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9 DIY Leopold Bench Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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If you are a woodworker or are looking to get into woodworking and are looking for some easy-to-build projects, the Leopold bench is a great choice. It’s a simple bench that works well indoors or out, and you can build it with a small number of materials that many people might already have lying around their home. If you are interested in a new project, keep reading while we list several plans you can follow to create one of these magnificent beaches. For each entry, we’ll provide you with a quick summary and a picture so you can see if it’s right for your workshop.

divider 5 The Top 9 DIY Leopold Bench Plans

1. Low Technology Institute Leopold Bench

DIY leopold bench or chair plans
Image By: Low Technology Institute
Difficulty Beginner

The Low Technology Institute Leopold Bench is an easy-to-build project requiring only a few pieces of lumber to complete. The plans are customizable to allow you to make the perfect bench for your body size. If you build several, they fit together perfectly and are easy to store. Building it will require a drill so you can insert bolts to hold it together, but you can cut most of the wood with a handsaw.

2. Aldo Leopard Bench

DIY aldo leopold bench
Image By: Iowa State University
Difficulty Beginner

The Aldo Leopard Bench is another easy-to-build project that doesn’t require a lot of materials. It’s perfect for watching wildlife, and it includes complete step-by-step instructions. A few boards, a hand saw drill, and a tape measure is most of the tools required to build this bench.

3. Construct 101 Leopold Bench

DIY leopold bench plans
Image Credit: Construction101
Difficulty Easy

The Construct 101 Leopold Bench is an easy-to-build bench that you can create with little effort. It only requires three different-sized boards, a few deck screws, carriage bolts, a saw, and a drill to build this comfortable seat, and it’s lightweight enough to use as a travel bench. The instructions are easy to follow with plenty of high-quality diagrams.

4. Craft Ambitions Leopold Bench

DIY aldo leopold bench
Image Credit: Craft Ambitions
Difficulty Easy

The Craft Ambitions Leopold Bench is similar in design to the others on this list, but it features a slightly taller and more slender design. It’s easy to build, and the author provides you with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to complete the bench in just a few hours. The resulting bench can fit two, and it’s surprisingly durable.

5. My Carpentry Easy Bench Plans

DIY easy bench plans
Image Credit: my Carpentry
Difficulty Easy

The My Carpentry easy Bench Plan is an easy-to-build Leopold bench that you can finish in a day or two. It’s a little larger than some of the others, but the build is quite similar. It’s large enough to seat two and is quite durable. So it makes a great choice for a beginner woodworker looking for a two-seater project.

6. Four Oaks Crafts Leopold Bench

DIY leopold bench tutorial and plans
Image Credit: Four Oaks Crafts
Difficulty Easy

The Four Oaks Crafts Leopold Bench is another fantastic bench that you can build without much wood or the need for complex tools. You can finish it in multiple ways so it can withstand the weather better. It’s durable, well-balanced and you can complete it in a few hours. Even with paint or stain, you can be using it the next day.

7. Hometalk DIY Outdoor Bench With Back

DIY outdoor bench with back
Image Credit: Hometalk
Difficulty Easy

The Hometalk DIY Outdoor Bench With Back is an easy-to-build bench similar to the Leopold benches. It only requires a few boards and a few steps to complete the project, and most people can finish it in a single day. Tools required include a saw and drill, and you can finish this bench in many different ways to make it more attractive or resistant to the weather.

8. Irving Park Garden Club Simple Garden Bench

DY simple garden bench
Image Credit: Irving Park Garden Club
Difficulty Easy

The Irving Park Garden Club Simple Garden Bench is very similar to the Leopold benches we have been looking at so far, and it is just as easy to build. It only requires a few tools and boards, and the version of this project is unfinished. So you can apply paint or stain to make it look better in the area you will use it.

9. Reddit Simple Leopold Bench

DIY simple leopold bench
Image Credit: reddit
Difficulty Moderate

The Reddit Simple Leopold Bench is a larger style bench than many have looked at so far. It’s perfect for sharing and is a great choice if you plan to have company while relaxing and watching the local wildlife. We put it in the moderately difficult pile because of the larger size, but a beginner can complete this project with patience.

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divider 5 Summary

If you are a new woodworker, you will likely find many of these projects perfect for gaining the experience you need to tackle more complex projects while producing a versatile and useful bench that is inexpensive and durable. The Low Tech Institute Leopold Bench and Four Oaks Crafts Leopold Bench are perfect places to start, and after you complete those, the moderate Reddit Simple Leopold Bench and Spicebush Leopold Bench will give you even more attractive versions that you might be able to sell for a profit.

Featured Image Credit: Nicholas J Carroll, Shutterstock


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