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10 DIY Truck Bed Slides Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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If you are on the road with your truck a lot, you understand how messy things can get when they slide around the bed. Reaching into the back of your car to grab a tool or cooler can also become inconvenient if you do it regularly. That’s why bed slides are so great!

You can conveniently organize and access your belongings, whether it’s for work or a cross-country road trip. Bed slides can also be customized with drawers for better storage, and the best part is that you can DIY a truck bed slide to save money. We have put together a great list of DIY truck bed slides, so whatever you are looking for, there is something for you!

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The 10 DIY Truck Bed Slide Plans

1. Simple DIY Truck Bed Slide by Temple Terrace

Materials: Pressure-treated plywood, rollers, bearings, screws
Tools: Drill, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY bed slide is a simple plan you can construct in a day. The wood is cut to the measurements of your truck, and once it’s complete, it is easy to install. The materials and tools required for this project are minimal, and although the design is basic, it is effective and rolls smoothly for easy access to your tools.

This is an excellent plan for someone who needs to simplify their storage and access on their truck.

2. DIY Truck Bed Slide for Chevy Avalanche by Jeremy’s Projects

Materials: Plywood, felt, cord, pocket hole screws, flex seal, carabiners
Tools: Drill, saw, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

Construct a convenient and efficient bed slide easily without needing rollers. All you need is a piece of plywood cut to fit the back of your truck and cut out some handles for easy handling. The trick to its easy slide is adding felt, especially focusing on the areas where there is more grip or where your tailgate may catch. The bed slide stays on the track with cords and carabiners to prevent it from sliding out too far.

The wood is coated with Flexseal, which adds some grip to prevent your belongings from sliding. Quickly load up your truck for a day of work, your child’s sporting event, or a fishing trip at the lake.

3. DIY Plywood Truck Bed Slide by Dad Projects with Kids

Materials: Plywood, pull handles, rollers
Tools: Drill, saw, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is another simple construction that can make your work life more efficient. All you need is plywood cut to size, rollers, and handles. This design includes some edges that will keep your essential tools more stable and less likely to fall off. You can load up your truck for a day of fishing at the lake, a round of golf with friends, or a night camping outdoors.

4. DIY Plywood Truck Bed Slide by Sean Rady

Materials: Plywood, deck screws, handles,
Tools: Drill, saw, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

If reaching into the back of your truck is inconvenient, and you are looking for a quick solution, then this simple DIY truck bed slide may be your answer. It will take you less than a day and cost you just over $100. This plan is not so in-depth, but you can easily follow along if you have woodworking experience.

The simple design will keep all your work tools neat and conveniently packed away without sliding around.

5. DIY Truck Bed Slide with Drawers by Ideas2Live4

DIY truck bed slides
Image By: Ideas2live4
Materials: Plywood, Masonite, square tubing, bearings, bolts, lock nuts, wood screws, side latches, handles, piano hinges, cabinet pulls, washers, wood glue, paint
Tools: Circular saw, jig saw, screw gun, table saw, drill, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Having a truck bed slide is not only convenient for work, but you can take the idea up a level to include it for camping and traveling too! This plan will help you quickly upgrade your truck. It can be used as a bed on the road or to avoid having to set up a tent, and the drawers underneath can conveniently store all your camping gear or tools neatly and effectively.

Though this may appear to be a large DIY project, it is simple to complete if you take your time measuring and planning. With that being said, this plan is for those with more experience using tools.

6. DIY Truck Bed Slide for Camping by Into The Dirtshop

Materials: Reclaimed wood, screws
Tools: Drill, table saw, circular saw, miter saw, welder, nailer, sander, speed square, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Instead of having the whole bed slide out, you can construct a bed for your truck with drawers that slide out. The draws are ideal for easy access to tools used regularly, and the top can hold materials or bigger tools used less frequently. The best part is that this design is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who also need convenient space in their trucks for camping gear and supplies. This project will require basic woodworking skills and access to a few power tools, but the process will be satisfying and rewarding.

7. DIY Rolling Truck Bed Slide by Mike and Lauren

Materials: Plywood, casters, screws
Tools: Drill, reciprocating saw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This simple design allows you to conveniently pack your tools for easy access while providing storage underneath for items that aren’t used as regularly. All that is needed to construct this truck bed slide are wood, casters, basic skills, and a little patience. Consider the weight of your tools when choosing the wood you will use, and remember to customize the plans where you need to so it is more practical to your personal needs.

8. DIY Truck Bed with Sliding Drawers by Third Coast Craftsman

Materials: Plywood, pine boards, roll of carpet, screws, drywall screws, steel rod, handles, sealer
Tools: Circular saw, table saw, drill, speed square, clamps, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Difficult

If you have the skills for quality building, this project is ideal for you. It is not a quick and easy solution but is designed for a high-quality and durable bed slide. What is great about this tutorial is how it can be adapted to use whichever tools you have in your workshop and customize it to suit your personal needs.

9. DIY Half Side Bed Slide by Take the Truck

DIY truck bed slides
Image By: takethetruck
Materials: Plywood boards, oak board, handle, Kreg jig screws, self-tapping screws
Tools: Kreg jig kit with clamp, jigsaw, circular saw, hole saw, speed square, T-square
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you don’t want to commit the whole back of your truck to a bed slide, this design is a great option. These plans are made for camping but can easily be used for other things like tools. It provides enough space for at least one adult to sleep while the drawers can store all the camping gear or tools, and the extra space on the side is left to store bigger items such as batteries, propane tanks, a camping fridge, or a ladder.

The Kreg jig kit is a must-have tool if you are a carpentry novice.

10. DIY Truck Bed Slide by Bound for Nowhere

DIY truck bed slides
Image By: Boundfornowhere
Materials: Plywood, screws, square tubing, draw slides, bearings
Tools: Craig tool, jigsaw, drill,
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This DIY truck slide is a versatile project that anyone with basic woodworking skills can pull off. You will need to adjust some designs and measurements to suit your truck bin, but that won’t be a challenging task. You will wonder how you were ever able to function without it.

car and road divider Conclusion

A DIY truck slide is a great way to organize your belongings that usually shift around the back of your truck, but if you are looking for a DIY project, it’s probably helpful to have some carpentry or building experience behind you. These DIY ideas are excellent options, and they are typically inexpensive and a fantastic way to upgrade your truck.

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