credit: Lluvia Morales, Unsplash

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