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18 Creative DIY Mudroom Ideas You’ll Love (with Pictures)

modern mudroom interior

Most homes with big families are familiar with the clutter and mess that can quickly build up at the entranceway of your home, especially the wet and muddy boots and coats from a damp or snowy day. A mudroom can be a game-changer! A dedicated space for coats, boots, and school bags, can help you keep your stuff organized and your home clean.

The great news is that you can DIY your own mudroom today! No matter the size of your space or your budget, you will find an idea perfect for you. Read on for some DIY mudroom ideas you will love.

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The 18 DIY Mudroom Ideas

1. DIY Mudroom Cubbies for Entrance Way by Hometalk

DIY mudroom
Image Credit: Hometalk
Materials: Plywood, paint, screws primer, hooks, baskets
Tools: Circular saw, Kreg jig, sander, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to advanced

If you’re tired of coats and bags being draped over the dinner table chair and boots and shoes obstructing the doorway, then you should try DYing a simple mudroom cubby like this one. This plan features cubbies for storage, an L-shaped bench, and a shiplap wall feature, which is everything you need for a functional entranceway. This project requires experienced craftsmanship, so if you’re up to the challenge, the results will be worth it.

2. DIY Mudroom Board and Batten Mudroom Wall by The Savvy Sparrow

DIY board and batten mudroom
Image Credit: The Savvy Sparrow
Materials: Lumber boards, wood screws, wall anchors, wood filler, hooks, caulk
Tools: Saw, crowbar
Difficulty Level: Easy

A DIY mudroom wall is an excellent way to transform any empty wall in your home into a functional storage area, especially if you’re on a tight budget. This wall is a relatively simple project, and the most difficult part is the planning. The length of the boards you will need will be determined by the size of your wall and the height you want your hooks to be.

Before rushing off to the hardware store, you should make a rough sketch on paper to get an idea of the height and spacing of your panels. Once you have your wood, measure it against the wall to see what looks best in your space. Then you’re good to go!

3. DIY Mudroom for Under $200 by Designing Vibes

DIY custom mudroom
Image Credit: Designing Vibes
Materials: Wood, pocket screws, wood screws, beadboard, finish nails, white oil-based paint
Tools: Kreg jig, circular saw
Difficulty Level: Easy to Intermediate

If you want to create a mudroom at a minimal cost, this could be the project for you. This design is simple yet effective and will save you lots of space and money. You can easily customize it to suit your décor, and if you want to change it up or upgrade it in the future, that is doable. This is an excellent project for those who have just gotten acquainted with woodwork and want a fun challenge.

4. DIY Mudroom Bench with Storage by House by Hoff

DIY mudroom bench and storage
Image Credit: House by Hoff
Materials: Ikea tv unit, paint, wallpaper, hooks
Tools: Sander, measuring tape, sander, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you already have a mudroom that you are thinking about upgrading, this Ikea hack can be your inspiration. Using an Ikea design could end up cheaper than paying someone to build shelves and storage draws and is an excellent start for a beginner crafter.

This project is a great opportunity to explore your creativity as you are not putting all your energy into the building. Choose a desired coat of paint, add some hooks, decorate with some stylish wallpaper, and finish with some chic accessories.

5. DIY Mudroom Drawers by Ana White

DIY mudroom bench with easy drawers
Image Credit: Ana White
Materials: Lumber, plywood, screws, drawer slides, handles, hooks, paint
Tools: Drill, Kreg jig, circular saw
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Adding some storage drawers can substantially upgrade your room if you want to maximize space in your mudroom or entranceway. This simple drawer bench will add accessible storage as well as a comfortable bench to your mudroom. Someone with intermediate woodworking skills can have this bench ready quickly in a weekend.

6. DIY Mudroom Lockers by Ana White

Materials: Plywood, pocket hole screws, hooks, wood glue, paint
Tools: Table saw, circular saw, pocket hole jig, speed square, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This plan is a fantastic idea for a mudroom for a big family and if you have extra space in your home. Each family member gets a locker to store just about anything. No special tools or expert carpentry knowledge is needed to achieve this professional-looking mudroom. The unit is large, so putting it together can be cumbersome and require at least two people.

7. DIY Mudroom Cubbies by Ugly Duckling House

DIY mudroom storage cubbies
Image Credit: Ugly Duckling House
Materials: Wood, pocket hole screws, wood glue
Tools: Drill, saw, Kreg pocket hole jig, sander, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

These farm-style storage cubbies are a great addition to an existing mudroom and perfect for a rustic cottage look. The plans include boot hooks and a bench if you want to build a new mudroom or upgrade your current one. This is a simple plan that any DIYer can pull off, and the results will speak for themselves.

8. DIY Mudroom Corner Bench from Creations by Kara

DIY mudroom corner bench
Image Credit: Creations by Kara
Materials: Wood, pine boards, primed trim boards, brackets, wood screws, primer, spackling, caulk, paint
Tools: Miter saw, table saw, Kreg jig, nailer, drill, clamps
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Difficult

You can make a mudroom corner bench that is both beautiful and functional with this step-by-step tutorial. It can be a time-consuming project, but that doesn’t mean it is too difficult to give it a go. Planning is the key to a successful result, so read through the tutorial before measuring and designing your space. If you want to expand your carpentry skills, this project will accomplish that.

9. DIY Built-in Mudroom by Frills and Drills

DIY built in mudroom
Image Credit: Frills and Drills
Materials: Plywood, nails, screws, shiplap, wood conditioner, caulk
Tools: Multi-tool, miter saw, circular saw, drill, hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY built-in mudroom is both functional and an aesthetic improvement to your entranceway. There is plenty of storage space, a bench to sit on while putting on and removing shoes, additional personalized bins, and a calendar to stay extra organized. Anyone with basic woodworking skills will enjoy this project and love the result.

10. DIY Mudroom Drop Zone by Dream It. Build It. Love It.

DIY custom mudroom drop zone
Image Credit: Dream it Build it Love it
Materials: Plywood, reclaimed wood material, wood shims, caulk, wood putty
Tools: Miter saw, hammer, sander, square, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This plan turns an unorganized drop zone into a neat and functional mudroom that will also look great in your entranceway. Storage space with doors allows the “mess” to be out of view, so the area always stays tidy, which anyone with kids will understand is impossible. Choose a paint color to complement your space or create a feature piece that will add some character to your home.

11. DIY Mudroom Locker with Doors by Making Manzanita

DIY mudroom lockers with doors
Image Credit: Making Manzanita
Materials: DAP plastic wood, wood glue, caulk, plywood, wood shims, trim, screws, hinges, primer, paint, hooks
Tools: Drill, miter saw, table saw, sander, clamps, nail gun, level, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to advanced

This Design is a big and slightly complicated woodworking build, but the tutorial takes you through every step in detail to help simplify things a little. A mudroom with lockers is a great idea to keep your coats and shoes organized and avoid piling up into a mess, especially if you have a big family with a never-ending collection of shoes. If you have woodworking experience, you can easily create this functional mudroom for your home.

12. Turn a Closet into a Mudroom DIY by The Happy Farmhouse

DIY turning a closet into a mudroom
Image Credit: The Happy Farmhouse
Materials: Plywood, shiplap, hooks, storage baskets, screws, paint
Tools: Drill, miter saw, circular saw, sander, nailer
Difficulty Level: Easy to Intermediate

If you have an entryway closet with minimal storage, this tutorial will show you how to turn it into a functional mudroom, complete with a bench, hooks, and more than enough storage. It’s the perfect amount of space for a small family and doesn’t require any professional carpentry skills.

13. DIY Mudroom with Dog Bath by The Created Home

DIY mudroom with dog bath
Image Credit: The Created Home
Materials: Plywood, poplar, rough sawn panels, barn wood, handles, hooks, screws, drawer slides, concrete, tiles and tiling material, plumbing materials optional
Tools: Drill, table saw, Kreg jig, sander, measuring tape, tile spacers
Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you are a dog owner, you will understand the frustration of muddy paws dotted around the house, and that goes for muddy boot prints too. This plan includes a dog bath in the mudroom, so you can get your companion clean, along with all the muddy boots or feet, before walking any further into the house. It’s genius! Some plumbing skills will be required unless you know a plumber or are willing to call one in. Either way, it will be totally worth it.

14. DIY Mudroom for Small Space by Honeybear Lane

DIY mudroom bench
Image Credit: Honeybear Lane
Materials: Pine 1X10’s, MDF, pine corbels, lattice, crown molding, pocket screws, caulk, wood glue, hooks
Tools: Miter saw, circular saw, drill, nail gun, Kreg jig, mallet
Difficulty Level: Easy to Intermediate

If you have a small or odd space that you are looking at turning into a mudroom, this plan will give you all the inspiration you need. It will save you money and create a more functional space for coats and boots; you don’t need a ton of experience to do this on your own. It is small but includes a bench, hooks, and storage cubbies which will significantly improve your entranceway.

15. DIY Mudroom Wall Lockers by Shanty-2-Chic

DIY wall locker
Image Credit: Shanty 2 Chic
Materials: Wood, plywood, brad nails, pocket hole screws, wood glue, wood screws, stain, paint
Tools: Kreg jig, drill, nailer, miter saw, sander, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

These lockers are a great addition to a mudroom that needs more organization, especially if it shares a space with your dinner table or living room. It is a practical way to keep your stuff organized and will still look great with a bit of an artistic touch. Not much skill or experience is required, but some planning, time, and patience will get you great results.

16. DIY Built-in Mudroom for Narrow Hallway by The Creativity Exchange

DIY built-in diy mudroom
Image By: The Creativity Exchange
Materials: Bead board paneling, nails, caulk, paint, hooks
Tools: Nail gun, level, sander, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you have a narrow entranceway, then this tutorial will help you incorporate a functional and stylish mudroom. It’s incredible how smart design can create space and storage when there is not much space to begin with. The best part is that this project is so affordable. It is also a relatively simple plan that any DIY novice can try.

17. DIY Mudroom Shoe Rack by Kippi at Home

DIY wooden shoe rack
Image By: kippi at home
Materials: Wood, wood glue, trim screws, finish nails, sandpaper, wood filler, wood stain, wood glue
Tools: Compound saw, staple gun, drill, speed square, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

If shoe storage is a struggle, and you want to improve that area of your mudroom, this vertical DIY shoe rack will simplify your life and keep your shoes safe from getting damaged. It’s an easy project that requires just the basics of woodworking, but it will drastically improve on your shoe storage needs.

18. DIY Wall Slat Treatment for Mudroom by Kaleidoscope Living

DIY wood slat wall treatment
Image By: Kaleidoscope Living
Materials: Wooden dowels, wood glue, paint colors of your choice, spackling, sandpaper
Tools: Miter saw, nailer
Difficulty Level: Easy

Add some interest and creativity to your mudroom wall with this DIY wall slat treatment. This is ideal for improving the aesthetic of an already functional mudroom and adding a personal but creative touch. All you need is wooden dowels, paint, and a little bit of patience to paint each dowel and attach it to the feature wall of your mudroom.

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Final Thoughts

A functional and beautiful mudroom can be life-changing! And with these DIY mudroom ideas, you can easily find something to suit your skill level, budget, and storage needs. No more muddy prints on the carpet or a mess of coats and shoes creating minor chaos in your entranceway. You will have so much fun creating this project in your home, and the results will be a game-changer for winter.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Prokop, Shutterstock


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