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10 Free DIY A-Frame Chicken Coop Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

DIY chicken coop under the tree

DIY chicken coop under the tree

If you are in need of an A-frame chicken coop, one of the better options for completing the task is to DIY the chore yourself. There are many affordable plans available that teach you how to build an A-frame chicken coop and will not take too much time, money, or skill.

Below, we have outlined seven of our favorite free A-frame chicken coop plans that you will be able to DIY starting today! With this helpful project outline, there is ample room for improvement and tweaking to fit your own style and needs, as well.

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The 10 Free DIY A-Frame Chicken Coop Plans

1. Small by Ana White

DIY frame chicken coop
Image credit: Ana White

Ana White has laid out a DIY project plan to complete this small backyard A-line chicken coop. You will find all the measurements, materials, and tools needed in this outline, plus the skill required is minimal, so you can have this coop constructed quickly.

2. The Lean-to by Instructables

DIY a-frame coop
Image credit: Instructables

Our next option for a DIY A-frame is an inexpensive lean-to plan that will provide your hens with security and shelter without breaking the bank. has made it easy to follow the guide with little skill requirements to complete the construction.

3. Recycled Materials by Re-store

DIY frame chicken coop
Image credit: The Restore has found a brilliant way to use old materials in a new way. This DIY project will provide you with an easy to set up the protected chicken coop, while also using old material that is gathering dust around your house and yard.

4. Half and Half-by Instructable Coop

DIY a-frame chicken coop
Image credit: Instructables

This next option combines the best of both worlds for your chickens. Not only is this option protected, but it also provides a lot of air. has put together a simple DIY project that takes this plan from complicated to simple. Though the endeavor will require some material and basic tools, the overall workload is nothing to stress over.

5. Protected Coop by Morning Chores

DIY backyard chicken coop
Image credit: Instructables

This next option is a slightly more expensive plan that will require some extra time. On the other hand, it will protect your chickens from predators that may be lurking around your property.

6. A-Fram Swing Set Repurpose by HomeStead Survival

DIY Re Purposed Swing Set Chicken Coop
Image credit: The Homestead Survival

If you are looking for a large chicken coop that you can walk right into, the Homestead Survival page has just the right DIY plan for you. In fact, this option will give you a way to re-purpose the old swing set you have in the backyard. You should note that this guide is a bit more strenuous, but it requires simple directions and tools. At the end of the day, you will also have a chicken coop you will not need to crawl into after eggs.

7. Chicken Coop: the Ark by Instructables

DIY gothic chicken coop
Image credit: Instructables

Although the Ark looks like it requires a lot of time, skill, and money, Instructables make the project simple and easy to follow. Not only that, but this is a protected cage that will keep lurking poachers at bay.

All of the DIY projects above will provide you with a safe place to put your chickens during the night. Although some projects are harder than others, all of them will teach you how to build an a-frame chicken cool that can be accomplished with moderate skill levels. Not only that, but you will be able to re-purpose item that has been forgotten about to build your new A-line chicken coop.

8. Quaint A-Frame Chicken Coop

DIY A Frame Chicken Coop
Image Credit: Theownerbuildernetwork

If you want a stylish coop for your chickens, this quaint A-frame design by The Owner Builder Network is the way to go. This coop is perfect for those without a lot of space in the backyard or people who only plan on raising a few chickens. You’ll find all the materials needed listed on their website, so check it out.

9. Custom Chicken Tractor

DIY A Frame Chicken Coop
Image Credit: Fromscratchfarmstead

With this custom chicken tractor, From Scratch Homestead shows you how to create a mobile sanctuary for your chickens in your backyard. Your chicks will have safety while you get the ease of mobility allowing you to choose where the coop goes for easy cleaning.

10. Predator-Proof A-Frame Coop

Unfortunately, there are lots of predators out there that will want to reach your chickens. No worries, however. Haxman has come up with a predator-proof A-frame coop to keep your backyard fowl safe from danger. You can catch his YouTube video and learn how to keep your chickens safe from harm.

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