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17 Beautiful DIY Nightstand Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Night Stand Plans

Night Stand Plans

If you have ever been shopping for night stands you may know that they are quite expensive. It seems that a smaller piece of furniture should not cost nearly as much as it does. When you think about having to put one of these next to both sides of the bed, your head may start spinning.

If you want to save hundreds of dollars and you can use some basic tools, you should have no trouble building some of your own night stands to fit your needs. We found 18 free night stand plans that you can start working on today. There are varying skill levels involved; you should be able to find a project that works for you on this list.

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The 17 Beautiful DIY Nightstand Plans

1. Cassidy Mini Nightstand by The Design Confidential

Do you have a low profile bed? Do traditional night stands always seem to be too high? With the Cassidy Mini Nightstand, you should have no trouble resting your drink or your book on this small table without having to reach high above your head. This is a very clean and simple looking night stand that you can stain or paint to match your décor. Since it is a smaller scale option, you will end up spending quite a bit less on this.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tools: Sander, Saw, Drill Router

Supplies: Wood, Glue, Nails, Clamps, Finishing Supplies

2. Nightstand With Tapered Leg And Drawer by More Like Home

The Nightstand With Tapered Leg and Drawer is an excellent option if you would like your night stand to have a bit of storage as well. We love the boards on the top of this night stand that give it a bit extra detail and style. Although building a drawer is generally a bit more complicated of a project, it is laid out very clearly and directly in this particular plan.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Clamp

Supplies: Wood, Glue, Screws, Nails

3. Modern Night Stand Plan by Designs at Studio C

The Modern Night Stand by Designs at Studio C is an excellent option if you are looking for a clean, sleek, modern feel to add to your décor. This is an inexpensive build that also provides some great storage via the two drawers. You can paint this night stand whatever color you need to blend in with your current home furnishings. This project is best for an intermediate-level expert as it can be tricky to get the drawers to work correctly.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Clamp, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Wood, Draw Slides, Glue, Nails, Screws

4. Rogue Engineers Free Mid Century Modern Night Stand

The Rogue Engineer comes up with some really great designs that look like they should retail for a whole lot of money. If you are going for the “wow” effect with your new night stand, this plan is one you will want to check out. The Mid Century Modern Night Stand combines clean lines and a few different paints and stains to create a complete and professional look. We love the open shelf concept on this plan to give it just a bit more detail.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Tape Measure, Brad Nailer

Supplies: Nails, Drawer Pulls, Wood, Legs, Drawer Pull

5. Simple and Modern Nightstand from More Like Home

Sticking with the more modern and sleek designed night stands, we have the Simple and Modern Nighstand from More Like Home. If you are a new builder, you will like the steps involved in putting this night stand together. You can modify this plan to be the height and size that you need, as it is a straightforward design.  Another option here is to change the legs up to match your current décor.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tools: Hammer, Drill, Saw, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Nails, Wood, Sandpaper, Glue

6. Owens Nightstand by Ana White

Next on our list is the recreation of the Pottery Barn Owens Nightstand put together by Ana White. Even if you are new to the furniture building game, it is no secret that Pottery Barn furniture can get quite expensive. Creating this piece of furniture on your own could save you hundreds of dollars. This is a bit more of an involved project than some of the others, but the directions and pictures are extremely clear and easy to follow.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Tape Measure, Kreg Jig

Supplies: Wood, Drawer Slides, Nails

7. DIY Nightstand from Shanty 2 Chic

If you love the barn door look that is so popular in decorating today, then you will love this Sliding Barn Door Nightstand by Shanty 2 Chic. This particular night stand is going to cost a bit more than some other options because of the hardware required for the sliding barn door. In our opinion, it is worth it! The night stand pictured has baskets for additional shelving. We love the choice of stain on this, but you can easily do this painted as well, and it will look beautiful.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Screwdriver, Clamp

Supplies: Wood, Hardware for Barn Door, Baskets, Stain

8. Nightstand by Jen Woodhouse

This Nightstand from Jen Woodhouse is a beautiful traditional looking piece that can be customized to fit your décor. The basic design of this night stand is not complicated if you have some experience in woodworking. The biggest thing you will want to watch out for is that the drawer is installed level; otherwise, you will sign yourself up for years of frustration.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Sander

Materials: Wood, Drawer Pulls, Drawer Slide, Sandpaper, Finishing Supplies

9. Tapered Leg Bachelor’s Chest from Pneumatic Addict

The Tapered Leg Bachelors Chest from Pneumatic Addict has a very cool looking, masculine design. We love the combination of dark stained wood with the white front drawers. This is not an extremely difficult build, and the plan to put it all together is very well done. If you want some matching pieces for your bedroom, take a look at the other free plans offered on this website.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Drill, Saw, Sander, Tape Measure, Square

Supplies: Drawer Pulls, Drawer Slides, Wood, Nails, Screws

10. Simpson Strong Tie Nightstand By The Rogue Engineer

If you take a close look at this Simpson Strong Tie Nightstand by the Rogue Engineer, you will see just how much detail was put into this design. As long as you are good at following directions and pictures, you will have no problem putting this nightstand together. The cost will be a bit higher than other models because of the brackets and detail pieces, but building this piece on your own is still much more cost-effective than buying it.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert

Tools: Sander, Saw, Drill, Tape Measure

Supplies: Wood, Screws, Brackets, Nails, Glue, Drawer Slides, Draw Pull

11. Night Stand With Locking Secret Hidden Drawer from Instructables Living

The Night Stand With Locking Secret Hidden Drawer is a traditional-looking piece from Instructables Living. The locking secret hidden drawer makes this project a bit more complicated than others, but it is a very cool feature to add to a night stand. This particular plan also includes a video to help get you through the process if you are a little unsure at times. Although there are no real open spaces to display anything on this night stand, you get excellent storage space with the large drawers.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander, Router

Supplies: Wood, Drills, Screws, Drawer Pulls, Drawer Slides, Sandpaper, Stain

12. Planked Wood Bedside Table with Shelves by Ana White

While our last selection was quite a challenging build, these farmhouse style Bedside Tables by Ana White are a much more simplistic build. We love the combination of light and dark to make these pieces stand out. The height on these particular bedside tables is a bit higher; if you have a raised bed, you may enjoy this feature. Although there are no drawers on this night stand, you still have ample storage with the two shelves and a large top.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Hammer, Drill, Saw, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Sandpaper, Nails, Screws, Paint, Stain

13. Farmhouse Nightstand by Handmade Haven

Showing off that farmhouse style décor is this Farmhouse Nighstand by Handmade Haven. This is a very open and airy piece of furniture that will bring a light look and feel to any bedroom. We are sure you can find a favorite basket to place on the bottom shelf to complete this look. If you love this night stand, there are also plans for a matching desk on this website.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander, Square, Tape Measure

Supplies: Screws, Nails, Glue, Paint, Stain, Sandpaper

14. Floating Nightstands by More Like Home

If you’re worried about the complexity of some of these nightstand builds, these Floating Nightstand Boxes are a great option to consider. Since these units will attach directly to your wall, we don’t recommend storing your brick collection inside. However, for the traditional bedside objects, a few books, glasses, etc., this floating box is a great choice.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Saw, Drill, Square, Tape Measure

Supplies: Sand Paper, Wood, Screws, Glue, Paint or Stain

15. Emerson Nightstand by Ana White

The Emerson Night Stand by Ana White is a unique piece that can bring a bit of character to any bedroom. We love the combination of drawers and shelves on this model. The shelf is at the perfect height for keeping your favorite book. Many night stands have the shelf and drawer in the opposite order of this night stand, and we like that this is more functional design.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Screws, Nails, Glue

16. Night Stand With Built In Charging by More Like Home

Don’t want to see cords sitting on the top of your night stand? This Built-In Charging is an excellent option for you.  Simply run your charger cord through the small notch in this drawer and enjoy the clean, wireless look it provides. This is a straightforward model to put together and can be customized to the specifications that you need for your bedroom set.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Saw, Sander, Drill, Tape Measure, Level

Supplies: Wood, Glue, Screws, Nails

17. Cooper Nightstand by Rogue Engineer

The Cooper Design Night Stand by the Rogue Engineer is a classic and functional night stand design. This particular model offers plenty of storage underneath and makes an excellent option for a kid’s room as well. The Cooper Design Night Stand is an intermediate-level project if you have a few power tools laying around. This solid piece will be with you for years to come.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander, Tape Measure

Supplies: Wood, Paint or Stain, Drawer Handle, Drawer Slides, Sandpaper, Glue


We hope that this list of nightstands gave you some inspiration to build your own. The process shouldn’t take you more than a day and it may be even quicker if you have some excellent woodworking skills. As any DIYer will tell you, there is something amazingly satisfying about creating your own custom-designed furniture for your home.

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Featured image credit: ErikaWittlieb, Pixabay

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