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12 DIY Platform Bird Feeder Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

bird feeder

bird feeder

Platform bird feeders are a great way to give yummy treats to your feathered friends while decorating your home in a beautiful way. Learning how to build platform bird feeders is the best because it means your home will stand out from the rest, complete with your own unique bird feeder.

To save you some time from having to look for the best free platform bird feeder plans, we have done the work for you. Below is a list of the most unique platform bird feeder plans that you can build today.

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The 12 DIY Platform Bird Feeder Plans

1. Bird Feeding Table by bartworker

This reinvented bird feeder table is unique yet effective. The interesting leaf top protects the birdfeed from most wind and rain, all while housing a beautiful platform for the birds to stand on. All you’ll need is a trunk, waste wood or a kitchen board, an Alubond style aluminum composite panel, and a few more small pieces.

In the given plans, bartworker provides wonderful pictures and clear instructions to help you follow along. This makes it a great choice for people who both like visual and written instructions. They even go as far as to show what the feeder looks in the daytime and night time.

2. Hexagonal Bird Table from Recycled Wood by Steve99and04

Upgrade your boring bird feeder to a whimsical, elf-like home for your guests. This wonderful bird feeder uses recycled wood, screws, matches, glue, and malleable strips to create a hexagon roof to protect the seeds underneath.

Like in the first example, Steve99and04 provides wonderful pictures and detailed instructions to make it easy to follow along with the plan. The paragraph instructions are especially helpful in this plan because Steve99and04 gives a more personal narrative about what worked and what didn’t work.

3. Mosaic Bird Feeding Table by Lovely Greens

Lovely Greens makes this beautiful bird feeding table simply out of broken crockery and cement. In other words, this is easily one of the most affordable options if you are looking to make your bird house on a budget. Despite its more affordable price, it is still absolutely breathtaking.

Lovely Greens provides wonderfully detailed descriptions and pictures to go with each step. They even go into detail about the cost, which is less than 10 euros (about $12). Get started with this quaint bird feeding table today.

4. Wooden Bird Feeder by AOK Corral

If you like a more traditional platform bird feeder, then you will love this Wooden Bird Feeder by AOK Corral. This bird feeder has a classic home look, complete with a hand painted exterior, which makes the bird feeder look homey and comfortable.

The instructions are concise yet thorough enough to be clearly understood. They even include detailed descriptions of what colors are needed per each item painted on the bird feeder’s exterior. Though there aren’t pictures with every step, the instructions are detailed enough to make up for the lack of pictures.

5. Paper Plate Holder Bird Feeder by Dollar Store Crafts

Another shockingly affordable platform bird feeder is this Paper Holder Bird Feeder by Dollar Store Crafts. This bird feeder only costs mere dollars to make, and you might already have most of the needed parts at your home. According to the website, you can make this bird feeder for under $5!

The directions with this plan aren’t as thorough as some of the others, but that is largely because of how simple this design is. Simply by looking at the pictures, most people would be able to figure out the construction on their own. Dollar Store Crafts does offer some written explanation and instructions for guidance, though.

6. Flower Homemade Birdbath by Birds & Blooms

This plan is technically for a birdbath, but you could easily use it as a platform bird feeder instead. It is completely up to you. This Flower Homemade Birdbath by Birds & Blooms is absolutely stunning and does not look homemade at all. Still, it is easy enough for just about anyone to construct.

The instructions are highly detailed, separated with easy to follow step by step directions. Each step has a picture to show exactly what was done. Just about anyone can follow these instructions and make this stunning birdbath in no time.

7. Yard Art Rusty Metal Bird Feeder by Rustic Refined

This bird feeder designed by Rustic Refined is a great choice for someone who has spare metal sitting around or loves the rustic look, as implied through the site’s name. This platform bird feeder is absolutely stunning, and it will look great in any front yard or backyard. It requires more extensive experience in metal work, though.

The plan comes with plenty of pictures and instructions. Even though you will need to do some scrap metal work, the construction is really simple other than that. Rustic Refined adds a lot of pictures so you can see it from different angles, one features a cute little bird already inside!

8. Faux Mercury Glass Bird Feeder by Amy Ellis

This Faux Mercury Glass Bird Feeder by Amy Ellis is a great option in rustic or country styled homes. It is simply made from salvage glass jars, bottles, and plates covered in some paint. It really is super simple and affordable, despite looking expensive and classic.

The instructions aren’t as thorough as they could be, but they are thorough enough to where you get the point. Luckily, the designs themselves are very easy so they don’t require a whole lot of description or explanation. Some pictures are added throughout the entire process, which is helpful.

9. Soup Bowl Bird Feeding Station by sirmorrow

Most people have an old soup bowl or teacup lying around. This bird feeder designed by sirmorrow utilizes this simple part, as well as pipe and some glue, to make a super dainty but attractive bird feeding station.

We really like this plan because the instructions are pretty extensive and come with many pictures, despite it being a relatively simple plan. This makes it easy to follow along and get the best results. You can easily finish this project in a couple of hours, if not sooner.

10. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder by Tonya Staab

If you are looking for a fun project to do with your young children, then you might be interested in this Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder by Tonya Staab. This plan includes some other features not related to the bird feeder, but it does give you some advice on to how to turn this bird feeder making get together into a real party.

The instructions are super easy to follow and all of the parts are child friendly and easy to get. Tonya adds pictures of herself, her children, and their friends making their own bird feeders with this method. According to the pictures, the children really love it, and it can hold quite a bit of birdfeed at one time.

11. 15-Minute Wild Bird Feeder by Ludvicka

This 15-Minute Wild Bird Feeder is absolutely stunning and, as you probably figured by its name, super easy to make. The platform is wide enough that multiple birds like landing on it, and it is affordable.

As with most other options on this list, the instructions are very extensive, complete with multiple pictures. Out of the plans on this list, this one seems to be one of the more popular online, complete with nearly 14,000 views. Some commentors also note that the design may help ward away pesky squirrels.

12. Bird Table Home by Mark Ellis

The last plan in this list is the Bird Table Home by Mark Ellis. This plan is absolutely adorable, complete with enough room for all of the neighborhood birds. Unlike many of the other plans on this list, the instructions are not written. Instead, Mark describes the process in a video.

The video is very helpful for those who are visual learners, but you may need to pause or rewind. Still, the explanation and examples are pretty extensive. Just be prepared to press the pause button while you work.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to build a platform birdhouse or that these plans have sparked some creative ideas for your next birdhouse. If you go with one of the designs on this list, remember to make it your own by incorporating your own preferences and designs. Good luck!

Featured Image Credit: ivabalk, Pixabay

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