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7 Clever and Creative DIY Christmas Wreaths To Make Today

Christmas Wreath

If you want your own beautiful Christmas wreaths, why not DIY them yourself? This way, you can choose the designs and colors you want and save on cost.

Wreaths are essential for Christmas decoration, and they bring the Christmas spirit into your home. The good news is that there are plenty of Christmas wreath ideas on Pinterest and Instagram that are very interesting and can be made by a beginner. So, do you think you are up to the task? Check out these fantastic ideas.

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The 7 DIY Christmas Wreaths

The holiday season is not complete without the right Christmas decorations. Lucky for you, you can craft Christmas wreaths with the available lights, ribbons, ornaments, and figurines in your home. Some of the DIY Christmas wreaths include:

1. Square DIY Christmas Twig Wreath by Craftbits

Square DIY Christmas Twig Wreath by Craftbits
Image Credit: Craft Bits
Materials: 4 strings, at least four twigs, spray paint
Tools: None
Difficulty level: Easy

Round wreaths are challenging to make since they require you to bend the stems without breaking them. Square wreaths, on the other hand, are pretty easy to make. They are also unconventional, which makes them unique.

To make this Christmas wreath, tie several twigs at the corners to form a square shape. You can spray paint them to your desired shade and hang a few ornaments. The best part is that you can reuse it over several Christmases.

2. Elegant Christmas Wreath by First Day Of Home

Elegant Christmas Wreath by First Day Of Home
Image Credit: First Day of Home
Materials: Pine wreath, champagne-colored ornaments, gold floral stems, frosted greenery, metallic berries, fishing wire
Tools: Glue gun, wire cutters
Difficulty level: Moderate

Some people want a touch of elegance for the holiday season but would rather budget wisely. A great way to implement that is with this DIY Elegant Christmas Wreath. The materials for this wreath are metallic and frosted, giving your wreath an air of affordable elegance. You can use different metallic colors on the wreath, or you can stick with a color theme, such as gold, copper, or silver. No matter which color you choose for your wreath, it will be eye-catching and draw people towards wherever you hang it!

3. DIY Ribbon Wreath by DIY Candy

DIY Ribbon Wreath by DIY Candy
Image Credit: DIY Candy
Materials: 12” write wreath form, 75 feet of wire ribbon, pipe cleaners
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty level: Easy

While traditional wreaths with pine needle twigs and ornaments are lovely, sometimes it can be fun to do something different for your holiday wreath. If you want something new but just as festive as a traditional wreath, this DIY Ribbon Wreath is perfect!

Find wire ribbon that you think would be a gorgeous choice for this wreath. During the holiday season, you should be able to find plenty of colorful or festive ribbon choices at your local craft store. Since this project does not require hot glue, it is

4. Dollar Store Snowflake Wreath by Exquisitely Unremarkable

Dollar Store Snowflake Wreath by Exquisitely Unremarkable
Image Credit: Exquisitely Unremarkable
Materials: Plastic snowflake ornaments, wreath frame, white paint, ribbon
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty level: Easy

If you have spent most of your money on gifts and food for the holiday dinner, you might be hesitant to spend even more on a Christmas wreath. This is why this Dollar Store Snowflake Wreath is perfect!

During the holiday season, the Dollar Store will have plenty of plastic snowflake ornaments available. Since they are lightweight and flat, they can be hot-glued on a wire wreath easily. Get a variety of colors, shapes, and designs to create a truly unique wreath. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can paint the wreath frame white before you start decorating. Doing that will capture the “winter wonderland experience”!

5. Beautiful Fast & Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath by A Piece Of Rainbow

Beautiful Fast & Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath by A Piece Of Rainbow
Image By: A Piece of Rainbow
Materials: 14” wire wreath form, natural jute twine, 60–75 pine cones of various sizes, battery-powered LED fairy string lights (optional), evergreen twigs (optional)
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty level: Moderate

If you have pine trees growing in your yard, what better way to use them than as a DIY Pinecone Wreath? This wreath is next level as it combines natural materials and fairy lights, making a truly eye-catching wreath.

While this project takes a bit more time, the result will be worth it. Wrap the wire wreath form in jute twine to start. Then, use the larger of the pinecones you have gathered and start gluing them on the outermost part of the wreath. Once that pine cone circle is complete, use the medium-sized ones to make a second circle inside the larger one. Finish your pinecone circle with the smaller ones.

Some people are satisfied with this simple pinecone wreath but others want to gently wrap fairy lights around it or add evergreen twigs for a splash of color. Whatever you choose, this wreath will be a festive addition to your home!

6. Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath by Live Craft Eat

Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath by Live Craft Eat
Image By: Live Craft Eat
Materials: Jingle bells, ribbons, Styrofoam wreath, ornaments, spray paint
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty level: Easy

The jingle bells Christmas wreath is a common type of Christmas wreath. It’s also the easiest to make. You can use ferns or cypress to add a bit of color. You can also spray paint the pine cones with a golden or yellow tint to make them look more festive.

To make this, get Christmas bell ornaments and spray paint them according to the color you want, and use the ribbon to attach them to the hoop. Add the pine cones and the red ribbon and hang them on the door or walls.

7. DIY Christmas Wine Cork Wreath by My Turn For Us

DIY Christmas Wine Cork Wreath by My Turn For Us
Image By: My Turn For Us
Materials: Styrofoam wreath, wine corks, Christmas floral greenery, plastic cranberries
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty level: Easy

Do you have a lot of old wine corks lying around because you are not quite sure what to do with them? Surprisingly, wine corks make incredible holiday wreaths!

For this DIY Christmas Wine Cork Wreath, you want to check on how many corks you have. The size of the wreath depends on the number of corks you have. But you can always cover small empty spaces with greenery or plastic cranberries. Glue the corks to the wreath in a haphazard fashion to give it a more natural look.

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Tips to Consider When Making a Christmas Wreath

If you want your Christmas wreath to look good for a longer time, you should follow the tips below:

  • Keep it in water before you use it. If you’ve made your wreath from fresh branches and vines, it helps if you keep it in water the night before you use it and the other subsequent nights. That enables the stem to absorb the water and stay fresh for longer without wilting.
  • Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight. Unless you have to have your wreath on the door, avoid keeping it in a position where it is in direct sun; this will dry it faster.
  • If you want to use the wreath for more than one Christmas holiday, consider using plastic plants instead of fresh plants.
  • Store the wreath in cool conditions when you are not using it. You can make the wreath before Christmas and store it in the garage, fridge, or basement, where the temperatures are not too high. That way, it will still look fresh when you use it.
  • Sprinkle the wreath with water throughout the day to hydrate it. If it’s impossible to put the wreath in water, consider putting some water in a spray bottle and sprinkling it daily or every couple of days.
  • If you are cutting the stems from the tree yourself, cut at a 45-degree angle instead of in a straight line. This enables the stem to last longer.

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Some trees and plants are better to use in making Christmas wreaths than others. The best trees for this are white pine, Douglas fir, and juniper. However, pine, fens, and cypress are more locally available and look more Christmassy.

If you have never made a Christmas wreath before and are unsure where to start, begin with the easiest wreaths. With enough time and tools, you can create a wreath to bring the Christmas mood and smell to your house.

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