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3 DIY Indoor Beehive Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Bees Beehive

Humans have been beekeeping for thousands of years, taking advantage of the incredible creatures’ natural honey-making abilities. Beekeeping, known as apiculture, is practiced all over the world. Millions of individuals enjoy this age-old activity in their own backyards. Beekeeping is perfect if you have a garden that needs pollinating. Most folks, however, keep honeybees for the honey and other healthy products they produce, like beeswax, royal jelly, pollen, and propolis.

An interesting beekeeping trend of late has been to keep beehives indoors, including in the kitchen, mudroom, and living room. Indoor beehives offer several excellent benefits for the bees, like increased survival rates and protection from winter’s cold. They also protect the home beekeeper from the elements, empowering you to monitor your beehives in comfort. If you want to enjoy indoor apiculture, read on! We’ve found 4 DIY indoor beehives (with plans) you can make today to start enjoying this rewarding and fascinating hobby.

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The 3 DIY Indoor Beehive Plans

1. Short DIY Indoor Observation Beehive by Observation Hive

DIY Indoor Beehive
Image By: Observation Hive
Tools: Circular saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, level, sander
Wood beams, old windows, plastic tubing, wood screws, wood glue
Difficulty Level: High

This DIY indoor beehive is small and will fit anywhere in your home. You can put it in any location you like, and it won’t take up too much space. It would likely be a weekend project for anyone with decent DIY woodworking skills. The creator provides free, in-depth instructions that will be very helpful. What we like most about this indoor beehive are its doors you can easily open when needed. The author also provides in-depth, real-world advice about indoor beekeeping that we found helpful, insightful, and interesting. You’ll also be glad to know that the beekeeper who created this attractive and practical beehive used nothing but hand tools, making it easier for many of you to follow her lead.

2. Tall DIY Indoor Observation Beehive by Instructables

DIY Indoor Beehive
Image Credit: Instructables
Tools: Table saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, level, sander
Wood beams, plexiglass, plastic tubing, wood screws, wood glue, metal end caps
Difficulty Level: High

From Instructable Workshop comes this fantastic observation beehive, including full videos, photographs, and written instructions. Interestingly, they use two old windows to create it, a great way to recycle and protect the environment. They tell you how and where to find the windows in their instructions. Timewise, this would likely be a weekend project and demand good DIY skills. The reward, of course, would be a magnificent indoor beehive that you could use to keep an eye on your bees, watch how they live, and observe their fascinating habits close-up and personal.

3. Tall DIY Indoor Observation Beehive by Bylers

DIY Indoor Beehive
Image Credit: Tripod
Tools: Table saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, level, sander
Materials: Wood beams, plexiglass, plastic tubing, wood screws, wood glue
Difficulty Level: High

This amazing DIY beehive was created by a man who wanted to observe and enjoy his bees indoors. It’s quite large and provides an astounding view of his bees in their natural state. Like indoor beehive #1 (above), this tall observation beehive makes it easier to see your bees while standing or sitting. It might be more than a day-long project, but if you want a stunning bee centerpiece in your home, it will do the trick nicely. One caveat is that the creator of this amazing indoor beehive doesn’t exactly give you directions on how to make it. However, he shares so much information and pictures that making it should be no problem if you have decent DIY woodworking skills. One thing is certain; when you’re finished, you’ll have an amazing DIY indoor beehive the entire family will enjoy!

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Are there any Regulations Regarding Indoor Beehives?

If you decide to make a DIY indoor beehive for yourself, check and see if there are any rules and regulations about them where you live. In the United States, for example, most states require you to register your beehives with their Department of Agriculture.

The reason for this requirement is not what you might think, however. It’s not for taxes or fees but to keep track of bee populations and protect your bees. Sadly, beehive theft is real, and most crimes related to stealing bees are felony offenses. In short, be sure to check your local ordinances and, if required, register your indoor beehive (and any outdoor beehives you might have).

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Final Thoughts

There are several ways you can construct a DIY indoor beehive, as we’ve seen, but they all follow more or less the same system, with wood frames, glass or plexiglass on the front and back, and so forth. While several other indoor beehive ideas exist, few come with detailed plans, pictures, and instructions.

That’s why there were only 4 DIY indoor beehives on our list today. Still, if you have the skills, copying some of the other beehives you’ll see on the net shouldn’t be too difficult. In any case, we hope you enjoyed the information we’ve shared about how to make your own DIY indoor beehive today, and we wish you great success building your own. Beekeeping is a rewarding and fascinating hobby, as you’ll soon find out!

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Featured Image Credit: NickyPe, Pixabay


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