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10 Creative DIY Soundproofing Ideas For Your Home You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

a person installing stone wool insulation for soundproofing

You don’t have to reach out to professionals every time you need something fixed in your house. It’s better to learn some of these skills on your own, as they’ll be beneficial in the long run. Speaking of, did you know that studies have revealed that picking up a new skill or two has numerous health benefits? They honestly do, especially when it comes to the development of the brain1.

Take soundproofing your home, for example. This is one of those DIY problem-solving projects that can help keep your brain in better shape, to avert a mental decline in your later years. And who wouldn’t want that?

Now that we’ve got your undivided attention, how about we look at some of the DIY soundproofing ideas that we have in store today?

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The 10 DIY Soundproofing Ideas For Your Home

1. DIY Bookshelve Soundproofing by KUKUN

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image Credit: My Kukun

Speaking of the brain’s development, nobody can really argue with the fact that reading is one skill that contributes to that aspect as well. It also shapes your personality and increases your overall confidence.

If you love reading books, as we do, you must have curated a huge pile over the years. And because they never come in similar shapes or sizes, keeping them organized can be quite the task without a bookshelf.

But that’s not the only purpose of a bookshelf. And you’ll know that if you’re resourceful in nature. Those shelves can also be used as barriers to soundproof rooms, seeing as heavy solid objects usually act as sound dampers.

A sound damper is just acoustic insulation meant to dissipate any form of vibrational energy that has the potential of radiating as a sound.

2. DIY Dresser Soundproofing by Apartment Therapy

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Why’s your dresser next to the window when you clearly need it on the other side of the room? If the wall separating your apartment and that of your neighbors is so thin that you can hear virtually everything they are saying or doing, just make it thicker.

And no, we’re not asking you to look for concrete or any other construction material. We’re not even asking you to break the bank by investing in fancy pieces of furniture. Just ask a friend (or family member) to help you move that dresser from the window to the wall, where all the noise is emanating from.

3. DIY Blankets & Quilts Soundproofing by A Quiet Refuge

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image Credit: A Quiet Refuge

More often than not, it’s not even the walls that you need to be worrying about, but the windows and doors. We’re almost certain that’s where most of the noises are coming from, seeing as they are relatively thinner.

This is particularly true if the doors are made of hollow wood. Hollow wood is not the kind of material that you’d want to place your bet on if you’re trying to create a peaceful and quiet environment. Therefore, your primary focus should be on the door and not the walls or ceiling.

Since you can’t layer all the surfaces with furniture, we want you to use blankets this time round. Spread or hang them on your doors or windows, and that heavy material will act as a sound-absorbing material.

4. DIY Soundproofing Using Pillows, Cushions, & Curtains by SoundProofable

What about the people living in hot tropical areas who don’t own a lot of blankets? Well, they’ll have to go for plan B. Pillows or cushions are a must-have in every home.

Other than the fact that they provide comfort and help improve the aesthetics of a room, they also help us keep our spines healthy, by aligning them in the right position. So, get some and stuff that window area that’s acting as a passage for airborne noises.

Obviously, it’s impossible to hang a pillow the same way you would a blanket. So, you could use a clothing line (or something similar) to force them to stay in place. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, go buy some sound-blocking curtains. They are actually available in the market, at affordable prices.

5. DIY Carpets & Rugs Soundproofing by Soundproof Central

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image Credit: Soundproof Central

If the main issue is the impact noise being caused by footfalls, there’s always the option of installing wall-to-wall carpets and rugs. But this might cost you a pretty penny, since you’ll need to get a good quality rug and carpet — “good quality,” in this case, implies thick and not aesthetically pleasing.

We know wall-to-wall carpets are not everybody’s cup of tea. And that’s okay considering our unique tastes and preferences are some of the things that make us human. If you wouldn’t wish to carpet the entire house, or change your aesthetic style, just focus on the high-foot-traffic areas.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Bohemian style, and cover those areas with several stacks of different artistic rugs.

6. DIY Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproofing by Soundproof Central

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image Credit: Soundproof Central

You’ve probably heard about the mass loaded vinyl sound-resistant material, and its versatile applications, if you’re working in the construction industry. For those who aren’t acquainted, it’s a thin and flexible material that’s been intentionally engineered to replace synthetic and natural rubber that happens to be less dense in comparison.

You could use this soundproofing material indoors or out — depending on your preference — as it’s so effective at blocking all noises. In addition, because it’s so flexible and insensitive to moisture, it’s an incredible solution for those looking to work around pipes and ducts.

7. DIY Sound Dampening Panels by Quirkshire

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image Credit: Quirkshire

If none of the ideas that we’ve just shared sound appealing, and your budget can’t allow you to invest in some professional acoustic products, maybe it’s time to showcase your artistic talent by hanging up those paintings that you’ve been hiding in the attic.

Their sound-blocking properties might leave a lot to be desired, especially if the material doesn’t have what it takes to block sound, but at least you’ll be working with something that complements your style.

Can the paintings be used together with the mass loaded vinyl? Absolutely. In fact, instead of painting on a weak soundproofing fabric like cotton or linen, you could use the MLV as your canvas.

8. DIY Extra Drywall Soundproofing by Family Handyman

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image By: Family Handyman

We’ll remind you time and time again that sounds are nothing more than vibrations. That includes all sounds, including random noises and music. So, if you wish to deaden the said vibrations, just add an extra layer of dense material.

Bricks and stones would have been an ideal option, but since we’re thinking of retrofitting the interior walls, they are impractical. Therefore, we’re going to go with the next best option, which entails adding a second layer of drywall.

If you want to, you can work on all rooms. But if it were up to us, we would only add the layers to walls that let in more noise. Like the kids’ room, for example. Most of us love spending time with those little moppets, but sometimes parents need some alone time — away from all the screams and cries.

9. DIY Acoustic Foam Panels by Our First Cottage

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image By: Our First Cottage

Another cool idea is to install panels that are designed to absorb any sound looking to bounce off ceilings or walls. Sound engineers will attest that these panels don’t just mitigate noise effects in rooms, but also have a way of reducing echoes and reverberations.

Before buying the panel, check its noise reduction coefficient value. This is a number rating that tells you how much sound can be effectively absorbed by the acoustic product. Any rating that’s above 0.7 is a good rating.

10. DIY Weatherstripping Tapes Soundproofing by HomelyVille

DIY Soundproofing Ideas
Image By: Homelyville

Let’s say you’ve done everything possible, but there’s still some soft noise finding its way through the barriers. You could tell they are coming from the windows, even though you don’t know where exactly that is. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to have the investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.

Just look for a lighter, flick it on, and slowly pass it around the frame’s perimeter. You’ll know the exact spot when you start seeing the flame bend in the opposite direction, away from the window. That’s air passing through, so mark that point. Scrap off the existing weatherstripping tape, and then apply a new one.

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We’re certain that these soundproofing ideas will help turn your noise-polluted rooms into a peaceful haven. Are they going to be 100% soundproofed? Definitely not. But… they’ll be quiet enough to make you not lose your mind. And that’s all that matters, right? Also, nearly all of them are cost-effective. They won’t bleed your bank accounts dry or leave you bankrupt.

Featured Image Credit: Erik Mclean, Pexels


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