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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets? Simple Guide

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Hardwood floors are lustrous and easy to clean. Carpets, on the other hand, need proper cleaning to keep them odor-free, plush, and soft under your feet. To maintain the softness and vibrance of carpeting, it requires regular vacuuming and an occasional deep cleaning. Doing so will help to maintain a clean environment, the carpet’s bright appearance, and protect the integrity of the fibers.

Here are some factors that should be considered in determining how often and the type of cleaning your carpet needs.

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Vacuuming your carpet is the first step to caring for the fibers and keeping it clean. The vacuum lifts the nap and sucks the dirt, dust, and hair from inside the carpet.

Carpeting that is in a high-traffic area will need vacuuming more frequently than a bedroom carpet that has minimal traffic. For those of you that live alone or remove your shoes inside the home, you may not need to vacuum as often.

Homes with children and pets will need to be vacuumed frequently. Kids bring in dirt from outside and drop crumbs everywhere. Our pets shed hair and dander daily. Vacuuming your carpets every couple of days will help to prevent pet hair and crumbs from getting embedded deep into the carpet.

Here is an important reminder. The dust and dirt in your carpet can damage the fibers. The slower you move the vacuum, the more effective it is at removing the dirt from your carpeting. If you rush to get it done, you may be wasting your time.

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Spot Cleaning

It never fails. You walk in from work, and there are muddy paw prints from one end of the carpet to the other. You wonder who will take the blame for letting Fido in from the rain without wiping his paws?

The quicker you remove the stains, the better. These are the times the cans of spot remover or spot cleaners save the day.

If you are using a can of spot remover, the stain should be cleaned, blotted, and rinsed. Afterward, put a paper towel on the spot with a weighted object to soak up any excess moisture. Once the spot has dried, remove the paper towel and object.

If you are using a spot cleaner/shampooer, run it over the spot until the stain is gone. Use an old towel or paper towel to soak up any excess water or moisture.

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Image Credit: Andrey_Popov, Shutterstock

Professional Cleaning

Periodically, your carpet should be deep cleaned by a professional. How often will depend on your household and lifestyle.

  • Is the carpet in a high-traffic area of your home?
  • Does anyone smoke inside the home?
  • Are there pets in the home?
  • Are there children in the home?
  • Do family members wear shoes in the house?
  • Does anyone in the home have allergies?

A single individual with little foot traffic can have their carpets cleaned every two years. For smokers and pet owners, you may want to clean your carpets more often, every 6 months or so.

If you have a family, your carpets will be exposed to traffic and wear and tear. There will be dirt and spills. Having the carpets professionally cleaned every nine to 12 months should be sufficient.

If your budget is stretched, you may need to rent a machine and clean them yourself. Ultimately, you are the judge of how often your carpets will need to be cleaned. You will also know when the job is too big and you need to call in professionals.

There are a few things that can void the warranty on your carpeting, however. Not following the proper cleaning protocol is one of them. Make sure you read the warranty, follow the cleaning requirements, and keep records in case you may need them.

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There you have it. It’s up to you to protect your carpets and keep them looking fresh and new. Vacuum the dust and dirt regularly to prevent damage to the fibers and tend to accidents and spills quickly. Hopefully, with regular maintenance and deep cleaning, when necessary, you should be able to enjoy your investment for quite some time.

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