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15 DIY Sauna Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

wood barrel sauna

Every person should have a place to relax, unwind, and take their mind away from stressful situations. There’s no better way to relax than having a personal sauna. And guess what? If you are handy and love DIY, you can build one yourself in no time! Although this might seem complicated, there are simple plans you can follow to create a fantastic DIY sauna.

Since we want to help you with the process, here are 18 DIY sauna plans you can make today!

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The Top 15 DIY Sauna Plans

1. Outdoor Sauna Building Plan

Building an Outdoor Sauna
Image Credit: instructables
Materials Concrete blocks, bricks, cement, wood panels
Tools Various
Difficulty Level Hard

This outdoor sauna building plan is perfect for people who want to create a relaxing environment in their backyard. If you have a concrete building that you want to make use of, why not convert it into a sauna? This sauna plan is a bit difficult for beginners, but it will surely pay off. If needed, get some help during the process and enjoy your new sauna once everything is finished.

2. Wood Burning Sauna

How to build a wood burning sauna
Image Credit: guides.brit
Materials Propane tank, steel banding, metal screws, strapping, door hinges, bolts, dimensional lumber, cedar boards
Tools Angle grinder, electric saw
Difficulty Level Moderate

A wood-burning sauna is a perfect option for anyone who wants a fun project and wants to be a sauna owner. With this plan, you will make a stunning sauna while not spending a fortune on it. You will have a nice place to unwind while you will increase the value of your home, while not spending a cent on electricity.

3. Modern Sauna

How to Build a Sauna Source- https-__cozzzy.org_how-to-build-sauna
Image Credit: cozzzy
Materials Cedar panels, sauna heater, nails, cedar bench lumber, sauna door
Tools Nail gun, air compressor
Difficulty Level Easy/Moderate

This modern sauna plan is exactly what your house needs to become more comfortable and stylish. This plan can be easy or fairly difficult depending on the placement of the sauna. If you convert a room into a sauna, the project will be less complicated because you don’t have to make a foundation. Still, this is not a complex project, so you should complete it without any issues.

4. DIY Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna
Image Credit: instructables
Materials Planks, OSB boards, wood glue, foil, mineral wool, electric heater
Tools Electric saw, sander
Difficulty Level Easy

If you would like to have a sauna in your home, consider this fun DIY Finnish sauna plan. It’s an easy project that even a DIY beginner can do. Also, you will not need tons of materials, and you will be able to finish the project pretty quickly.

5. Shed Sauna Plan

How to Turn a Shed Into a Backyard Sauna
Image Credit: dengarden
Materials Fiberglass insulation, aluminum foil, cedar boards
Tools Electric saw
Difficulty Level Easy

If you have a shed but not using it, why not go with this shed sauna plan? This plan is not complicated since you’re converting a shed, and is very affordable. You’ll be able to exercise your DIY skills while you make a perfect place for relaxation.

6. Barrel Wood Burning Sauna

Image Credit: charlesandhudson
Materials Wood boards and panels, wood-burning stove
Tools Impact driver, jigsaw, drill driver, box wrenches, rubber mallet, level, laser level
Difficulty Level Easy

This barrel wood-burning sauna plan has an interesting look and will certainly make your home stand out. It will help you to unwind and take the sauna experience to the next level. It’s not a complex project, so you should be able to finish it in a day or even faster if you get some help.

7. Mobile Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna Cheap Very Small Easy to Build Mobile
Image Credit: instructables
Materials Wood planks, wood stove
Tools Electric saw, jigsaw
Difficulty Level Easy

Don’t worry if you want a sauna but cannot decide where you should put it. Instead, try this mobile Finnish sauna plan and make a sauna that you can move around. That way, you can change the location per your needs and wishes. This sauna is smaller compared to other plans but will be perfect to fit two people.

8. Infrared Sauna

How To Build Your Own Infrared Sauna, The Ultimate Guide
Image Credit: thebestsaunas
Materials Bench, infrared light, enclosure
Tools Various
Difficulty Level Easy

Infrared saunas are becoming even more popular than regular saunas. So, if that’s something that appeals to you, check out this infrared sauna plan. It’s easy to build and is fairly budget-friendly.

9. The 4’x 6’ Sauna Home Kit

4'x6' Home Sauna Kit _ DIY Pre-Cut + Heater Package
Image Credit: cedarbrooksauna
Materials Cedar covers, sauna door, benches, heater, accessories
Tools Various
Difficulty Level Easy

This 4’x 6’ sauna home kit is perfect for someone who wants to assemble a sauna quickly and easily. It comes with all the materials you need, along with instructions for the setup. All you have to do is order the kit, or you can use it as an example and get your own materials. Either way, this is a quick sauna option that will fit into any household.

10. At-home Electric Sauna Plan

How to Build a Sauna
Image Credit: hunker
Materials Panels, cedar wood
Tools Various
Difficulty Level Easy

This at-home electric sauna plan is a simple plan anyone can follow to convert a room in their home into a spa-like relaxation area. You could also make this plan outdoors, but you’ll need to make a concrete foundation to support the sauna. Overall, this will be a simple task that even a DIY beginner can complete.

11. DIY Hidden Spa Bathtub Sauna

DIY Sauna with hidden SPA _ Bathtub
Image Credit: bskog
Materials Panels, bathtub, heater
Tools Various
Difficulty Level Difficult

If you want to make your home feel like a peaceful retreat, build a DIY hidden spa bathtub sauna. It has all the sauna benefits, along with a hidden bathtub for more relaxation. You will be able to recharge your batteries while the value of your home grows.

12. DIY Outdoor Sauna

DIY Outdoor Sauna
Image Credit: instructables
Materials Wood beams, steel rods, boards, wooden struts, gravel, concrete slabs, planks, sauna stove, steel chimney pipes, sauna door with glass, wood glue, wood screws
Tools Hammer, electric drill, knife, flame screwing device
Difficulty Level Difficult

This DIY outdoor sauna will be the centerpiece of your backyard. It’s definitely a bit harder to build than some other plans we’ve already mentioned, but it will look stunning once finished. You will need to dedicate a spot in your backyard, build a foundation, and only then can the sauna building begin.

13. 5’x 6’ Home Sauna DIY Kit

5'x6' Home Sauna Kit _ DIY Pre-Cut + Heater Package
Image Credit: cedarbrooksauna
Materials Cedar covers, sauna door, sauna benches, accessories, heater
Tools Hammer, electric drill
Difficulty Level Easy

A 5’x 6’ home sauna DIY kit comes with all the materials you need to build a comfortable sauna. Everything is provided, and instructions are included to make the whole process easy. All you need to convert your home into a relaxation oasis are some basic tools, elbow grease, and enthusiasm for the project!

14. Home Sauna Room Conversion

How to Build a Sauna _ Converting a Room to a Sauna
Image Credit: cedarbrooksauna
Materials Heater, fiberglass, cedar panels, nails
Tools Hammer, nail gun, electric drill
Difficulty Level Moderate

Is there a spare room in your home that has no use? If so, converting it to a home sauna would be a great way to give the room purpose. You will increase the appeal and the value of your home, and you will have a spot where you can unwind and loosen up.

15. 6’ x 7’ Home Sauna Kit With Glass Doors

6'x7' Home Sauna Kit _ DIY Pre-Cut + Heater Package
Image Credit: cedarbrooksauna
Materials Benches, cedar covers, sauna doors, accessories, heater
Tools Nail gun, hammer
Difficulty Level Easy

The 6’ x 7’ home sauna kit with glass doors is the ultimate sauna project kit for a trendy sauna that can fit multiple people. Like all other kits, you will get all the materials and the instructions you need for the assembly. All you have to do is get to work and put the sauna together!

How much will it cost to build your own sauna?

The price of the sauna you want to build depends on many factors. You will need to consider the size and the materials you will use. A DIY sauna project can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000 or more. Always check out all the options, especially if you’re on a tight budget. That way, you’ll be ready for any unpredicted issues.

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Building a sauna can be a fun project, and it will certainly be worthwhile. You will not have to spend tons of money, but you can make a perfect spot for relaxation with a little time and effort. Check out the plans, find the one that suits you the best, and get to work!

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels


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