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10 DIY Saddle Rack Plans You Can Build Today (Free & Paid)



Horse saddles are expensive and need proper care and attention. When left on the floor, they can become dirty and misshapen, which not only means that they will need replacing sooner, but it is also uncomfortable for the horse and can lead to injury.

However, saddle racks are expensive, often costing upward of $100, and while there are attractive metal or even plastic models out there, you don’t necessarily want to spend as much on a rack as you do on the tack. So why not learn how to build a saddle rack yourself?

We have found nine saddle rack plans that are easy to make and will keep your saddle away from the dirt while retaining its original shape for longer. We also have one design that costs a small amount to download the plans. Most of the plans are functional, but there are a couple of decorative pieces that would make great ornaments for the house or barn. There’s even a PVC plan that utilizes plumbing equipment, if you’re looking for something different.

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Top 9 DIY Saddle Rack Plans

1. Easy DIY Wood Saddle Rack Plans From Instructables

diy wood saddle rack
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Wood, plywood, L-brackets, screws, poly spray
Tools: Drill, Tape measure, triangle, miter saw, table saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

Part of the beauty of this DIY wood saddle rack from Instructables is how easy it is to complete. You can choose any wood you want. A coating of poly spray will make the grain stand out and give it a professional look. Make sure to measure everything accurately. You can finish this project in an afternoon.

2. How To Specialist Saddle Stand

diy saddle stand
Image Credit: How To Specialist
Materials: Wood glue, wood, screws, brad nails, stain
Tools: Jigsaw, drill, miter saw, tape measure, level
Difficulty Level: Moderate to advanced

The How To Specialist free saddle stand kicks it up a notch with some decorative elements to give it a pro look. It adds some feet to the sides to give the rack more stability. The critical part is the measuring of the cuts for the sides. It has a couple of shelves for storing other tack, which makes it a space-saver. If you opt for some better-quality wood, staining it will make it a killer piece.

3. DIY PVC Saddle Stand

diy pvc saddle stand
Image Credit: Budget Equestrian
Materials: PVC, fittings, elbows, end caps, sandpaper, PVC primer
Tools: Tape measure, tube cutter, pliers
Difficulty Level: Easy

There’s nothing fancy about this DIY PVC saddle stand. However, it is practical and budget-friendly. It’s also an easy project that doesn’t require many tools. You can complete it in an afternoon without any problems. Using PVC is brilliant because the sizing is standard, taking out any guesswork with getting the right supplies.

4. DIY Woodworking Corner Saddle Rack

diy saddle rack
Image Credit: Woodworking Corner
Materials: Wood, plywood, sandpaper, wood screws, Kreg screws, wood glue, plugs, poly spray
Tools: Tape measure, table saw, miter saw, drill, hammer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY woodworking corner saddle rack isn’t fancy, but it’s functional. It’s a decent project for the casual DIYer with the right tools for the job. The open top is an excellent feature to dry the saddle between uses with plenty of circulation. The sides, front, and back are barebones, but you can make it a more attractive piece with some added embellishments.

5. DIY Saddle Stand From The Budget Equestrian

Materials: 1 inch lumber, nails, paint, hooks
Tools: Tape measure, hand jigsaw, sander, clamp, nail gun, paintbrushes
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY saddle stand from The Budget Equestrian YouTube channel is approximately 36” high. It uses 1” wood board, which is easy to get hold of, and has metal hooks at the end of the rack. The curvature of the top of the rack helps maintain the natural saddle shape. Square tops can leave your saddle misshapen, and this not only causes cracks in the leather, but it will also be uncomfortable for the rider and their horse. This guide is in video format, so it is easy to follow and enables you to check your own progress at each step.

6. Collapsible Saddle Rack

diy cheap saddle rack
Image Credit: Pets on Mom
Materials: Wood, wood screws, sandpaper, wood glue, J-hook, eye hook, brad nails, artificial turf
Tools: Tape measure, drill, circular saw, triangle, stapler, hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy

This collapsible saddle rack couldn’t be simpler to make. It optimizes your use of space, making it a practical choice if you don’t have a lot of room. The finished product looks great and is functional when you need it. The instructions are straightforward, with helpful suggestions if you have to store a larger saddle.

7. Another Collapsible Saddle Rack

diy saddle rack
Image Credit: Suustainable
Materials: Wood, wood screws, sandpaper, wood glue
Tools: Tape measure, drill, circular saw, triangle, router
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This saddle stand is another riff on the collapsible theme. The design is simple, yet it works like a champ. It doesn’t take up a lot of space when you store your saddle. You can customize it by painting or stenciling it. We think it looks great as it is, though. This plan is an excellent choice if you have more than one saddle. You can install any others you need side-by-side to optimize your space.

8. DIY Multiple Saddle Stand

diy multiple saddle stand
Image Credit: The Plaid Horse
Materials: Wood, wood screws, sandpaper, wood glue, shelf brackets, bike hook, brown fleece
Tools: Tape measure, drill, circular saw, triangle, stapler
Difficulty Level: Easy

This saddle rack is about as barebones as it can get. We liked how the instructions looked outside the box, using shelf brackets and a bike hook. You can add brown fleece to the individual racks to protect them from damage. We thought it added a pretty touch to a practical tack room item. Of course, you can make as many as you need, making it a versatile project.

9. Saddle-Tack Caddy

diy saddle-tack caddy
Image Credit: Lumber Jocks
Materials: Wood, wood screws, sandpaper, wood glue, wheels, drawer assemblies, box joint kit
Tools: Tape measure, drill, circular saw, triangle
Difficulty Level: Moderate to advanced

This saddle-tack caddy gets a lot of props for its functionality. It does the job for the saddle. The extra storage space is where it shines. It’s also portable with the attached wheel. There’s so much to like about this project. Of course, the extra bells and whistles mean a different skill set. However, it’s still an accessible project which you will probably use all the time.

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And 1 Paid DIY Saddle Rack Plan

1. Simple Saddle Stand Plan

diy saddle stand
Image Credit: Etsy
Materials: Wood, Kreg screws, sandpaper, decorative tacks
Tools: Drill, circular saw, jigsaw, miter saw, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This simple saddle stand plan involves a bit more cutting with decorative pieces on the side and top. The design is straightforward and will make a good-looking piece. Attention to detail is essential to bring it all together. Your efforts will be rewarded. You can pretty it up with some decorative hardware or a horseshoe added to the side.

Featured Image Credit: cmmckeehen, Pixabay


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