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11 DIY Deer Feeder Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

diy deer feeder by Felt Magnet

diy deer feeder by Felt Magnet

Deer feeders, especially gravity deer feeders, are a great way to attract deer to your desired location, whether that’s your yard or a favorite hunting spot. Baiting deer is usually legal so long as it’s on private property (but check your local state laws, first).

The easy (and expensive) thing to do would be to head to the nearest outdoor outfitter and buy a top-of-the-line deer feeder with all the bells and whistles. But you don’t want to spend all your money baiting deer. This is where we come in, with this thoroughly researched list of gravity deer feeder plans you can learn how to build a deer feeder that you can get started on today.

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Why “Gravity” Deer Feeders?

What’s with the word “gravity” before deer feeders? Well, not only do deer love what you put in your feeder (usually corn), but so do raccoons, squirrels, mice, etc., things you don’t want to attract more of! Though these critters can sometimes figure out how to get into a gravity deer feeder anyway, it’s still worth it to try bringing the feeder up to deer-head level and off of the ground and trees.

Prevent Rotting

When you build any of these plans, make sure they include holes at the bottom for draining any moisture that collects in the feeder, and make sure that there’s no way that water can get in. Corn is notorious for rotting quickly when exposed to moisture.

The 11 DIY Deer Feeder Plans

1. Simple DIY Wood Box Feeder

DIY Deer Feeder
Image Credit: Felt Magnet

A simple wooden box deer feeder that is attached to a tree. The lid on top can be removed to pour more corn into the feeder. This might be the easiest plan to make quickly, but it’s also the easiest for other animals to get into.

If you don’t care about that as much, though, it’s a lovely design that’s pleasing to the eye and simple enough to make in a day.

2. DIY Covered Trough Deer Feeder

Image Credit: Mossy Oak

Here’s another aesthetically pleasing deer feeder plan that you can make from mostly wood. It consists of a large wooden box lifted up off the ground and sheltered by a roof. Several deer can crowd around this trough and have a snack all at the same time.

Again, this plan is simple and nice to look at, but you do sacrifice the ability to keep other varmints away. Squirrels can easily climb into this trough and have a hayday.

3. DIY PVC Pipe Deer Feeder Attached to a Tree

DIY How To Make a Homemade Deer Feeder
Image Credit: Outdoor Empire

All it takes to create this plan is a trip to the plumbing department of your local home improvement store. Get a wide PVC pipe, a cap for the top, and an “elbow” for the bottom. This part at the bottom can be any sort you like, as long as it points back up.

When it’s time to install this deer feeder, pick a tree or attach it to your own post with screws or zip ties. Fill up the pipe from the top with deer feed. Now, as the deer eats the feed, more will be dispensed due to gravity.

4. DIY Free Standing Deer Feeder

DIY Free Standing Deer Feeder
Image Credit: How to Specialist

The DIY Free Standing Deer Feeder is a fun project that requires no special tools or angled cuts. As the name suggests, the finished project is free standing, so several deer can use it simultaneously. There is also a roof over the food to help keep out moisture, so the food will last longer. The instructions are easy to follow, and the author explains each step and provides plenty of illustrations.

5. DIY Covered Wooden Deer Feeder

The DIY Covered Wooden Deer Feeder project is similar to the previous one but is larger and more complex, so it’s better suited to more advanced builders with access to a table saw. However, all the instructions are in video format, so they are easy to follow, and the finished feeder is extremely durable and has a cover to help keep out rain and snow.

6. Deer Feeder Trough

Deer Feeder Trough
Image Credit: Pet DIYs

The Deer Feeder Trough is an easy-to-build project requiring only an old plastic jug, a few 2x4s, and nails. You can complete it in a few hours, and it can accommodate several deer. The only downside is that it has no roof, but you can build one and install it later. Finishing the feeder with stain or paint will help it be more weather resistant.

7. DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Deer Feeder

DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Deer Feeder
Image Credit: DIY Joy

If you are looking for an easy project, it doesn’t get much simpler than the DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Deer Feeder. The author explains how you can make the feeder in just a few steps, and besides the bucket, you will only need a rope, a tin can, and a piece of wood. The deer will get corn when they nudge the can below the bucket.

8. Cheap DIY Deer Feeder

The Cheap DIY Deer Feeder uses a 5-gallon bucket, so you can keep costs down. A PVC drainpipe stores and administers the food, which prevents moisture from getting in and ruining it. Larger pipes will enable you to store more food. The finished feeder can feed one to two deer at a time and is quite durable.

9. Shawn Hawg Deer Feeder

The Shawn Hawg Deer Feeder is an easy-to-build project that uses 2x4s or any spare wood to make a tray to hold the food while the deer eats and a tile tube to store it and keep out moisture. The author claims that the project will only cost about $7 and can feed several deer at once. It’s also customizable, and you can adjust the table and storage pipe size as needed.

10. DIY $20 Deer Feeder

The $20 Deer Feeder is a great project that uses a large bucket and PVC pipe to help you create an inexpensive feeder. The author explains each step in video format, so it’s easy to follow, and once you have all the materials, you can have it up and running in as little as 30 minutes. It can feed one or two deer at a time and is extremely durable.

11. Homemade Deer Feeder

Homemade Deer Feeder
Image Credit: Moving on to the Past

The Homemade Deer Feeder uses a large PVC pipe for this extremely durable feeder, and you can build it in a few hours. The author recommends painting it to blend in with the environment if you don’t like the look of PVC. It has a plunger to tell you when it’s time to refill it, and it tends to scatter the food about so several deer can eat at once.
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Whether you are attracting deer for hunting or for pleasure, we hope you now have a better idea of how to build a deer feeder yourself. Deer feeders from the store can cost an arm and a leg, but these DIY solutions are affordable and fun to build.

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