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10 DIY Succulent Planters You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

person potting a succulent

Succulents are fun and easy-to-grow plants that are extremely hardy. However, suitable commercial planners can often be quite expensive, and your options are usually limited. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading as we provide you with several DIY succulent planter ideas to help you create something unique without spending too much money.

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The Top 10 DIY Succulent Planters

1. DIY Scrap Wood Succulent Planter by Rogue Engineer

diy succulent planter
Image Credit: Rogue Engineer
Materials: Scrap cedar wood
Tools: Drill, sander, safety glasses
Difficulty Level: Easy

The DIY Scrap Wood Succulent planter is a great option if you have spare wood. Cedar works great, but you can use anything as long as it’s about 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The most difficult part is operating a forester bit to create three large holes, but the project is simple otherwise, and the directions are easy to follow.

2. Tree Trunk Succulent Planter by Fix This Build That

diy succulent planters rotted tree trunk pieces
Image Credit: My Repurposed Life
Materials: Old tree trunk, chicken wire, hardware cloth
Tools: Hammer, saw, wire cutters
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Tree Trunk Succulent Planter is a relatively easy project that helps you use old rotted tree trunks that you may have on your property. The most difficult part is removing the tree trunk from the ground, but it’s otherwise easy to complete and highly customizable. The rotting trunk will also help add important nutrients into the soil that your succulents can use.

3. DIY Pallet Wood Succulent Planters by DIY Huntress

diy pallet wood succulent planters
Image Credit: Diy Huntress
Materials: Old pallet
Tools: Sandpaper, miter saw, nail gun, hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy

DIY Palette Wood Succulent Planters are easy to build and help you recycle old pallets that you can often get for free or for a low cost. The plan is customizable to fit any size of succulents, and you can get many planters out of a single pallet. The instructions are easy to follow, and you’ll have the first one done in just a few hours. You can finish it in many ways to match the environment.

4. DIY Tin Succulent Planter

diy tin succulent planter
Image Credit: The Kitchen Garten
Materials: Small tin, rock, potting soil
Tools: Hands
Difficulty Level: Easy

The DIY Tin Succulent Planter is incredibly easy to make and works great. You can use any old tin that once held candies or cookies. Once you have one, you only need a few rocks and potting soil to complete the project. You can paint it or leave it as is for a retro appearance.

5. Easy Succulent Planter by Two Twenty One

diy outdoor planter tip + easy succulent planters
Image Credit: Two Twenty One
Materials: Empty plastic containers, Styrofoam blocks
Tools: Hands
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Easy Succulent Planter shows you how to recycle many old plastic containers to turn them into succulent planters. You can even make a large potting area for your succulents using only recycled materials to help save potting soil and improve drainage. Best of all, you don’t need any tools to complete the project, and you likely already have everything that you need to get started.

6. Inexpensive DIY Succulent Planter

diy succulent planter diy (for under $10)
Image Credit: Weedem And Reap
Materials: Wood, wood screws, finishing nails, stain
Tools: Saw, hammer, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Inexpensive DIY Succulent Planter is a fun and easy project to build that enables you to house many succulents in one place. The resulting planter is lightweight and portable and the perfect addition to the picnic or patio table. There are no difficult cuts, and the finished planter looks attractive and durable.

7. DIY Dollar Store Succulent Planter by KimspiredDIY

diy dollar store crafts
Image Credit: Kimspired Diy
Materials: Cardboard box, rope, acrylic paint, glue
Tools: Scissors, glue gun, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY Store Succulent Planter is an easy-to-build planter that only requires a few items that you can usually find at the local dollar store. It uses a round box to create the planting area, which you decorate by gluing and painting rope around the outside to give it an attractive, rustic appearance. Since the boxes come in many shapes and sizes, you can create many different kinds of planters. Protecting the inner cardboard with plastic will help it last longer.

8. DIY Succulent Centerpiece Planter

diy succulent centerpiece planter
Image Credit: Prodigal Pieces
Materials: Boards, screws, succulent soil, scrap wood
Tools: Table saw, nailer, staple gun, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The DIY Succulent Center Piece Planter results in a planter that’s perfect for the picnic table or patio, as it has several candles to help illuminate the conversation area. The author uses old pallets, but you can use any wood and make your own candles or purchase them commercially. This is considered a moderately difficult project because there are several steps to follow, but it’s relatively easy to complete if you have the tools.

9. DIY Succulent Wall Planter by The Succulent Eclectic

diy wall planter with succulents
Image Credit: Shanty 2 Chic
Materials: Boards, wood glue, brad nails
Tools: Electric sander, jigsaw, drill
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The DIY Succulent Wall Planter provides the builder with an attractive succulent planter that hangs on the wall. It holds several small plants, and you can finish it with paint or stain colors to look great in any interior space. You can customize it to hold more or fewer plants. It’s considered advanced because there are many angle cuts to make, but it’s relatively easy once you practice.

10. DIY Succulent Planter

diy succulent planter
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Scrap wood, wood glue, plastic cups or tube
Tools: Saw, hammer, drill, sander
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The DIY Succulent Planter is an advanced project that helps you use scrap wood to create attractive succulent planters. The author walks you through the instructions in both text and video, so it’s easy to follow along, but there are quite a few specialized tools that you will need, including a 3D printer, though there is always a workaround.

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Since succulents don’t need much water and are fairly small, it’s easy to create a planter for them out of almost any material, and the projects on this list will hopefully help get your imagination going. If you don’t often do DIY projects, we recommend starting with the DIY Tin Succulent Planter or the DIY Dollar Store Succulent Planter, as these projects are inexpensive, so it won’t hurt to try a few times. Once you gain experience, we highly recommend the DIY Succulent Centerpiece Planter, which looks fantastic indoors or out, and the DIY Succulent Wall planter, which will enable you to keep these wonderful plants all over your home.

Featured Image By: Neslihan Gunaydin, Unsplash


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