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Step-By-Step Guide for How To Find Where Mice Are Coming Into a House


If mice are in your home, it’s not enough to just kill the mice that you see. If you fail to determine how the mice are getting in, your problem can be ongoing since more mice will sneak in as well. In order to fix the problem head-on, you have to learn where the mice are coming in and fix it accordingly.

Scroll down to learn exactly what to do to find where mice are coming into your house.

divider 5 A Note On Safety

Before you get started, it’s imperative that you get some safety gear. Mice often creep into small, dark, and dusty areas, which are prone to dust, dirt, and other particles. Wearing safety goggles and a respirator or face mask will ensure that you do not get any of these particles in your lungs or eyes.

It’s also a good idea to wear gloves—a threatened mouse can and will bite you. Even though these creatures are way more likely to run, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The gloves will also protect from anything on the ground, such as mice feces.

The last safety item you will need is some sort of flashlight or light source. Because the areas you will be looking through are dark, the flashlight will ensure that you see what you are doing and don’t accidentally hurt yourself while you are on the hunt.

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What You’ll Need

  • Goggles
  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Light sources, like a flashlight or headlamp

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How To Determine How Mice Are Getting Into Your Home

Now that you have your safety gear and required items, it’s time to determine how mice are getting into your home. It’s important to follow all of these steps so that you don’t miss an entry point—just because you find one entry point does not mean you have found them all.

1. Watch The Mice

If you have no idea where the mice are coming in from, watch where the mice scurry to. The mice will scurry to their entrance or exit point when a human walks by. Follow that direction to carefully inspect where the mice went once they ran away.

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2. Inspect Attic And Crawl Space

The attic and crawlspace are two favorite places where mice like to enter and hang out. Humans do not frequent these areas, which explains why mice pick them to build their nests. If there is a nest, there will be some entrance points as well. Look for very small holes and large holes alike in the floor and walls.

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3. Inspect Kitchen And Other Areas With Food

One reason why mice enter homes is because there is an abundance of food in these locations. Make sure to inspect your kitchen and any other area with food. Even though these areas are high-traffic locations for people, mice will make the journey to get food for themselves.

While you are looking in the kitchen and other similar areas, do not ignore cabinets or closets. Oftentimes, mice sneak their way into kitchens through these areas. In other words, thoroughly inspect every part of your kitchen to see if there are any mouse holes.

mouse inside the cupboard
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4. Inspect Wiring And Plumbing Entrances

Mice frequently come into homes through entrances and holes surrounding the home’s wiring and plumbing. These entrances often have small holes around the pipe or wire. Even though these holes are way too small for any person to get through, mice and insects squeeze through the holes with no problem.

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What If I Can’t Find Where the Mice Are Coming From?

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to determine where the mice are coming from. However, you will need a keen eye since these holes can be very small. If you cannot find where the mice are coming from, you should contact a pest specialist.

Unfortunately, the holes can be so small or in such obscure places that it is impossible for an average homeowner to know where to look. Pest specialists know exactly where to look and will not stop until the task is done. Plus, they can get rid of the mice population once they are found.

Dead Mouse
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What To Do After You Have Found The Entrance Point

After you have found the entrance point, it’s imperative to fix up the hole so that mice cannot come back. If you leave the hole as it is, more mice will find their way into your house, even if you kill the initial mouse you found.

If you have not done so already, you will also have to get rid of the mice themselves. It’s best to select mousetraps and then release the mice away from your home. This is the most humane way to eradicate a mouse problem.

Unfortunately, humane traps are not always effective for getting rid of mice. If you cannot use the traps effectively, contact a specialist to get rid of the mice for you. Often, these methods use toxins that are dangerous when consumed by humans and pets alike. Make sure to keep your children and pets away from these areas as a result.

divider 5 Final Thoughts

The only way to find where mice are coming in involves getting on your hands and knees and searching through your home. Check out the attic, crawlspace, kitchen, and entry points specifically since these are the most common points of entry.

From there, make sure to patch up the holes and get rid of the mouse. We recommend selecting a humane way to get rid of the mice, but you can talk to your exterminator to learn which method is best for you and your home.

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