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18 Free DIY Chicken Brooder Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Chicken Brooder

Chicken Brooder

Chicken brooders can be very expensive, but with a little creativity, you can learn how to build a chicken brooder of your very own, highly effective unit at an affordable price. We’ve assembled a list of 10 chicken brooders. Some of them are extremely easy to put together and involve many materials that you already have on hand.

Others are a little bit more complicated, perfect for people that really enjoy doing it themselves.

So, without further ado, read on for some free chicken brooder plans you can do yourself!

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The 18 DIY Chicken Brooder Plans

1. DIY Glass Jar Chicken Brooder From Plamondon

Huge and Affordable Great for People with lots of chicks From Plamondon
Image Credit: Plamondon

If you have lots of chicks, you’ll probably want to consider this brooder from Plamandon. Costing approximately $20, and a few hours of your time, this brooder will do well to host hundreds of chickens at once. You will need a range of different tools, which means it might not be great for beginners.

Still, if you have some experience, this will be an awesome option to consider!

2. Adaptable DIY Chick Brooder From The Spruce

Adaptable Great for People that Want Flexibility From The Spruce
Image Credit: The Spruce

The great thing about this design from The Spruce is that it is extremely flexible. The instructions recommend a variety of different containers and other materials, so you have a much better chance of utilizing materials that are already on hand.

3. Simple Eco-Friendly DIY Chick Brooder From The Chicken Chick

Simplicity at It’s Finest Eco Friendly and Affordable
Image Credit: The Chicken Chick

This eco-friendly, disposable unit will be perfect for people that want to do their part for mother earth. The Chicken Chick lays out a great plan that uses primarily basic materials many people might already have sitting around their house. And, because the container itself is cardboard, you can easily recycle or repurpose it when all is said and done!

4. Durable DIY Chicken Brooder From LittleFarmontheCorner

Eye Catching and Durable
Image Credit: Little Farm on the Corner

This design from Little Farm on the Corner uses repurposed cabinets to provide your chicks with a beautiful brooder they will simply love! Of course, every cabinet is a little bit different, so you will need to be skillful enough to adapt the design according to what you have on hand.

However, if you’re up to the challenge, you will wind up with a durable brooder that should last many generations!

5. Traditional DIY Chick Brooder From Mother Earth News

An Oldie But a Goodie
Image Credit: Mother Earth News

From Mother Earth News we get a simple, but attractive design that dates back from decades ago. Using grating, a heating element, and a wooden box, it’s easy to use, affordable, and durable enough to last you a long time! This design is optimal for raising approximately 20 chicks at a time.

6. Low-Maintenance DIY Chicken Brooder from Merritt Poultry

The Kiddie Pool
Image Credit: Merritt Poultry

This kiddie pool based design from Merritt Poultry requires very little of the assembler. If you’re hoping for a straightforward, low-maintenance brooder that can be cleaned effortlessly, this is a great option for you. Do, however, be mindful of the fact that chicks tend to outgrow kiddie pool brooders pretty quickly.

7. Simple & Cheap DIY Chick Brooder From the Black Spruce Hound

The Plastic Tote Brooder
Image Credit: Black Spruce Hound

Plastic tote brooders are very popular for the fact that they require little effort on your part. This design from the Black Spruce Hound is a testament to this. With a few materials, it can be put together in minutes and will serve as a safe, easy to clean home for your chicks.

The one complaint many have about plastic totes is that, typically, it can be very hard to monitor your chicks’ progress.

8. The Dog Crate DIY Chicken Brooder Brooder From Backyard Chickens

The Dog Crate Brooder
Image Credit: Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens shows thrifty people how to repurpose old resources. If you have a dog crate that you’re no longer using, this simple brooder will serve as a great opportunity. It’s sizable enough to host many chicks and requires almost no work on your part.

9. Converted TV Stand DIY Chicken Brooder From Rooted Revival

Converted TV Stand
Image Credit: Rooted Revival

From Rooted Revival we have a design that is built around a converted TV stand. Because of its base, this design will be extremely durable, and assembly is easier than you might think. Just remember that, because all TV stands are different, you may need to adapt the design to the materials you already have on hand.

10. Cardboard DIY Chick Brooder From HGTV

A New Take on Cardboard
Image Credit: HGTV

Though we’ve already seen some cardboard options, this HGTV design changes things up a little bit by adding some flexibility. This design is highly adaptable which makes it a good option for a wide range of different users.

11. DIY Plastic Tote Chick Brooder by Longbourn Farm

DIY Plastic Tote Chick Brooder by Longbourn Farm
Image Credit: Longbourn Farm

Cheap, easy to make, easy to clean, and highly effective, this is everything you could ask for in a DIY chicken brooder! The guide from Longbourn Farm does a great job of walking you through everything you need to build it and get it in use, which is just another perk of going with this DIY chicken brooder.

12. Large Tote DIY Chick Brooder by On Hitching Post Lane

DIY Large Tote Chick Brooder by On Hitching Post Lane
Image Credit: On Hitching Post Lane

There’s more than one way to build a chicken brooder with a plastic tote, and this design from On Hitching Post Lane is an outstanding option for you to pick from. It involves you getting the largest tote you can find, giving you plenty of space for plenty of chicks.

Not only does the guide do a great job of breaking down exactly what you need to make it, but it even highlights a few things to consider depending on the type of chickens you have.

13. DIY Dog Crate Chicken Brooder by Propagate Happiness

DIY Dog Crate Chicken Brooder by Propagate Happiness
Image Credit: Propagate Happiness

Sometimes, coming up with a great DIY project is all about using what you already have. And if you already have a dog crate in your home that you’re not using, this might be the DIY project you’re looking for.

It transforms a typical dog crate into an outstanding chicken brooder that does everything you could want and then some!

14. Super Easy DIY Chicken Brooder Box by Little Red Farmstead

DIY Super Easy DIY Chicken Brooder Box by Little Red Farmstead
Image Credit: Little Red Farmstead

While some DIY tote chicken brooders keep everything super simple, this one from Little Red Farmstead adds a few more elements that we’re sure you’ll love. It takes a little more work to make, but it also provides your chickens with a bit more protection and a little more visibility to watch them!

15. Wooden DIY Chicken Brooder Box by Mr. Animal Farm

DIY Wooden Chicken Brooder Box by Mr. Animal Farm
Image Credit: Mr. Animal Farm

While many DIY chicken brooders make use of plastic totes or other low-end supplies, that’s not the case with this DIY wooden chicken brooder box. It uses a super durable wood design that sits off the ground for extra protection for your chickens, especially if you’re keeping them outside.

This design doesn’t highlight staining or sealing it, but if you do, use a pet-friendly product and it should last even longer.

16. Indoor Plastic Tote DIY Chicken Brooder by Hometalk

DIY Indoor Plastic Tote Chicken Brooder by Hometalk
Image Credit: Hometalk

If you want to make a chicken brooder with a plastic tote, there’s no shortage of options out there. This is another DIY project that does just that, although it works better for indoor applications. The great thing about this project is that it’s super low-cost, easy to make, and very effective.

17. DIY Chicken Brooder Cabinet by Ana White

DIY Chicken Brooder Cabinet by Ana White
Image Credit: Ana White

This is by far the most complicated DIY chicken brooder project on our list. But since it’s a complete DIY chicken brooder cabinet, we think it’s well worth the extra effort. The guide even walks you through the option to put up extra shelves if you need them, allowing you to customize this project to exactly what you need!

18. Wood & Mesh DIY Chicken Brooder Box by Survivalist Prepper

DIY Wood & Mesh Chicken Brooder Box by Survivalist Prepper
Image Credit: Survivalist Prepper

There are low-budget chicken brooder boxes, and then there’s this one. If you don’t already have any supplies on hand for your DIY chicken brooder project, this wood and mesh chicken brooder from the Survivalist Prepper is the lowest-cost option out there. But while it’s low in cost, it’s still super functional, durable, and effective.

divider 5 Conclusion

The nice thing about learning how to build a chicken brooder is that there is a design out there that utilizes materials you already have on hand. Whether you want to make use of an old box, or even a spare bathroom, something in your home is suitable as a safe home for your baby chicks!

Featured Image Credit: Kirsten Hughe, Pixabay


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