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14 DIY Bird Feeder Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

bird feeders

bird feeders

A wooden bird feeder is a great way to attract birds to your garden all year round. The birds benefit because they have a reliable source of food, even at times when they would otherwise struggle to find a natural source. You benefit because you get to watch different breeds of birds descend on your garden. You can also enjoy the process of making the feeder, giving you an even greater sense of satisfaction when the birds land and start to feed from your DIY project.

You should always ensure that the birds are free from feline danger when landing at your feeder, and once you start to feed the birds regularly, you must be prepared to keep doing so, otherwise, they will return looking for food and be left wanting if you haven’t put any out.

Below, we have included 14 bird feeder plans that will teach you how to build bird feeders that will look great in your garden.

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The 14 DIY Bird Feeder Plans

1. DIY Window Bird Feeder

This is a simple design and, despite some fears, it won’t increase the likelihood of the birds flying into your window. What it will do, though, is enable you to watch the birds as they feed from the simple tray. The proximity to your house means that it is unlikely to attract any natural predators so that your winged visitors will be safe while they eat.

2. DIY Gazebo Bird Feeder

The gazebo bird feeder is a larger and more luxurious alternative to the window feeder or most other DIY feeders for that matter. It has 6 sides, all of which are open, and a multi-panel roof that protects from the elements. Despite being such a large and well-featured birdhouse, it is still surprisingly easy to build.

3. DIY Plexiglass Sides Bird Feeder

The plexiglass sides of this feeder make it easy for you to see in and determine how much seed is left. The sides are easy to remove and because they are made from plexiglass, it means that they are flexible and can be bent without breaking too easily.

4. DIY Cedar Bird Feeder

Cedarwood is durable, a natural insect repellent, and it’s a beautiful looking wood. This combination, as well as its availability as new and recycled wood, makes it the perfect choice to make your own feeder. You can adapt any wood bird feeder plans to use cedar, but these plans are designed specifically for use with this type of wood.

5. DIY Pallet Wood Bird Feeder

It wouldn’t be a DIY list of wooden items if there wasn’t at least one reclaimed pallet item in the list. Pallets are chunkier than a lot of other pieces of wood, which means that you will make a substantial feeder for your avian visitors, but they are sure to appreciate the effort and the extra protection you’ve afforded them.

6. DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Whether you have leftover wine bottles in your home, or you know somebody that can provide you with one or two empties, this plan to turn one into an attractive bird feeder for the garden. It is quite easy to make and the bottle is ideal for holding a decent amount of seed and dispensing it for the birds.

7. DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeder

All you need to make this mason jar feeder is a mason jar, wooden dowel, and some twine, as well as some Gorilla Glue and some basic tools. It is perfect for the smaller birds that will fly into the jar to grab the seeds.

8. DIY Bird Frame Feeder

This is a great idea for any garden, but especially if you want to get beautiful pictures of your natural visitors. The bird frame feeder is a wooden frame, with a small tub of seeds. As the bird is eating from the tub, it gives you the ideal picture opportunity and ensures that the subject of the picture is perfectly framed.

9. DIY Bird Bottle Feeder

The plastic bottle feeder may not have the same gravitas as the wine bottle feeder earlier in the list, but it is easier and quicker to make, and it will do an equally good job of providing for the birds in your garden. The basic parts are the bottle and a couple of wooden spoons in place of a dowel.

10. Simple DIY Bird Feeder

These simple bird feeder plans can be made using offcuts or leftover pieces of wood from another DIY project. Combined with a piece of rope, it is a very easy build, but the birds won’t mind how easy it was to put up.

11. Automatic DIY Bird Feeder

An automatic bird feeder is one that replenishes the trough or bowl of seed once the birds have emptied it. This collection of automatic feeders uses recycled materials like old plastic bottles, giving a natural lease of life to old and spent products.

12. Reclaimed DIY Fence Bird Feeder

This is actually another pallet bird feeder, but the plans would work just as well using a reclaimed fence panel, and this is another source of wood that many of us have access to without having to go out and buy them, especially following any storms.

13. DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

If you have a cracked teacup lying around, or one that you simply don’t use anymore, why not turn it into a bird feeder? This works especially well if the cup has a natural design or motif on it, but can work with any teacup from your collection.

14. DIY 4×4 Bird Feeder Post Plans

The 4×4 bird feeder post uses, as the name suggests, a 4×4 post. Use a new post, or reclaimed, and the size of the wood means that you can comfortably attach a variety of feeders so that you can attract small and large birds of different varieties to your feeding post.

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DIY Bird Feeder Plans

Many items could be turned into a bird feeder. Check your own shed, look in the kitchen cupboards, and search the trash before buying materials and learning how to build a bird feeder. The birds will certainly appreciate it, and you will benefit not only because bird feeders are gleefully simple to make, but you’ll also be able to watch the birds feed in your garden.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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