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10 Effective DIY Mouse Repellents That You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

two mice on a messy surface

Mice are considered some of the most troublesome pests you can have in your home. They not only carry over 35 diseases,1 but they can destroy your property and household goods. Fortunately, there are several methods you can utilize to deal with these pests. The methods range from do-it-yourself recipes to store-bought mice repellents.

If you do not condone inhumane methods of pest control, you can use repellents that are more humane, such as mechanical or glue traps. There are also several mouse-repellent recipes and DIY home remedies that you can use to solve the mice problem. These mouse repellents are easy to make, safer, and effective, especially in confined spaces.

house divider The 10 Effective DIY Mouse Repellents

1. Sprinkle Pepper Around Your Yard by Iupilon

DIY cayenne pepper
Image Credit: Iupilon
Items Required: Cayenne Pepper or Black Pepper
Skill Level: Easy

Pepper is a natural mouse-repellent option that is known to deter mice from accessing your compound to some degree. This repellent is also easy to make because most of the ingredients are found at home. Pepper produces a strong odor that mice have a natural aversion to. The spicy, unpleasant and strong odor discourages rodents from getting into your home.

You simply need to scatter your pepper powder around the areas you have noticed mice activity. If removed, reapply the pepper as required.

2. Use Baking Soda by Wikihow

DIY rat poison
Image Credit: wikiHow
Items Required: Baking Soda, Sugar
Skill Level: Easy

This is a common household ingredient that may already be stored in your fridge. Soda repellent is easy to make and effective because once the mice consume it, the carbonation kills them.

So, as some experts suggest, pour a can of soda into a bowl and position bowls in the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, or in other areas with mice activity. However, keep in mind that if soda is left out for too long, it will potentially attract ants, creating a whole other mess in your home.

3. Homemade Mouse Poison Mixture by Dengarden

DIY homemade poison
Image Credit: den garden
Items Required: Cement, flour, and salt
Skill Level: Easy

Did you know you can kill mice using DIY homemade poisons? Indeed, you can. Dry cement, for instance, is a great DIY method of getting rid of mice without relying on chemicals. When dry cement is mixed with flour, the mixture is irresistible to mice who gobble it up as quickly as their small mouths allow.

After eating the mixture, the mice get thirsty, prompting them to drink lots of water, which usually seals their fate. This is because the mixture usually dries up inside them, killing them slowly.

4. Kill Mice With Mashed Potatoes by Survival Life

DIY instant potatoes
Image Credit: Survival Life
Items Required: Packaged mashed potato flakes, disposable bowl
Skill Level: Easy

This is an easy method of getting rid of mice because the ingredients are readily available in any grocery store. Mashed potatoes utilize the same concept as dry cement. The sodium found in mashed potatoes makes the mice thirsty, which prompts them to drink plenty of water after ingestion. The water causes the potatoes to expand in their bellies, eventually killing them.

5. White Vinegar by Rodent Guide

DIY white vinegar
Image Credit: Biotech Termite and Pest
Items Required: Vinegar, cotton balls, and a small container
Skill Level: Easy

The uses of distilled white vinegar are not limited to culinary applications. It is also great at cleaning, disinfecting, and repelling pests and rodents. This DIY mouse-repellent option is fairly easy because all the ingredients required to make the recipe are readily available in most homes.

To utilize this DIY repellent option, simply pour vinegar into the cotton balls using a spoon until fully saturated. Place a small container below the cotton balls to prevent the vinegar from spilling and making a mess in your kitchen. Finally, place the soaked cotton balls into the holes and crevices that provide an entry point for mice. This method also deters mice from getting into your car.

6. Steel Wool by BC Pest Control

DIY steel wool
Image Credit: BC Pest Control
Items Required: Steel wool
Skill Level: Easy

Mice are notorious for chewing on a wide range of materials. However, they do not like chewing on steel wool. So, you can use steel wool lying around your house as a mouse repellent.

To deter mice from accessing your home using steel wool, simply position it in the holes that mice travel through to your home. You can also seal all possible entry points using steel wool. It may not be as straightforward as other DIY methods, but it works great and is very cheap.

7. Make a DIY Bacon Fat Trap by Instructables

DIY fat trap
Image By: Instructables
Items Required: Tin can, metal wire, lard or bacon grease and metal, and tub
Skill Level: Moderate

This is a moderately difficult DIY method of getting rid of mice because it is slightly messier than the other methods on our list. You can make this homemade trap using lard or bacon fat or lard as bait. The method is effective and doesn’t rely on poisons.

Simply coil the metal wire around the can and tie the wire ends to the tub. Then, fill the container with water and rub the lard into the surface of the can. After making the trap, place it in your kitchen or areas with high activity. The mice will attempt to reach the bacon, fall into the bucket, and drown.

8. Mothballs by EarthKind

DIY mothballs
Image By: earth kind
Items Required: Mothballs, Rubber Gloves, face Mask
Skill Level: Moderate

Mothballs are another effective method of repelling rats from your home. This may be an inexpensive method, but mothballs are extremely toxic to the body and can have dire consequences for children and pets. So, you might want to be cautious and wear rubber gloves as you handle them.

9. Use Plaster of Paris by PestWeek

DIY plaster of paris
Image By: PestWeek
Items Required: Milk, plaster of Paris, cornmeal
Skill Level: Moderate

You can effectively get rid of mice in your home using plaster of Paris. However, you must be cautious as you make this mouse-killing recipe because it is poisonous. You should also position it out of reach of pets and children.

There are several ways you can utilize this DIY mouse poison to get rid of mice in your home. However, the most efficient way is by mixing cornmeal, milk, and plaster of Paris in a bowl. Then thoroughly knead the mixture until it’s even. Tear the hardening mixture into small pieces and form balls. These balls can be placed in possible mouse entry points to deter mice from getting into the house.

Once the balls harden, consider replacing them with fresh ones.

10. Homemade Bottle Mouse Trap by Instructables

DIY simple soda bottle mousetrap
Image By: Instructables
Items Required: Duct tape, bait, Vaseline, Plastic Bottle
Skill Level: Easy

This is considered one of the easiest DIY mouse traps that you can make at home. It uses bait to trap mice in a bottle. Usually, 1-liter water bottles are ideal for this trap because they are long and narrow. Also, ensure that your bottle is made from thin plastic and transparent.

To use this homemade bottle mouse trap, simply cut a bottle around its circumference, insert two wooden skewers, and press them through the bottle. Insert a third skewer into the bottle, add bait, and place the trap in entry points or areas with maximum mice activity. Once you have captured it, release the mouse far from your home to prevent reentry.

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Many people cannot stand the thought of having mice reigning free in their homes. These rodents can cause losses in property damages and can transmit various disease-causing organisms. Therefore, you must repel them from your home immediately after you notice their presence or activity.

The 1o DIY mouse-repellent options we have highlighted above will absolutely help you in your quest to get rid of mice in your home.

Featured Image Credit: Dennis Bertuch, Unsplash


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