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11 Folding Sawhorse Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

easy-sawhorse-from My Repurposed Life

easy-sawhorse-from My Repurposed Life

Learning how to build a folding sawhorse is much easier since there are many more plans out there than you’d guess. Not only that, but you can build them with a few basic tools and supplies. In this guide, we highlight 11 different folding sawhorse plans, each of which is right for a different type of user.

Read on to find the perfect folding sawhorse plan for you!

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The 11 DIY Folding Sawhorse Plans

1. Cheap, Fast, and Compact: Great for Buyers That Need Something Easy from Instructables

This first pick from Instructables is a quick, easy improvisation for people that need something low profile and basic. With little more than a few nails and some plywood, you can probably get this foldable sawhorse done in less than an hour.

2. Super Sturdy: From Hano Du Plessis, Pinterest

This sawhorse comes straight from Pinterest. This plan is a bit more complicated than the last one that we looked at. As the diagram above shows, a few extra components are necessary to get the sawhorse up and running. However, the extra time will be well worth it. The finished product is extremely sturdy, making it a good option for people that will use their sawhorse often.

3. Standard but Highly Effective: From My Repurposed Life

This next sawhorse from My Repurposed Life can stack or fold, making them very easy to store. The construction process itself, as well as the overall functionality of the sawhorse is standard, but it will certainly get the job done.

4. Very Compact and Collapsible from The Saw Guy

From the Saw Guy, we have another basic, but still highly effective sawhorse. It collapses into very reduced dimensions for easy storage. All you need is some plywood, some screws, 2 4x4s, and 2 4x8s. Use your favorite drill, and table saw to put it all together, and you have yourself a sawhorse.

5. Textbook: For People That Need a Little Extra Storage From MyOutdoorPlans

From MyOutdoorPlans, we have a folding sawhorse plan that is textbook. If you are looking for a classic sawhorse, this will do the job nicely. In addition to folding up compactly for easy storage, it also features a convenient bottom storage shelf that you can take advantage of while you work.

6. For Something Cheap and Quick: Great for Budget Buyers From FamilyHandyman

This pick from FamilyHandyman is quick and easy. For under $20, you can buy the materials, after which point, you’ll only need about ten minutes, and a few simple tools to set it up.  What’s not to like?

7. Super Sturdy: Great for People that Want Something That Will Stick Around From FamilyHandyman

And now, we have another pick from FamilyHandhyman. This design is a little bit trickier to assemble than the last we looked at, but benefits from a sturdier base that will be a great fit for people who need to get a lot of use out of their sawhorse.

8. Five Legged: For People Who are Up for a Challenge From LightLink

From LightLink, we have a five-legged sawhorse that is a little complicated, but highly durable. If you’re an experienced woodworker who is up for a bit of a challenge, this will be a great option to consider. The five legs add tons of support, while the overall quality of the design will guarantee long term use.

9. The low Rider: Great for People that Need Something Low and Compact From PersonalUmich

This next plan comes from PersonalUmich. This low riding sawhorse takes after the Japanese design style. It’s an attractive and easy to store option that will be great for people with limited space. While the execution of the design is a little bit complicated, it will be worthwhile.

10. For People That Want Something Versatile From Shopnotes

The beautiful thing about this design from Shopnotes is that the finished product can double as both a sawhorse and a workbench, with a few basic alterations. In either case, it breaks down quickly, to save space, and should be durable enough to last for a long time. Though the instructions are a little bit complicated, you are certainly rewarded for your efforts.

11. For People That Want Something Highly Portable From WoodWorking Tips

This next sawhorse from WoodWorkingTips is easy to store, and each component folds or breaks down. If you anticipate that you will need to take your sawhorse on the road with you, this will be a great option to consider. Just bear in mind that it’s not the sturdiest option on our list, so be careful what kind of work you do.

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Whether you are a relative beginner or someone with a lot of experience on your side, you can learn how to build a folding sawhorse with one of these plans. Pick the plan that most suits your skill level and get cracking! And if you can’t decide, feel free to experiment with a few of the options on our list!

The nice thing about making your own sawhorse is that the process is usually affordable, so feel free to get creative!

Featured Image Credit: My Repurposed Life

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