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11 Free DIY Chicken Feeder Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

An Outdoor Life - Chicken Feeder

An Outdoor Life - Chicken Feeder

Learning how to build a chicken feeder yourself can help cut costs. It can also be lots of fun. There are tons of different plans out there, each suitable for people with different skills, and needs. In the list below, we identify 11 different plans.

Some are quick and easy; others are intricate and rewarding. Whoever you are, you’ll find something on this list that is perfect for you.

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The 11 DIY Chicken Feeder Plans

1. Awesome, Affordable, and Fully Automatic: Best Automatic Feeder from Lumnahacres

This feeder from Lumnahacres is an awesome option for people that want an automatic feeder on the cheap. Using a drill, some PVC and a bucket, you can continuously feed your chickens as needed, with minimal upkeep or maintenance on your part. Best of all, assembly is quick. An experienced hand should be able to get this done in less than an hour!

2. A Wooden Beauty: Perfect for Artists: From BackyardChickens

This next design from BackyardChickens is a little bit more challenging. However, if you’re an experienced woodworker, you’ll be sure to relish the opportunity to build this beautiful feeder. It will take many hours, and a whole slate of tools to put together, but the finished product is beautiful. Your chickens will be sure to appreciate it!

3. PVC Feeder and Waterer: Best for People That Need Something Extremely Easy From BackYardChickenLady

The BackyardChickenLady came up with a simple PVC feeder and waterer that can be assembled in minutes and costs only a few dollars. While it’s no statement piece like the last option we saw, it will certainly get the job done when you are in a pinch.

4. Quick and Convenient: Best for People that Want Something Easy to Use: From Instructables

From Instructables, we have a feeder that isn’t just easy to assemble, it’s also easy to use. This PVC based design features two holes: one on the inside of the coup, from which your chicken eats, and another on the outside, where you can easily add food. And of course, like most PVC feeders, it’s extremely affordable!

5. An Effective Improvision: From OpenCoup

From OpenCoup, we have an option that can easily be put together using materials you almost definitely have on hand. All you need here is a 5-gallon bucket, and a couple of basic tools to make simple alterations. It’s fast, affordable, and especially good for people that want to be able to load up a lot of feed.

6. The Chickens Help Themselves: Perfect for Keeping Other Critters Away: From Instructables

From Instructables, we have an interesting automatic feeder that allows your chickens to access the food while keeping other critters out. To eat, chickens need only to approach the feeder. When their feet touch the platform, the top of the feeder opens.

It’s a highly effective design that will be relatively easy to put together.

7. The Garbage Can Feeder: From PoultryCaresSunday

From PoultryCaresSunday we have a garbage can that has been converted into a large chicken feeder. It’s extremely easy to assemble and will serve as a cost-effective means of providing your chickens with large quantities of food.

8. PVC Trough: The Best Trough Feeder: From BackyardChickens

If you want a sizable trough style feeder for a great price, this option from BackyardChickens would be really hard to beat. With cinderblocks, some PVC and an end cap, you can have this feeder up and running in almost no time at all.

9. Automatic Feeder/Waterer: From AnOutdoorLife

This next design from AnOutdoorLife is an affordable way to get an effective feeder or waterer. It looks good and uses an adjusted barrel for affordable, effective use.

10. The Free Feeder: From BlessThisMess

This feeder from BlessThisMess is great for the fact that most people will be able to construct it for free. Using a recycled container, such as a plastic pickle jar, and an aluminum tray you can easily put this design plan together.

11. Waste Free and Huge: Great for People with Multiple Chickens from MyPetChicken

From MyPetChicken comes this simple, waste-free design that will be excellent for people who have many chickens. Using a five-gallon storage container, you can load up on food, and keep your chickens happy for a long time. Best of all, it’s easy to put together!

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The feeders featured on this list are all affordable, and many can be assembled quickly with materials already on hand. As you contemplate which design will be right for you, remember that it might be advantageous to construct several over time. As your coop expands, new solutions may be necessary, so feel free to come back often and try out new things! We hope you enjoyed learning how to build a chicken feeder of your own that both you and your chickens can enjoy for years to come.

Featured Image Credit: An Outdoor Life

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