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9 Creative DIY Stairs For Loft Beds You Can Construct Today (With Pictures)

bunk beds with ladders

A loft bed is similar to a bunk bed except that it is raised high enough that the floor space underneath can be used as a play area or for other purposes. One of the challenges when designing and creating a loft bed is access. There needs to be something that offers easy access but doesn’t take up all the floor space that you are effectively saving with this type of construction.

Below are nine DIY stairs for loft beds. Depending on the dimensions of the loft bed, you may need to adapt the plans accordingly, but hopefully, they will give some inspiration to create the perfect access and exit point for the elevated bed.

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The 9 DIY Stairs For Loft Beds

1. DIY Storage Stair System by The Elusive Bobbin

DIY Storage Stair System by The Elusive Bobbin 2
Image Credit: The Elusive Bobbin
Materials: Steps, Bookshelf
Difficulty: Moderate

The storage stair system for a bunk or loft bed plan shows you how to combine steps, a bookshelf, and a handrail. It creates access that also gives plenty of storage space for a great variety of items, but it means that you will have to design and build the steps and other elements yourself.

2. DIY Bunk/Loft Bed Stairs by Bob’s Odd Jobs

Materials: 2×12 Wood, Screws, Glue
Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY bunk/loft bed stairs are a set of steps that double up as shelves so that you can store toys, clothes, or any other items and make the most of all the space in a room. If you wanted, you could also add a vertical backboard to the shelves, as well as dividers to split the shelf space up and give it a little more interest.

3. DIY Trofast Storage Conversion by IKEA Hackers

DIY Trofast Storage Conversion by IKEA Hackers
Image Credit: IKEA Hackers
Materials: IKEA Trofasts, Plywood, Timber Pine Treads, Pine Lining
Difficulty: Moderate

The Trofast storage to sturdy stair conversion is similar to the DIY bunk bed stairs above except that it uses IKEA Trofast storage units so it has more order to the storage area. The plans also suggest the use of handrails if you are building these for kids. The rails will make it easier to climb up and down without the potential for falling.

4. DIY King Loft Pallet Bed with Stairs by 1001 Pallets

DIY King Loft Pallet Bed with Stairs by 1001 Pallets
Image Credit: 1001 Pallets
Materials: Pallets, Bolts
Difficulty: Medium

The king loft pallet bed with stairs is a design for a whole king-size bed with stairs, but it does provide inspiration and shows how you can use old pallets and turn them into a useful and viable set of loft bed stairs. You will need to ensure that the pallets you use are in good condition, but they can be picked up cheaply and sometimes completely free, which makes them a great material for upcycling.

5. DIY Loft Bed Ladder Rung Cushions by Kelly Gene

DIY Loft Bed Ladder Rung Cushions by Kelly Gene
Image Credit: Kelly Gene
Materials: Pool Noodles, Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

If you already have a bunk bed or loft bed, and the ladders are painful on the feet, then this guide to making DIY loft bed ladder rung cushions could be exactly what you need. The cushions are made using just pool noodles and it is really easy to make the cushions and provide protection for feet.

6. DIY Rock Wall by Ana White

DIY Rock Wall by Ana White
Image By: Ana White
Materials: Climbing Wall Holds
Difficulty: Easy

The rock wall is a great option for active and adventurous kids. If your loft bed has a solid end, and the construction is sturdy enough, you can add climbing wall hand holds to create a fun climbing wall to the end of the bed. You might want to add a standard staircase or ladder for those occasions when your son or daughter doesn’t want to have to ascend the wall.

7. DIY Slide by Ana White

DIY Slide by Ana White
Image By: Ana White
Materials: Plywood
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

The playhouse loft bed with stairs and slide plans is for the entire bed, which includes both stairs and a slide. Obviously, a slide is difficult to climb up, although not impossible for particularly agile kids, but it is a great way to descend from bed in the morning. Make sure the slide isn’t too steep, and do offer an alternative means of access but the design is relatively simple.

8. DIY Rope Ladder by Our House Now a Home

DIY Rope Ladder by Our House Now a Home
Image By: Our House Now a Home
Materials: Rope, Wood Boards
Difficulty: Easy

This DIY rope ladder is fixed at the top and bottom so that it offers more stability than if it were left hanging at the base. It uses All that’s really needed to make the rope ladder is decent rope and some wood planks. Drill holes in the planks, pass the rope through and then tie a knot where you want the planks to be located. Then pass the next plank through and knot the rope again. A rope ladder takes up very little room and is fun.

9. DIY Bunk Bed Library Ladder by Dreaming of Homemaking

DIY Bunk Bed Library Ladder by Dreaming of Homemaking
Image By: Dreaming of Homemaking
Materials: 1x4x6, Library Ladder Hardware, Miter Saw, Drill, Multi-Tool
Difficulty: Moderate

Library ladders are attached to a track and can be slid back and forth, as required, to allow easy access to books on higher shelves. They can be used in other settings where the user needs to get access to upper levels and, if you have two bunk beds, a library ladder is an effective way of using a single ladder to access both bunks. This bunk bed library ladder could also be used if you want a way of being able to slide the ladder into and out of position, offering access or making way for more floor space.

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Loft beds and bunk beds are functional and convenient. They save space and enable you to utilize more of the floor space in a bedroom. However, they do pose the challenge of finding the best means of access.

If you have too large a set of steps, it defeats the object of having a loft bed, but the 9 plans above include some space-saving ideas, as well as those that inject a little fun into getting in bed, which is especially useful if you are building something for the kids and want a way to encourage them to go to bed. You can also find designs that provide storage space, allowing you to further benefit from the room in your room.

Featured Image Credit: cfesd, Pixabay


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